Most Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas

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Agriculture today blooms only when the right methods are applied to it. This being said, there are many profitable agriculture business ideas in Nigeria. Every farmer or intending farmers need to understand certain things in order to be able to hit it and hit high in agriculture.

Agriculture has overtime has been hit with a decline. A decline in the aspect of individual involvements. The youths today do not perceive Agriculture as a pecuniary profession. It is now believed that white collar jobs are a must in an individual’s life. This really has not gone well with the society as people now depend on the governments to see themselves as a success.


Promoting Agriculture in Nigeria

There are so many ways and things that could be used to create some form of awareness. Awareness here significantly concerns the public and their knowledge of agriculture. This means that the society must be enlightened about the lucrativeness of agriculture. But this won’t just happen. Dispelling the profitable agriculture business ideas to the society is what will actualize the coming of agriculture.

Without driving too far, what are those things that can reignite agriculture? This is coming up because it will be ineffective to preach the profitable agricultural business ideas when the interest is not there. But what interest exactly? Interest in Agriculture of course. In the Nigerian tertiary institutions, students marry the mentality of regarding agriculture as a minor study. Why should this even be a case in a Greenland such as Nigeria?

When you talk of Agriculture, you are referring to Nigeria and to Africa as a whole. Here is where the whole world should look up to for food and not else way.

In essence, there are certain things the state should do to promote as well as enhance agriculture. These are the kind of moves that will bring about differences in agricultural viewpoints that dispute it integrity. Some of these would include;


Creating Free Farm Tour Programs

How does or how is this supposed to appear like? Creating a free tour programs is one way to urge the youths into participating in the farming business. No individual would want to spend on what has been perceived as ‘stress’. Anything to related to agriculture is seen as stress and this is not a good enough repute. It is okay to make money without stress but better to make money from what you can moderate. Moderate in the sense that you can take uttermost control of how agricultural business run.

Why exactly is it necessary to create a free farm tour programs for the public?

If you have a question that corresponds with the above, you have an answer awaiting you. Since we are dealing with ideas on how to make profits in agriculture, it is necessary to have a free farm tour platform. This will help as was stated earlier to reinstate the urge of being in the system.

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Mandating Agricultural Practices in Early Education

There is no certain age that should particularly merit agricultural education. Somehow, the Nigerian government deserves blames in this case. How would you get a tangible reward out of something if you do not build well it from scratch? Usually in Nigeria, education is theorized. Observing it from a practical aspect will promote agriculture in the country.


Government Implemented Policies to Encourage Agriculture

Certain things should be put in place by the authorities to build agriculture. It is inescapably high time to force agricultural practices into the system.



Creating some form of undifferentiated consciousness will help a lot in promoting agriculture in the country.


Profitable Business Ideas in Agriculture

Knowing the few doable things that can promote agriculture, let us consider the ideas that can excel it.


Poultry Farming

What most Nigerian big boys do is not far from poultry business. It is best to note that not all car owners are white collar workers. Most are bosses who make their sterling cash from farm work such as poultry rearing. Poultry rearing is not a difficult business idea at all. Come to think of it, it requires a very small capital to start up with. This should not be a thing for you to think twice about.

You might on a long run progress into making and dealing with poultry feeds. This will at that instant dissolve your further expenses on poultry feed.

Even as a Nigerian student, you could still run a small scale standard of poultry farm and believe me, you will be the most respected in you class.

Cattle Rearing

Usually, it is best on a larger scale. It requires investment all in and out. The advantageous thing about this agriculture business idea is that investing in it always pays. It is one of the most assured if not the most assured profitable agricultural business ideas out there. So, what are you waiting for? Would you keep depending on your spouse to bring the money back home? Come on! Boss the house too and think about this area of agriculture and smile to your bank account.

It will be very bad or else, I will stop informing you of newer and even more profitable ideas.


Aqua farming

This might appear a little bit strange to you but do not worry. Aqua means ‘water’. I believe it is now very obvious what aqua farming means to you. Yes! It is exactly what you are thinking. It simply means water farming. This business idea includes all sort of water creatures farming. It could be fishes, periwinkle, oyster, crayfish and many more.

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It is a natural and one of the very profitable agriculture business ideas in town. A lot of persons now own private fish ponds and fishing is not a problem. Imagine how much you would be making from just rowing waters around you. A lot of money awaits you in this elite business field.


Large Scale Rice Production

It is no longer news that Nigeria is greatly shutting down rice importation into the country. Why can you not take advantage of this event? Why are you dulling when there is a lot to do? Do you not want to be known for money?

Rice is one of the most consumable produce in Nigeria. At least more than 80% of Nigerians eat rice on daily basis which means that you can’t question anybody on whether or not rice farming business is profitable. Even those who act as wholesalers and retailers make a lot from selling rice in bags and cups so what are is now halting you from making plans for this farming field?

Money? It should not be a problem as I have in collection, various way you could make money. If peradventure it does not favour you then we have banks that can issue out supportive loans for this.


Owning a Tomato Farm

I know rice and stew is the first thing that comes to your mind. But people purchase it for various other reasons too. It is good for the health and most persons even prefer it raw. It is the most painstaking of the listed profitable agriculture business ideas here. But then, determination wins everything in life. What I mean is that if you opt for it with the believe coupled with hard work that you would excel then you would.


Why Agriculture is a Necessity

In Nigeria today, we have issues with our natural crude oil. Sometimes, we are hit with the fears that it might dry up. We can step over these fears if we divert to a more resourceful path which lies in agriculture.

The fact that the society situates businesses solely for profit making can’t be denied. You can’t offload fact to fit in fallacy. As such, agriculture is cool and the above are the profitable agriculture business ideas that you would need to assess, decide, accept and excel in.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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