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Want to take your business to the next level and experience exponential growth?

hire my servicesI’m in the business of writing, and I help people grow their business with my writing.

I know it is all about you. This is why I offer various services which can help you take your business to the next level.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual, a startup, or a big/robust business, I offer various services which will contribute to your growth and development.

When working with you I place emphasis on the quality of my work, while ensuring you get the best from your investment. Below are some of the services I offer.

1. Ghostwriting Services

If you want quality reports and/or articles written in your name by a real expert who knows what he is doing, you’re in the right place. With quality research and a good understanding of your field, I’ll help you write the best articles to reflect who you are and what you stand for. You will be proud to put your name on it!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity, an individual, a politician or a marketer, I can assure you’ll get the best possible results from my ghostwriting services.

2. eBook/eCourse Writing Services

eBooks are one of the best resources for positioning yourself as an instant expert in any field.

eBooks can be used for several purposes: to position yourself as an authority on a subject, as an incentive to build your list, or as part of a viral marketing campaign.You can also sell e-Books – thereby giving yourself an instant source of passive income.

If you need someone to help you write a quality ebook/e-course series, or someone to help you develop a comprehensive marketing plan for one – or both – look no further. Send me an email using the form below.

3. Email Copywriting/Newsletter Writing Services

Building a successful business online isn’t just about having an extensive email list. It’s about building a connection with the people. This is what benefits your business in the future.

Successfully connecting with your subscribers is no more just about selling. It’s about informing as well. How then do you achieve this in a single email?

With my email copywriting service, I’ll help create a connection between you and your subscribers with each email. I’ll also align myself with your goals, and I’ll create your emails to move you closer to that goal.

I can write marketing emails for a particular campaign, an autoresponder series to help you grow your business, or company emails to familiarize people with your brand and connect with customers.

Get in touch with me through the form below to see how we can work together!

4. Guest Blogging Marketing

Guest blogging is currently the number one way to market a business online today. Guest blogging can be very effective if used right, and it can help you achieve several purposes including:

  • Quality backlinks to improve your rankings
  • Quality traffic to grow your website
  • Exposure to build authority for yourself
  • Brand awareness to get people talking about you

I specialize in guest blogging, and my articles have been published on some of the biggest blogs in the world. It doesn’t matter if you want guest blogs for backlinks, or if you want to dominate the top blogs in your niche, my guest blogging marketing service is designed for you!

See what others are saying

Ella FumilayoThe Female Shoemaker

I make shoes and ladies slippers. After attending one of his tutorials on Whatsapp, I was able to transform my Whatsapp into an effective money-spinning media tool. I saw how to use other media channels to boost my business on Whatsapp.

I love his teaching tactics. I love Topwritersden.

Jerry AbuzebeThe iTunes Gift Card Master

He already taught these methods in our learning group before he wrote it as a post. Obinwanne the founder of this blog is a pure hustler whose methods are crude but functional.

I was able to turn my Whatsapp status into money, don't ask me for what I do, it is just between me and him.


Adekunle SolomonAdekunle Solomon

If all eBook sellers were as kind-hearted as you, then Nigeria would have been a better place. I have been unemployed for two years now, and this book just opened my door. I am forever grateful.

I think this is the best work from home job for us in Nigeria. God bless you, Sir.

Your mentorship is 10/10.

JulianaJulianaFront Desk Officer

I know you are good. Now I know that there is a CV that gets you an Interview, and the one that gets you an Interview and a Job. Even though you wrote it for a high fee of 3,500 Naira, I am eternally grateful. I finally got a job as a Front Desk Officer even with my WAEC certificate.


Obijiego EmmanuelObijiego EmmanuelIT Support Engineer

Hey bro Obinwanne (M. Bush), I am truly excited writing this testimonial. You wrote the CV for as low as Four Thousand Naira, and I got a job of 90k. I know I am thankful I met you from Nairaland.

I promise you an outing one of these days. Shea na Lagos we dey so? lol.

DaviesDaviesWorkshop Engineer(Emenite Nigeria Ltd)

Nice book baba. If you are still looking for something that can fetch you cash all the days of your life, then you need to grab this book.

P.S. I was not pressurized to write this. In as much as I don't want many people to buy (make market no spoil), but I still need to give an honest review.

Customer service is 5 star

Mentoring is 10/10.

Emerald ChiomaEmerald ChiomaCustomer Care Representative

Hi Bush, I am still marvelled at how it all happened. I guess my =N= 1,000 has turned my life. How you wrote a CV of a Mass Comm graduate to land a job as a Customer Care agent is still a miracle.

50% Thanks to you and 50% Thanks to God. Make sure you increase your fees. You are good.

Tony RiceTony RicePersonal Blogger

Writing my blog post and making money as a student was a daunting task for me. I didn’t know how to combine it with my day job, and my traffic dwindled as h*ll. I already left a 5-star rating on Amazon, but I can still leave here.


I already sold some of my eBooks on Amazon already, thanks to this book.

Honestly, it is meant for two categories of people

  • Bloggers
  • Individuals looking for how to make money online.
Maria LisaMaria LisaPersonal Blogger

He advertised his Gig in our Facebook group. I wasn't too sure about dealing with people from this part of the world. After I read the sales page, I decided to give it a shot. I wish you would see my Traffic stats now! Awesome I must say.

I was never forced to write this testimonial. Mr Obinwanne is good, and his customer service delivery ranks more than that of Google Adsense. *winks*

Ilka BermannIlka BermannBest summer cloths

My only problem was getting contents for my blog. I have suffered so much from it that it made my traffic dwindle. His name sounded African and I was scared about getting scammed. Just $5 and I had nothing to lose.

I bought it and behold it was the real deal. Nothing can get better than this. I hope much people don't buy, so as not to have competition.


5. Blog/Web Content Writing

Blogging is several times more effective than other sources of marketing. If you’re a company that doesn’t have a blog, now is the time to start. If you’re a company with an abandoned blog, you’re losing a lot in revenue every single day.

In fact, recent data has proven that blogging is more effective than super bowl ads, and the key to successful blogging isn’t just to have a blog but to have regular expert content to help your blog, and business, grow.

I’ve been blogging for years now, and my blog has consistently outgrown itself month after month. Other bloggers I write for have also testified to the fact that my writing has contributed significantly to the growth of their sites.  I’d like to use my writing to help you grow your blog too.

If you want to take your blog to the next level with regular quality content, you can get in touch with me via the form below this page.

6. Custom Service/Combination of Two or More Services

If you couldn’t find the service you need above and think I’ll be a good fit for it, or if you want me to help you with two or more of the services listed above (at a discount). I’m up to that, too!

Feel free to get in touch via the form below so we can discuss this!

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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