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Are you looking to apply for a job while through a CV? Then this article is for you. In this article, I will be detailing out the list of personal skills for your CV. Whenever you plan on going to look for a job, a CV is always highly needed because it would assist the employers to get equipped with the necessary skill you possess as an individual. Just like lucrative hard skills you need, personal skills are also very important.

This article will detail out the list of personal skills for your CV in which you are advised to include when you want to apply for a job. These list of skills which are highly important in your resume are quality skills which any employer would find it difficult to resist and be left with no choice than to employ you.

The Top 15 list of Personal skills for your CV includes:

list of personal skills for your CV

Other lists of personal skills


This skill is very vital when you are employed in a company or organization. This skill basically needs you to act responsibly at official times in your workplace. Being professional means you are matured enough to handle pressure from those who employed you as well as having the self-confidence to stand firm to any challenge.

This is one skill you must endeavour to list in your CV because it really tells how much you can handle official matters. You can list this skill by writing that you are organized as well as dedicated and committed to the work you do when you are employed.

Believe me when I say companies and organizations are in search of people who have professional attributes in themselves. And that is why it is more or less a good idea to include the skill in your CV.

Communication skills

When we talk about communication, we are talking about the ability to speak to people and hear from them effectively. Communication does not necessarily mean the act of speaking and hearing from people verbally or orally.

It goes far beyond that because communication can also be done via e-mail, body language and so on. You must be able to listen attentively to your employer or prospective client effectively and be able to respond in a quiet manner and not rudely.

Companies and organizations are looking for people who possess good communication skill and you can convince them from the start by listing the personal skills in your CV.

Honesty and Integrity Skills

Those who employ people are always very much in search for people who possess the skill of being truthful and have personal value especially when there is a problem enraging in the company or a scandal which involves corruption.

If you know you are a truthful person, it is best you include the personal skills in your CV in order to drive employers to employ you. Apart from the employers giving you a job, you would also have some degree of respect from co-workers because of how honest you are with the company.


Adaptability should be amongst the list of personal skills for your CV. It simply refers to you being able to cope with the latest happenings in your workplace. Adaptability focuses on the openness to new and fascinating ideas or concepts either while working on your own or working with a group of people in carrying out difficult tasks or projects.

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Describing this skill on your CV simply requires you to include that you can cope in any environment as well as mobile enough to handle multiple tasks and also resilient in your work.

Problem-solving skills

Majority of the employers who give people a job often look for people who are capable of solving problems pertaining to the company. Problems often come up in a company during its running and that is why the skill of solving problems is very much sought after by employers.

You can include the skill of problem-solving in your CV by stating that you have a solid work ethic that puts in the highest degree of effort in completing tasks and doing works in the company which you aspire for.


Surprisingly, this is also part of the personal skills for your CV strictly. This skill requires you to be devoted and not be a betrayal to your company or organization in general. You must have a strong devotion towards the goals of your company and not make your company regret hiring you.

You can include the skill in your CV by writing that you are a loyal and dedicated person who has excellent work rate and who can stand to defend your company in times of hardship or trouble.

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This is one basic skill which prompts all other lists of skills for your CV. This skill requires you to be sure of yourself to deliver when it matters most.

Employers are always in search of people who are sure of themselves and are able to give their self-confidence. You can include this skill on your CV by writing that you are hardworking and committed to achieving great things.

Ability to work with no supervision

This is another skill in which a lot of employers find in people’s CV. You must be able to have the ability to work without being supervised by those who employed you.

You can include this skill in your CV by writing that you can work under little or no supervision when employed.

Leadership skills

Possessing leadership skill is something you can build within yourself if you are committed. You must be able to correct others if they are not doing the right thing.

You can include this skill in your CV by writing that you are a goal driven leader capable of moving the co-workers to be hardworking.

Positive attitude

This skill is very much important as other skill. It simply needs you to be positive in your words, actions and way of life. It would also encourage the employers to call on you because I believe that all employers love people who are positive minded.

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You can include this skill by writing that you have a positive mindset in all you do.


Being versatile is a good skill which employers are now chasing. It needs you to be able to do different things as at when called to do. You can simply include that you are versatile in your CV.

Technical Competency

Employers also seek to find people who have the skill of accuracy and be able to deliver over time. It also requires you to do things which the person who hired you needs you to do. You can include it in your CV that you are competent enough to handle just about anything.

Planning and Organization

Employers are ever looking for people who have the skill to be able to plan and organize effectively. You must have the ability to plan projects and so on effectively. You can include this skill in your CV by writing that you have the ability to plan events or things effectively.

Dependability and Reliability

You can also have the skill of people being able to depend on you and rely on you in important moments. In addition, do not try to disappoint your employers even for once. So you can include this particular skill in your CV and be sure to get called by the employers.

Awareness skills

There is also a skill of being aware of your environment where you work. This skill is important to detect any slight atom of betrayal from co-workers and so on.

In addition, you must also be aware of what the top owners in the company you work for are talking about. You can include this skill on your CV by writing that you are someone who can be watchful of your environment at the slightest possible time.

The above write-up clearly details out the list of personal skills for your CV. If you are aspiring to apply for a job through a CV, it is advisable to include the aforementioned skills.

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