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We find that you are interested in what we do with your data on Top Writers Den. Below are what to know:


By commenting, you give us the right to collect the data you provide while commenting. We also collect your IP address of to be able to detect and null spam comments for better user experience.

The string created from your email address is sent to Gravatar service to check whether you have a Gravatar account associated with the email address. When we approve your comment(s), it displays your gravatar image in the comment section. You may refer to the Gravatar service policy @


Do not upload images with EXIF GPS to our website. Otherwise, you would be exposing your location data to our visitors who may download and extract the EXIF location data. As such, you may be tracked which, of course, we will not be held responsible.

Contact Forms

The information you provide in our contact form is stored on our database. We can only use the information to contact you. Moreover, we do not share or sell your information.

If you need our attention, use the contact form, and verify the details you provide to help us get back to you.


While you comment on our website, our system will ask you to optionally save your name, email address, and website. If you save these details, it will save you the time of providing them again while commenting on posts/pages. Note that these cookies last up to one year, after which they are discarded from our site automatically.

Similarly, when you access the login page of this website, we set temporary cookie to ascertain whether your browser accepts cookies. These cookies will store your login information. Note, however, that, while login cookies will stay for two days, cookies for screen options lasts up to a year. Moreover, if you tick Remember Me, our database will allow you to login without entering your login password again for two weeks. When you logout, our website discards the cookies data.

Embedded Contents and Ads

You will likely find images and videos that do not belong to us at Top Writers Den. Note that the owners of such images and videos may track your behaviour with their ads. If you are signed up on the website, all your data automatically migrates to them for interacting with their images/videos.

Who We Share Your Data With

Top Writers Den does not share your data with third-parties. Your data remains temporarily or permanently with us and are automatically discarded when necessary. Your data that remains permanently with us include your name, email address, and website, which you voluntarily provided while commenting. Note: We will remove your information from our website on your demand.

How Long We Keep Your Data

There is no specific time concerning how long your data lasts on this website. Personal data such as email address, website, and name remain as long as this website is live, except you ask for removal. Cookies, however, last for two days, two weeks, and one year depending on you’re resulting actions on our website.

Your Rights Over Your Data

You have full right over your data on our website. When you comment or login, we have an exported file containing the data. You can request for the exported file at convenience.

Where We Send Your Data

The data you provide on our comment section, and that you login ends with our website.

Nevertheless, there is an exceptionyexception. For instance, when you interact with the ads that appear on this website, you will be redirected to another website. And we are not responsible for what happens with the personal data you provide on such website.

Your Contact Details

Your contact details stays with us after filling the form. The message you provide in the contact form is also sent to our official email account. We may decide to respond or ignore depending on the relevance of your request.

How We Protect Your Data

We do not disclose your email address when you fill the comment form. However, if you include your email address, contact number, and any other detail in the comment box, they will be visible to other users on our website. Be rest assured that by filling the form, you have already provided us with your contact information and we will contact you right away.

Our Data Protection System

We utilize premium security applications on our website to prevent any form of data loss. We constantly fight hackers, information thieves, and spammers to keep this website clean and secure your data.