Latest PayPal Carding Method 2022

Other than sending and receive money with a personal PayPal account, you can cashout another person’s bank account through PayPal. How? Your question leads us to the PayPal carding method! It is a simple method to card, but PayPal must be supported in your country.

Like Cash App carding, PayPal is a mobile wallet carding. Of course, you need a bank drop to cashout from the targeted bank account. Meanwhile, if PayPal is not supported in your country, you can open another country’s PayPal with a VPN.

Of course, every carding method requires common sense to succeed. The essence of this article is to teach you the basics regarding how to card Note that carding PayPal is illegal, and this article is educational material.

Background of PayPal Carding

PayPal started in 1998 and has since grown to become one of the biggest mobile wallets worldwide. The reason PayPal is preferred to the likes Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle Carding.

PayPal carding method

Starting from early 2000, carders saw the need to use PayPal for carding. The first reported PayPal carding case was in 2006 by Vladimir. It was published on one of the dark web carding forums, which inspired lots of carders to embrace PayPal carding.

During Covid-19 lockdown, thousands of accounts were carded on PayPal. It was aided by the fact most PayPal staff worked from home, and minor transactions were not reviewed. Moreover, it was challenging for the victim account holders to stop carders instantly due to banking delays.

Requirements for PayPal Carding

Note that this article discloses 2 methods for carding this section contains the first method!

Below are PayPal requirements:

  • Live CC
  • CCleaner
  • OpSec
  • Multi-Account
  • PayPal Account (with balance and cookies)

If you do not understand the requirements above, read the steps below to understand this PayPal carding method.

Steps to Card

Get a PayPal Account

The preferable PayPal account is one with cookies. Of course, the PayPal account must have a positive balance to work. Meanwhile, you require CC.

After you purchase the PayPal account, ensure it uses cookies so that you are not stuck with two-factor verification (2FA).

Sign Up for Multi-Account

Depending on how the PayPal account holder secures the PayPal account, you have to bypass with a multi-account. You can get this feature for free online. The purpose of the multi account is that it removes any bio verification or change the user agent.

Add CC to PayPal

The final process before cashout is adding the CC. Log in to the PayPal account, click the Wallet link, click Link a Credit or Debit Card, select either Credit or Debit Card, and supply the CC details.

The CC details needed include CC name, expiry date, CVV, CC type, billing address, and CC number.

I am certain your vendor will provide these details after payment. Otherwise, request them before payment. Make sure to use an escrow to avoid getting scammed.

Make a Donation

When you add CC successfully, make a donation on the PayPal account you want to withdraw money from. Finally, pay with the hacked PayPal account. This method also hides your identity but makes sure to enable a VPN throughout the carding process.

What You Require to Card PayPal (method 2)

In this section, I disclose the tools for the latest carding. It should take at least 7 days for you to gather these tools, including the CC.

Below are the tools for carding PayPal successfully:


The location that Amazon will ship your order is the drop, and it will be within the CC city.


Hacked PayPal cashout tutorial

A Picker

A picker is a person you contact to reship the order to your country if you do not reside in the country you used to card PayPal.


By OpSec, I refer to identity protection tools such as a VPN, incognito-enabled browser, Socks, etc. Typically, carders use a VPN – free or paid, but you can use any tool that changes your IP.

When I am shopping online from a country I don’t reside in, I use a VPN, and sometimes free VPNs do the job. I noticed that some websites filter VPNs, and it is always free VPNs that get filtered because of spam.

Fake Email Addresses

A fake email account should not take more than 10 minutes to create. Make sure the fake email account details correspond with the CC. CC vendors do not give CC name but request them.

Amazon Account

An Amazon account is crucial for the shopping to take place. Create the Amazon account with the CC details. I.e., the email address of your fake Amazon account must be the same as the CC name.

Live CC

A live CC is pivotal, and it must a live CC with a positive balance. A positive balance means that the account must have enough funds for your purchase. There is no perfect method for checking the bank balance, but you can “try your luck”.

How to Card PayPal, Transfer/Cashout

Note that you can’t transact on Amazon using PayPal directly. However, you can use PayPal Business Debit MasterCard and PayPal Cash Card to order items.

CVV to PayPal Cashout

PayPal bal

Meanwhile, below are the steps regarding the PayPal carding method:

Open an Amazon Account

If you prefer using hacked Amazon accounts, beautiful. And if you can‘t hack Amazon accounts, maybe you can convince a client to give you their logins.

Besides, you can use a newly created Amazon account, the problem is that it might subject to review.

Nevertheless, create the Amazon account using the CC information like the name and address. I.e., if it is a US CC, you must sign up as a US resident (the specific city in the US precisely).

Note that it is best to set your InfoSec to the location you are carding.

Add Items to Cart

When the Amazon account creation is complete, add the CC to the account. Next, be careful while surfing Amazon with the account to avoid being flagged.

Typically, Amazon reviews orders on new accounts, especially if the CC information has never been used on their platform. So, you must be natural, and the first thing you ought to do is cart items in the account. The items should be lower than $100.

After carting the items, log out of the account, and clear cookies. Or, launch a new browser. I recommend using incognito or private browsing mode while carding

If you stay longer, the owner might be alerted, and they will report to their bank.

Check out the Order

During the second time logging into the PayPal account, checkout the item. Meanwhile, PayPal will use the shipping address to forward the item.

I assume you already have a picker. Inform the picker of the drop and provide them with your shipping details. It is advisable to card smaller items such as phones and jewelry so that shipping cost remains low.


This article covered 2 methods for carding PayPal, and it is left for you to decide what method is preferable.

I do not advise you to card PayPal because it is illegal. Let this article serve as educative material only. But if you feel you have to experiment carding and cashout method, the choice is yours.

PayPal transfers, especially to banks are not instant always. It might take 30 minutes, or more. Monitor the status because PayPal can block your transfer, and suspend your account.

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