Letter to my past

Hi Past,

I know you missed me but I didn’t and would never miss you. I guess you know that you are the reason my life started a little bit slow even when I never planned it this way. You made me follow the path way I never knew would lengthen my life struggles. I write you this letter to update you about myself and remind you how you kept me jobless.

I remembered when I was in school and my good friend advised me to learn a skill, you were the one that told me not to. You told me that after all, my B.sc result will land me a job in an oil company. You made me listen to that lecturer that told me that once I graduate with a 2nd class upper or First class, I will be a hot cake in the market without any addition to my degree.

I graduated with a 2nd class upper and while I was at home waiting for NYSC, my friend again persuaded me to join him and learn some IT skills especially web-design, you made me ask him “Wetin concern Engineering and Web-Design?” He learnt it while I was at home flexing all in the name of I am now a graduate.

I went to camp and the girls wouldn’t let me rest and while my mates were learning some useful skills, I was at the Mammy market drinking away my 21 days. “After all, na once person dey serve” I say to myself. I finished from camp, and went for my PPA. Other friends were working to gain experience, and I was jumping from one club to another with the hope that my 2.1 would land me a super job in a top engineering company.

I remember my good friend that kept attending job shows. Even when he begged me to join, I was always with one excuse or the other especially

“Time never reach to hustle for job.”

He would leave me and do his own things while I was in my lodge sleeping and making merry.

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On the day of our passing out; some companies came and offered jobs to people they felt had what they needed in Information Technology. My friend was hired with a starting salary of 80,000 naira and I was among those that clapped for him. I consoled myself with “when I am ready, I would earn 200,000 Naira at once.”

Dear past! You remembered all these right?

Do you know that I finished from NYSC and went back home to relax a bit before landing the so-called “Dream Job” my lecturer said I would land with my CV. After I had relaxed, I started to send out my CV through many online portals. You told me there was no need writing a good CV or cover letter that my good grade would take care of it for me.

I spent months at home and even my younger one was arguing about food who ate his food with me. I became frustrated and decided to leave for Lagos with the hope of landing my dream job. I never bothered to hustle for Jobs with the hope that online platforms are the best.

Dear Past I know you remembered all these. After 2 years of waiting, they advised me to manage even marketing job, and you still came up telling me that I was too big for such a small Job and I rejected the offer.

It was almost my 4th year at home; before I realized that I have been scammed by both you and my lecturer. My good friend back then from my university called me with a foreign number, and told me he had gotten a job with an IT firm that took him abroad. He asked me if I had any IT skill at all. That was when I remembered I had no professional qualification, no skill, just my Bsc certificate. Every night I cried and life had become frustrating for me. All those who saw me as the next big thing in life even gave up on me.

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Out of shame to let people know that I am also a working graduate, I had to go teach in a small secondary and was collecting 12,000 naira as salary. I bore the shame but decided to prove the world wrong. During break periods, I would trek to so many places and submit my CV using various techniques I learnt when my eyes got opened.

Dear past, you made me go through this hard way. Along the line, God finally had mercy on my already frustrated life and my hustle paid off. After I took a course on article writing and graphics design, I was offered employment with a big writing firm in Lagos coupled with a salary that could move mountains.

I have my own car and house now. I don’t write because I am angry, but to let you know that I forgive you. And to the other under-graduate or graduates that you would keep or you have kept in the condition I was, I hope they read this and learn to do the right thing. Imagine what would have become of me if I had learnt just a skill back then at school.

I forgive you Dear past but I don’t miss you and would never miss you at all. No love from your much advanced self….


Working Graduate.  #LearnASkill.


Tell us what you feel about it.

Obinwanne Umunna
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Obinwanne Umunna

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  1. HI. This is cris83 from nairaland and as suggested i am dropping a comment. My bsc degree is geology while my msc degree is petroleum geoscience. I can say it has been one challenge or the other trying to secure a job in as you know it ‘oil companies’. All i hear is failed promises from contacts and lately i have come to realise that perhaps my destiny may not lie in that industry if after all these years of applying to different oil companies and no response. So please, i really need to do something to kick start my life and career.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by. You have to decide whether you want to continue waiting for the so called “oil” job or you want to delve into another career line. You also have to be mindful that time and tide waits for nobody. It is a simple choice of yours which I cannot really answer for you. Look inwards and know if exactly you wish to keep waiting for the oil job or you need to have a change of career. Once you are done soul searching… Leave me a reply @ umunnaobinwanne@yahoo.com

  2. This is an eye opener. Pls With bsc in geology, what skills do you think I can delve into. I seriously need to acquire some skills.

    • To be frank, I always recommend people to learn Information Technology Skills. The reason is that we are heading to the technological age in Nigeria. Tech firms are springing up everywhere, and they need people to fill up those spaces.
      Choosing a course depends on your location and ability to.
      If you are in Lagos, I would suggest you learn any of Networking (CCNA), Computer Hardware Engineering, Webdesign/Web Development.

    • Hello bro, as an economics graduate – if you wish to remain in your field of study, then I think you should step up and get your MBA or some professional certifications in line with your study. But if you wish to drift a little just to acquire any skill that would enhance your chances of getting a job, then I recommend you grab some ICT skills.

  3. Hi, i hold an HND in Secretarial Administration. What ICT skills do you think i can delve into to give me an edge please as i have been out of job for close to two years now

  4. I am really motivated by your immense contribution sir, I sm a graduate of music technology waiting for my NYSC I ave a skill in graphic designing pls what ICT programming can I venture into that will groom me for a better chance in the market place. I don’t mint if u suggest places of acquisition for me I base in Ibadan and Lagos.

    • As a graphic designer, having a digital marketing skill should be the next thing on your mind. I would recommend IIHT Technologies in Lagos. I am not really conversant with Ibadan. You can ask from people around.

  5. hello, its me again. Thank you for your response. I am sorry to bother you again. Please this switching to full IT career you talk about, isn’t it just for those who have a science background? And if i can actually switch like you say, which can i switch to please?

    • Hello, Efe, please you can reach me at any time and I will always respond to you. IT isn’t meant for those with only science background. In fact, there are several courses that Arts students can perform even better.

      There are several courses, and it depends on you. I suggest you visit any ICT Training institute around you, and discuss with them

      Web Design
      Web Development
      Graphics Design
      Digital Marketing (Which I will be teaching very soon online from my blog)
      Software Development
      Hardware (Computer) Repairs

      All these can be learnt by anyone who decides to learn. It basically boils down to your choice. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for this sir. Your story and advice is true and timely. I think I m just like you .Graduated with a good result without getting any insight on the current economic situation as well as market demand in the country. I discovered this same thing about current selling skills just a month ago when I began to surf the net all around for jobs…. All I m seeing is knowledge of IT, business management.. So I had also decided to learn a skill… Your post has further enlightened me.. Thanks

  7. Am suppose to buy your eBook which I will buy very soon.

    I want to commend ur work here and the wisdom in it.

    Hoping I get what I need in your book.


  8. I must say you have inspired a lot of people I am a fresh graduate of Quantity Surveying and in love with my profession but I need to know IT skills I can use to improve my career and also make extra cash from something different from my career because I believe in the saying “one source of income = POVERTY”

  9. […] I learnt the hard way and I hope you can make use of it well. When next you have the urge to hit the social media and beg for a job because of your first class, just remember that this is Nigeria, and we are in 2017 and not 1945. This is because nobody would offer you a job because of your grade. Not even the school you finished from! I learnt the hard way, and you can read my own story By Clicking Here. […]


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