plans for the future

Dear Graduates, what are your future plans?

What the plans for the future? let ask again. Do you remember the question “Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years” that you felt Human Resource Managers ask just to destabilize us during job interviews? Please listen, it isn’t just that.

I understand that 5 years is too small in this country to make any meaningful impact in the life of any graduate.

I understand that 5 years in this country could mean working for 10 different organizations – no time to settle and carve out a career path.

I know that 5 years might mean searching for a job for four years, only to use the remaining one year to start building up savings. I.e. if they even allow us last in the job without a sack or retrenchment letter on our desk.

I understand all these, but my question still stands; “what are your plans for the future”

plans for the future

Before you start mentioning “buying a new house, riding an expensive car, marrying the princess of England and others,” I want you to understand that plans are totally different from visions, aspirations and projections.

I might not have the liberty of explaining all these in details just for you, but you can go ahead to make some research and note down the difference between all of them.

Let me come down a little bit for those who might have gotten lost along the line. My question is “What are you doing or thinking of doing that will give you the freedom to ride an expensive car, marry a beautiful wife, travel around the world in style, and finally become a big name in your town or country”

Vision is the end product of the plans that are being put in place. Plans are the means to achieve your visions.

Dear graduate, you remember as a kid when they told us that “our beautiful future lies in our hands?”


I never understood the meaning till now, till I ended up telling my  Story of a Jobless Graduate .  I am pretty sure that most of us don’t either. In simple terms, they meant that “our future is only dependent on what we create and how we create it”. This simply means that right now, our future is still blank, waiting for us to create it before walking into it.

Let me not digress further; you are probably done with your university education without a job, still in the university, or a young working graduate. The question still remains “What are the plans for your future?”

The odds might be against you now; but what are you doing to make sure that sooner or later that the odds favour you.

future plans

The future is in your hands!

What plans are you making to succeed? What skills are you acquiring to become the next big thing? What are the sacrifices you are putting in place to make sure that you have a bountiful harvest?

Several times I see young people without skills take up low paying jobs, making a ‘sacrifice’ of living within their means monthly as they pray for something better to come their way. The painful truth is that saving your monthly stipends will get you nowhere. You need extra sources of income – only rendering services through a skill acquired can give you that liberty.

What skills do you have? What skills are you acquiring? What plans are you making for your future?

I know you love your current job so much, or maybe you don’t. If there are no concrete plans for the future, the advancements in life are going to hit you and sweep you off like a tornado.

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Now you know all these, what plans are you making to succeed?

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