My Dirty Office Sex Story With My Colleague Julia – Office Short Sex Story

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Julia stared at Angus across the desk-divide. His aimless eyes stared at his computer screen, not focusing on anything, breaking only to glance at the rain pouring onto the window outside. His usually handsome smile was replaced by a demure sigh, his rich brown eyes turned brooding. Julia knew that Eve had left him – facebook told her that he had gone from ‘engaged’ to ‘single’ just a week ago. Soulful folk music softly poured out of the crackly radio, interrupted by the patter of the rain outside. She surveyed his usually confident, strong frame – he had been reduced to a slumping, morbid figure of a man.

office sex story with Julia

Sick of the silence, she grabbed both of their coffee cups and returned a few minutes later with two cups of hot coffee. Wheeling her chair over to Angus desk, Julia simply said ‘Ok Angus, spill!’

She blew into her coffee and sipped the hot beverage, anticipating Angus’ response

‘Thanks Julz, you’re a honey’ Angus frown broke with a little smile ‘You know what, we both knew it was coming to an end – we didn’t love each other, she could of walked away without saying all those hurtful things. I mean, we’re grown-ups, right? Things didn’t work out, there were no pets, no kids or property, why couldn’t she just…’ Angus censored himself ‘I’m sorry’ he continued

‘Its cool’ Julia responded. She had always secretly fancied Angus – his light brown curly hair, brooding dark eyes and constant five o’clock shadow, offset by his rugby-fit frame and cheeky smile certainly brightened her mornings every day. Julia was sad for him that he was sad, but in the deep recesses of her heart, very happy that he was single again. ‘So Christmas alone then?’ she quizzed

‘Uhmm no, I’ll go to my brother & sisters-in-law. They’ll be happy to see me, along with their boys. Uncle Angus time is always fun. I might take them fishing or something, let my brother and his wife, well, do whatever parents do when their kids are away!’ a cheeky smile came across his face

‘Play cards I expect!’ Julia responded in kind
Angus smiled. ‘My sister-in-law, God bless her – she’s a lovely girl. Portly, but lovely’ his voice winked
‘Is that a smile?’ Julia remarked
‘I guess it is!’
‘That’s what I like to see!’ Julia found herself responding. Without thinking, she found her hand on his back, giving him a reassuring side-hug.

something in Angus. He turned to her, their eyes met. Julia’s heart skipped a beat, and for 10 or so seconds, they were locked in, eye to eye!
‘Shit Angus, I’m sorry’ Julia composed herself
‘Don’t be, Julia. Honestly, I have been craving one of your hugs. You don’t have to – you don’t have to –‘
‘Don’t have to stop?’

Julia again found her arm around Angus large frame. She could feel his muscles ripple under his shirt. Being so close to Christmas, the rest of the office had left for holidays. It was just them left, waiting for, well, just manning the fort really. Julia’s fingers traced over Angus willing back, she felt him shiver in anticipation as her nails ran up and down, then massaged his neck for a minute or two. She had so longed to touch him, ever since he started in the firm, a few months ago. Finally, her opportunity to embrace him had come upon her!

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She stood up and walked behind him, allowing her thumbs and fingers to push into his shoulders, down his arms, around his neck and over his handsome face. She could feel him melting under her touch, her fingers longed to explore further

‘Julia, this is divine’ Angus whispered
Julia found her fingers massaging through his light-brown hair. He smelled delightful, as he always did. His playful cologne certainly played sensual tricks on her nose, teasing her senses!

Something had come over Julia – something very sensual and very naughty. She loved being in the middle of her office, surrounded by no-one except Angus, and he was totally submitting to her allure. Still standing behind him, she found herself unbuttoning his shirt from the top, button by button. Her fingers ran down and up his solid chest, swirling his erect nip.ples as she traced. She could hear him breathing faster and faster as she untucked his crisp white business shirt from his trousers and finished unbuttoning his shirt.

He lent forward to allow her to remove it completely, his now naked masculine chest exposed to her devilish desires! Unbuttoning her shirt, Julia revealed her heaving breasts, encapsulated in a very pleasing red lace and satin bra. She spun Angus around on his office chair so his face was in line with her quick-breathed chest. She pulled him into her breasts, enjoying the roughness of his face upon her firm bosom. Not letting the moment go cold, she started to lower herself on him, allowing herself to kiss down his taught chest and tummy on her way down past his belt. Making light work of his pants, he lifted up to allow her to dis-robe him.

His tight-white boyleg undies were no match for his throbbing She looked up at his smiling face
‘I was hoping this would make you smile’ Julia whispered, wirily
‘Oh Julia, I have had secret dreams about you, but never as wicked as this!’

Julia relished the thought that Angus had fantasised about her, adding to the allure of him. Wasting no time, she peeled back his tighty-whities and liberated his thick, hard It was evident that he washed himself with fine body-wash – he even smelled divine down there! Ticking his balls, she took a few licks of his rock-hard and relished in Angus’ recoil! He was warm and clean and oh so amazing! Julia wasted no time in enjoying a mouthful of him, using lips, tongue and teeth to pleasure him!!

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‘ Julia’ Angus muttered in pleasure

Julia felt his legs shudder in pleasure as she lustfully stroked and sucked her way up and down his c.ock, masterfully using her feminie charm to bring him almost to the point of going! Stopping just shy of him climaxing, she withdrew, wanting to feel more of him in her. Standing and unzipping, she slipped off her pencil-skirt and shirt, then found herself wriggle out of her matching red-lace boy legs.

Straddling Angus on his office chair, she guided him inside of her – slowly lowering herself on his throbbing He felt so good inside her, his muscular arms pulled her in so they were skin to skin on the now creaking office chair. Julia was loving seeing Angus happy, excited, wild and lustful in her embrace – she had fantasised about having him for too long! She felt him kiss her neck and between her breasts as he rhythmically rose up and down. He was controlled and generous and amazing! She rocked up and down on his, feeling it in, rubbing all the right places. Getting faster and faster, Julia found herself lost in the moment! The rain, pouring hard outside was no match for the sounds coming from inside the office! Julia was so aroused at the thought that someone could walk past at any time and see them in full flight!

Riding and grinding, they gasped in unison, moaning at the pleasure intertwined between them. Slumping on Angus’ hard body, she rested her head in his shoulder

‘Julia, I can’t say how much I needed that right now’ Angus whispered as he stroked her wavy brown hair ‘thank you’ he continued
‘Oh Angus, I can’t say how long I have waited to touch you’ Julia replied

Angus laughed! ‘So my Christmas day is already covered, but I still have a spare ticket for my holiday afterwards – care to join me?’ he quipped

‘Sounds perfect to me, Angus’! Julia smiled…

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