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You spend enormous count of data on football sites, Nairaland, dating sites – Naijaplanet, YouTube, Insta, Snapchat etc. How about the idea of giving in few-minute attention to the online paying sites in Nigeria? Just, how about that?

online paying sites in nigeria

Website Earning

Moreover, I’m not clean of this claim, but then, my case is different, and could be a bit better than yours. How is that? It’s simple! I give the much needed attention to sites, especially online paying sites in Nigeria, probably 50x more than you. And let’s say more of my daily times online.

And again, while you may be aware of these ‘social add-ons with impact’, as I address them, fear could discourage. But that shouldn’t be a case because this idea is no jinx or whatsoever that brings nightmares. I mean, although these online paying sites in Nigeria can violate privacy causing fear, they can always be controlled. Some others require payments from you. This suggests that these sort of sites are investment-kind of sites, and an example is NNU.

In essence, worry less and have me drill you on the online paying sites in Nigeria and how to make the most out of them.

What to Know About Websites that Pay

Though the positive is that there are online paying sites in Nigeria, one ought to know the basics of their operation. For those unaware, the primary target of these sites is user data i.e. your personal data, for survey sites. For sites that pay after you pay, they invest your money in whatsoever, strategize ways to double up and repay. Basically, these are simple marketing strategies aimed at building an audience by creating awareness. You just have to respect them for this because they risk losing millions after all.

I will pay more attention to survey sites with reason being that there isn’t any charge for signup and all. How do you think this works? It’s simple. Top or growing, but rich sites strike deals with them and decide on whatever they want. Now, the survey sites create a site for you to sign up and when you sign, the job begins. It is almost a kind of pyramid scheme but differs. Note the following at online paying sites in Nigeria:

  • Requires individual data – private data, in most cases.
  • No-fee signup.
  • You survey only on invitation.
  • Absent of physical commodification i.e. tradeable items.
  • Withdrawal of returns for completed surveys are point-based or fixed-amount based. For instance, MOBROG permits PayPal cash withdrawal only after a surveyor accumulates up to 5 Dollars.
  • Little cash for bigger cash sign-up, for the likes of NNU.
  • You only get paid when you participate in every available activity successfully.

Examples of Online Paying Sites in Nigeria

Having stated a couple of basic things to understand about the online paying sites in Nigeria, here are some sites. I will highlight their features as well as make recommendations. But before then, here are the online paying sites in Nigeria to be discussed.

  • SurveySavvy
  • PaidViewpoint
  • Triaba
  • Surveytime

The moment there are changes to these sites, modifications will be made on this post.


online paying sites in nigeria


MOBROG is the first online paying sites in Nigeria on the list. The online site is owned by SPLEDID RESEARCH, a research company based in Germany. They are one of the trusted survey sites for every Nigerian who intends to make money from the bed.

There is no premium service by MOBROG which means that every sign-up comes with no present or later charges. To register, you need the MOBROG app from your OS store (Play Store or Apple Store) or register via the website. Even after registering via the web, it’s recommended to switch to the mobile app for swifter experience.

Supported Payment Options

There are two supported payment options and they include:

  • Personal PayPal
  • Skrill

How MOBROG Works

For MOBROG, all available surveys are forwarded to the email used during registration. On completion, a success message is recorded on your browser. According to MOBROG, payments may take as long as an hour. Never worry if payments do not arrive early.

Apart from completing surveys, you can as well earn through referrals. That is, inviting friends to join the service and getting rewarded by the company.

Note: To make withdrawals, you must accumulate an equivalent of 5 Dollars.

During Registration

  • Register as a Nigerian.
  • Your PayPal or Skrill account email must correspond with that of MOBROG.
  • You may be banned for rules infringements.

2. SurveySavvy

online paying sites in nigeria


Established in 1999, the company invites participants via the registered mail. Like any other, SurveySavvy connects you with organizations or establishments that wills to buy your opinion.

The criterion for invitation is that your provided information must match with what an organization prefers. How is this? SurveySavvy uses the details you provide on your profile to determine what survey you’re qualified to run.

You could go beyond completing surveys to earn. It’s simple, invite a friend to the network and get paid but only after the invitee completes a survey.

