Interview Questions To Expect For A Marketing Related Job Role

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Do you need marketing interview questions for job interview preparations; this post would help you greatly. If the thought of facing some panellist gives you a nightmare, be rest assured that preparation would give you a double edge over others.

In most marketing interview questions, the interviewer focuses more on experience and achievements. This position is a very sensitive one, as it is more of result oriented than mere talks.

sample marketing interview questions

Preparing for a marketing Interview

Before attending any interview generally, be sure you follow the general rule during interview preparations. Before you attend an interview, be sure to do some research on the company and also your likely interviewer, which is mostly the H.R and the Marketing Manager.

Check out the social media and the news section of their website to find out major campaigns they are running, major achievements, and also issues concerning their products and services.

Having some of this background knowledge will increase your chances of landing that marketing job role.

You have to make sure you bring copies of your well-tailored marketing resume and samples of your work. You would be shocked that other candidates won’t bother sharing their portfolio. During marketing interview questions, be prepared to talk through two or three main highlights of your portfolio such as, a major marketing campaign that you’ve carried out in the past, a major blog post that you wrote and it went viral.

While it is necessary to be creative with your dressing, it is mandated that you don’t cross the creativity line. Marketing interviews still require the candidate to be in a suit. You can complement the tie with the colour of the suit, shirt or the shoe, and save the swaged-up dressing till you are hired. Also, you can go a step further to know the company’s dress culture. It will surely give you a boost.

What are the marketing interview questions to Expect and Answers to Deliver?

Marketing interview questions can be very broad as well as very specific.

On most occasions, you would be asked your work style, strengths, weakness, and important projects you have handled in the past. How you were able to pull it through, and your achievements.

Other popular questions and answers to give in a marketing interview include;

  • Tell me about yourself

Ans: You should give a brief overview of your educational background, talk about your marketing career till date. You can now go ahead to highlight some of the achievements and major projects you have handled in the past.

  • Tell me about a Marketing project in which you coordinated a group of people to achieve certain deliverables.

Ans:  If you have actually coordinated people to achieve certain marketing deliverables, then go ahead to explain how it went. If you were part of the team, kindly explain to the interviewer your role in the team and how you contributed to the success of the team.


  • Tell me about a campaigned you participated in, that didn’t go as planned, and explain what you felt went wrong.

Ans: In a scenario like this, be careful not to single out anyone for faults. You should make it a collective one, or in extreme cases, you should take the hit.

Other Soft Marketing Interview Questions to expect are;

  • What do you consider to be the important aspects of marketing
  • Tell me a time you successfully changed a prospect’s mind
  • How familiar are you with our products/services?
  • What Marketing strategies can you implement for our products/services
  • How familiar are you with our Target market?
  • Why do you think you would love to sell our products/services?


    What do you love about Marketing?

Ans:  This is your only chance to show the hiring manager how passionate you are about the career line. There are no real wrong answers to this question except you say something like “I love it because I don’t have other options.”

Let the passion show in you, and make sure you smile as you give out those passionate answers.

Taking your time to practice these common marketing interview questions is one step in landing your dream career. Telling the company your qualifications and certifications is quite easy, but solving marketing-related problems are quite difficult. You would also need a compelling CV and Cover letter to get the recruiter’s attention, and we can help you design one.

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As you prepare using these common marketing interview questions, we from topwritersden wishes you luck.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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