How to Open a Fake Facebook Account without Getting Blocked

Sup hustler? I will teach you how to open a fake Facebook account. A common problem with a fake Facebook account is that it gets blocked. However, I will teach you how to create a strong Facebook account that cannot be blocked.

how to open a fake Facebook account

To create a fake Facebook account, you must set up a real profile and engage the account immediately. When you do not engage the account, Facebook algorithms will identify the account as fake and disable it. Sometimes, the fake account can be subjected to a manual review by the Facebook team before getting blocked.

It is possible to create a fake Facebook account without getting the account blocked or disabled. However, you have to employ some measures which I will disclose in this article.

Of course, a fake Facebook account is what you require to bill clients and collect bank details, gift cards, cryptocurrency, etc. In the sections below, you will learn how to open a fake Facebook account, why Facebook blocks a fake Account, and how to prevent Facebook account from being disabled.

How to Open a Fake Facebook Account

Hustlers dream of creating a fake Facebook account that cannot be blocked. However, Facebook is always alert to disable the accounts. And according to CNET, about 5% of accounts created monthly on Facebook are fake.

In this section, I will teach you how to create a fake Facebook account without getting blocked. You will also be able to find and bill clients without being detected by the algorithm.

how to create a fake Facebook account without phone number

Below are the steps regarding how to open a fake Facebook account:

  • Get a VPN
  • Pick a Good Name
  • Complete the Information Fields
  • Use Edited Photos
  • Send a Friend Request to Another of Your Fake Account
  • Engage the Account
  • Add/Accept Some Friend Requests


Get a VPN

What G boys do not know is that it is not only Google that collects your location data. Facebook equally collects your location information, and it is stated while you are signing up. With a VPN, you can prevent Facebook from reading your IP and telling your real location.

Regarding how to open a fake Facebook account, you need a VPN to open a fake account for a particular country. For instance, if you target clients in the US, your VPN must be set to the US while signing up. If you are an Indian that opens a fake Facebook without a VPN, for instance, the algorithms will suspect the account.

So, all your account information, including the location data, must target the country of your client.

Pick a Good Name

A good Facebook account name plays an excellent role in how to open a fake Facebook account. The secret is that whatever name you register in the fake account must match with its Geographical location. For example, if you are a South African targeting client in the UK, you do not have to use a South African name.

When you use a South African name while opening the fake Fb account as a US account, you will want to change the name later. And when you change the name, it will still reflect in the Facebook URL of your account.

Use any search engine to search for the names of people from the US, the UK, or any country you are targeting.

Complete the Information Fields

The next stage you want to be careful about is completing the information field of the fake Facebook account. Usually, Facebook will want you to open the account with a phone number. But as you read down, I will expose how you can open a fake Facebook account without a phone number.

When filling the date of birth field, the date must show that you are not older than 37 or younger than 22. Typically, the date of birth should depend on your clients. For instance, if you are using the dating billing format on clients between 45 and 70 years, your age should be within 20 and 30.

Also, make sure that you use a fake email address to register the account. And do not include your relationship status, place of work, and city until after signing up.

Use Edited Photos

Using already-existing pictures is one of the reasons why Facebook blocks your fake account. Regarding how to open a fake Facebook account, you must use edited photos to bypass Facebook’s face ID. On rare occasions, when the algorithm identifies a user’s picture, it will inform the user, and they will report your fake account.

The best way to use photos for a fake Fb account is to edit them. I recommend just 3 editing effects:

  • Picture flip
  • Deleting the EXIF data
  • Applying color filter

Of these 3, deleting EXIF data is the best because Facebook combines the data to identify similar pictures. If possible, do not use the picture of people on Facebook. You can download directly from a place such as Tinder, etc.

Send a Friend Request to Another of Your Fake Account

After you sign up with the fake account, Facebook will suggest friends, depending on your location. So, if you used a VPN pointing to the US, Facebook will suggest friends you may know from the US.

However, you are not supposed to send a friend request to any of the suggestions. When they receive and reject your request too much, Facebook will start asking whether they know you. As they click “No,” the algorithm will red-flag your fake account. Eventually, you may be suspended from sending further friend requests.

So, send the request to one or more of your other fake accounts and login to accept.

Engage the Account

Since you do not have friends in the fake account yet, you cannot engage within your account or with friends. But you can engage the account by commenting on other of your fake accounts.

The best alternatives for engaging the fake Facebook account is to join groups and like active pages on Facebook. For example, if you want to do the grant lotto format, you have to join football groups and like football pages.

If you are into romance scam, you have to join relationship groups and like relationship pages. You must also know the questions to ask your clients as a yahoo boy so that they do not report your account.

When the admins approve your request, do not participate until after 2 hours. When you find a new post, try to be the first person to react and comment. And people will react and reply to your comment. You may then argue on the subject matter with them and ask to send friend requests.

Note: When your engagement is high, Facebook will suggest your fake account to other users. Within a few days, you will receive lots of friend requests. And if your profile picture is beautiful, you can receive up to 1000 friend requests and followers in a day.

Send/Accept Some Friend Requests

As I mentioned, Facebook will suggest your account to many users that will send friend requests. You now have to filter the friends that you do not need. Expect fellow scammers to send friend requests and be ready to decline the friend requests.