Withdrawal Method

Unlike MOBROG, you qualify for withdrawals once you accumulate up to 1 Dollar. You wouldn’t want to withdraw a Dollar so fast. Consider accumulating more and more and more. On sign up, you’ll get a better understanding of how the payment will be done.

3. PaidViewpoint

online paying sites in nigeria


Here is a chance to become a VIP surveyor, although it is an option you might refuse. But the VIP membership on PaidViewpoint doubles up the earning and lets you explore more goodies. For me, PaidViewpoint is stricter than most other online paying sites in Nigeria. They also have several engines that run checks on user activities to ensure balances.

PaidViewpoint uses a system known as TrustScore system. This system serves as a check engine on opinions in a bid to tackle flimsy and insincere opinions from users.

Features of PaidViewpoints

  • Limited monthly surveys.
  • Integration of the TrustScore engine.

Recommended Web Browsers (according to PaidViewpoint):

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE8+. There are lots of decent browsers to use instead of these. But then, do not use optimized web browsers or lose full web experience. Moreover, the website offers support for mobile platforms like Google Android and Apple iOS with no application required. Using a laptop is preferable though.

Note 1: Having multiple accounts infringes the rules and PaidViewpoint will delete your account in no time.

Note 2: To qualify for withdrawals, you must accumulate up to 15 Dollars.

4. Triaba

online paying sites in nigeria


Dismiss the lies from most bloggers seeking traffic. I spent a lot of time reading reviews and trying to pick positives on Triaba. After so much, nothing really promising except that surveys will always arrive but with a problem. The problem is the difficulty to find a survey that you’re eligible for as a Nigerian on Triaba.

Although the Triaba website lists support for Nigeria, their 76-list of supported countries does not include Nigeria. If you are willing to try, you can try. Besides, the reviews aren’t promising and although Triaba is genuine, it’s not so functional for Nigerians. If you eventually sign up as a Nigerian, you might find it difficult to get surveys mail with eligibility.

If you’re however attempting this option, note the following:

  • At least 10 Dollars qualifies you to get the reward and may take a while to accumulate. The reason is that you might have to wait longer to get surveys that match your description and Nigeria.
  • With Triaba Opinion app, a surveyor can run an almost countless number of surveys.

Payment Method

  • PayPal

5. Surveytime

online paying sites in nigeria


This is an online paying site in Nigeria with a worldwide presence. Their mode of operation is similar to every other genuine survey site. After every successful sign up, you earn 1 Dollar for every question. During registration, you’re provided with the room to choose your medium for getting surveys. For example, you might choose to get the notifications via your email, SMS option or directly via your Surveytime account via the web.

Note: Surveys will only be provided when available surveys match with your information. In this sense, there are periods you will never get a notification, so don’t worry during such periods.

What to Know About Surveytimes

  • Surveys can last between 10 and 15 minutes.
  • There is no limit for getting rewards.
  • Rewards are sent out instantly. That is, you do not have to accumulate points or reach a particular amount to qualify.

Reward Redeeming Options for Nigeria

  • PayPal
  • Amazon Gift Cards


Swagbuck has been hitting the web hard these days, you might want to try it out.

The fear of scammers should not cause opportunities to pass you by. Instead, see through yourself by making the best out of these simple opportunities while they last.

Things to Avoid

  • Don’t attempt to cheat the system, especially if it isn’t available in your location.

That it, do not use any VPN (Virtual Private Network) during and after sign-ups to falsify location. It mars and alters the information provided which is part of the terms you agreed to during the sign-up.

  • Keep up with your mail, SMS and website.


One way to succeed is to own multiple survey accounts on various survey websites. This is necessary because the target markets often include the likes of the US and Canada. Nigeria is always considered an option but might cost some time for surveys to match your data.

For security concerns, sites like MOBROG mutually promise a complete security of your information. The listed agree to keep your data safe but then, never provide the personal data that you consider crucial. If there is pressure to do so, please withdraw.

Meanwhile, here is how to make money online without paying anything.

Moreover, create new mails for these survey sites and match your PayPal with the email address. This is because the mails you’d be receiving may always turn out as spams or inconveniences to your mail.

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