If you are doing credit card format, you have to accept requests from people who look reach. For blackmail format, you have to accept friend requests from older people. And the same applies if you are doing the dating format.

I find that the gay community easily pay money to hustlers. So, you can accept friend requests from gay people and join gay groups to increase the requests.

Why Does Facebook keep Blocking Your Fake Account?

For some reason, Facebook will keep blocking your fake Fb account. I feel it is alright for you to know why Facebook blocks or disables your fake Fb account. Below are the reasons why Facebook keeps disabling your account:

  • Your client reported the account
  • You sent too many requests
  • The name of the fake account has been changed too many times
  • Someone reported the account for insulting other users

How to Create a Fake Facebook Account Without Getting Blocked

how to open a fake Facebook account

In this section, I will teach you how to make your Facebook account unblockable. Of course, it is possible to prevent a Facebook account from being disabled as a fake account. Below are the steps regarding how to create a strong Facebook account that cannot be blocked:

Disable Facial Recognition

The facial recognition feature by Facebook is designed to detect pictures of users on Facebook. For example, when Facebook finds your picture somewhere, they will notify you to check out. The feature is a breach of privacy, and I do not advise you to enable it. To disable the facial recognition for a fake Facebook account, go to Settings, and Privacy> Privacy Shortcuts> Control Face Recognition and turn off the feature.

Disable the Account Temporarily

Regarding how to make a fake Facebook account without getting blocked, note that clients on your list will report the fake account for scamming. To prevent your clients from reporting the fake account to Facebook, you have to disable the account each time you scam temporarily.

If a client finds out that you are scamming and decides to report, disabling the fake account will prevent the account from being reported to Facebook. After some days, you can re-enable the account and continue using it to collect bank account details for romance scam.

Do Not Send Many Requests

When too many Facebook users decline your request, the algorithms will flag your account. You may also be suspended from sending further requests, which will flag the fake account. And if the Facebook support team decides to review the account, they will request for ID verification.

Since your fake Facebook account is created as a foreign account, it will be challenging to verify identity. But not to worry, if you can edit a fake ID, you can bypass the verification process. However, it is not guaranteed, and you must avoid being flagged.

Use a Different Device

With further regards to how to prevent Facebook account from being disabled, you can always use a different device to log in. Sometimes, Facebook blacklists an IP from accessing an account, especially when you do not use a VPN. So, make sure to use a VPN or switch between devices. But if the issue is not related to IP, the account will be permanently disabled.

Buy an Old Account

To prevent the Facebook account from being disabled, buy an old account. You can purchase old Fb accounts from forums or the dark web, and make sure to use an escrow for transactions. If you do not know the sites or forums to buy an old Facebook account, use Facebook groups. I recommend joining blogger groups on Facebook for old accounts.

Hack a Facebook Account

Of course, you can hack a Facebook account and use it without being blocked. Once you hack an Fb account, you have to remove the phone number and the email address registered by the old account owner.

Facebook will not know that the account has been hacked, and even the owner can’t report the account successfully.

Enable ‘Secret Conversation’ on Messenger

  1. how to create a strong Facebook account that cannot be blocked

Before you start a conversation with your clients on Facebook, enable the ‘Secret Conversation’ feature. It will encrypt your messages, and Facebook will not be able to read the chats. But your client must also enable the feature for it to work 100%.

Maybe you can convince your client to enable the feature by telling him/her that Facebook monitors conversations and that you dislike it. When the client enables the option, your Facebook account becomes unblockable because you have blocked Facebook from reviewing your chats.

To enable ‘Secret Conversation’ on Facebook Messenger, open Messenger, click your picture and click Go to Secret Conversations.

How to Create a Fake Facebook Account Without Phone Number

In this section, I will teach you how to create a fake Facebook account without phone number. When you create an account with Facebook, your phone number will be required. And if Facebook finds out that you are making a fake account with phone number, it will be disabled.

how to make your Facebook account unblockable

Below are the steps to create a fake Facebook account without a phone number:

  1. Create a Fake Email Address

You can use either Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. to create a fake email address. Google does not have strict policies against opening multiple email addresses. So, you can comfortably create a new Gmail address, and it must be fake.

  1. Sign Up on Facebook

After filling the forms with your name and date of birth, do not select the phone number option. Instead, choose the option to sign up with an email. Now, enter the fake email address and complete your sign up. Of course, Facebook will not suspect your fake account for not using a phone number.

However, if Facebook does give you options to sign up with an email address, you can use a temporary SMS service such as SMSReceiveFree.

Simply visit the site and generate a temporary phone number. Then use the phone number to sign up for the fake account on Facebook.

After signing up successfully, you have to remove the temporary phone number from your account. Below are the steps to remove a temporary phone number from a fake Facebook account:

  • Open your fake Facebook account via the Fb app.
  • Click the menu button.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Personal Information
  • Click Edit next to Phone Number.

Delete the phone number, but make sure to add a fake email address before removing the temporary phone number.

Final Thought

In this article, I disclosed every information regarding how to make a fake Facebook account. I have also tackled the primary problem, which is that Facebook always blocks your account.

To prevent Facebook from blocking your fake account, simply follow the steps above, and do send or accept too many requests within a few hours.

Lastly, I do not advise you to create a fake Facebook account with your phone number. Use a fake number or a fake email address, as I have explained in this article.


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