Latest Nike Carding Method 2022

If you want to have the latest flashy wears, caps, and apparel from Nike for free, you need the Nike carding method that I disclose in this article.

nike carding method

Like carding, Amazon carding, and Cash App carding methods, Nike carding requires CC and shipping because it involves moving Nike products from their stores to your drop.

Optionally, you can pick up carded Nike items from any physical Nike store, but it is not recommended for your security.

Briefly, I will teach you how to card and get away with it even though it is illegal. If you are careful, however, you will not get caught and charged for internet fraud.

Brief History of Nike Carding

Nike is a multinational corporation founded in 1964 when carding did not exist.

During the period, Nike delivered to people in their homes rarely because communication, unlike today, was lacking.

Even when the internet was invented 4 years after the founding of Nike, the company continued to operate offline until 1999 when Nike started selling its products via

Around the early 2000s, carders discovered’s online store to be a potential goldmine and started finding ways to order the products for free.

The products that you can card on include hats, polo, apparel, jerseys, footwear, etc. Of course, there are many more products that Nike specializes in, which you can order without paying by carding.

Concerning shipping, Nike does not ship internationally. However, you can order from any Nike store available in your country.

For instance, if you live in the UK, you can card the Nike UK stores online and receive your item within a few days. You can also order from the US while residing in the UK to keep you anonymous. However, you must pay a picker that will move the item from the drop to your address.

Requirements for Carding

The Nike carding method is simple as long as you have the appropriate tools.

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Latest carded Nike footwear

Below are the requirements for carding Nike:

Fake Email and Phone Number

The first tools you need are a fake email address and a disposable phone number. It is easy to create an email address and you do not need any VPN while creating an email address. If you want to card multiple Nike products, you would need multiple email addresses.

You can use the email service of any company. Most carders prefer services like Protonmail while others prefer Gmail (Google mail) out Yahoo Mail.

Concerning the phone number, you need a disposable or a temporary phone number to open the new Nike for carding.

Below are sites you can use for temporary phone numbers:


If you are not comfortable with the online services, you can buy a phone number.

Note that the phone number you buy must match the location of the CC.

Nike Account

A Nike account is important for the Nike carding method to be successful. You can buy an older account already used to buy Nike items on or create a new account.

The account details must match the details on the CC you would use for carding Nike products for free.

On some occasions, the carding can still be successful whether the account details and CC details match or not.


Without CC, there is no carding, and you must buy CC for the country you prefer to card.

For instance, if you stay in the US, but you want to card Nike store in the UK, you need CC registered in the UK, otherwise the bin will not be accepted for payment.

Before you pay for CC fullz, make sure to know the location. You can even check the location using the bin.

Another thing is that you need a non-VBV CC for carding I have explained all you should know about CC in my carding tutorial for beginners.


A drop is a location your item will land for pickup. We also have a bank drop, but you do not need a bank drop because this carding method does not need bank transfers to cashout.

A drop can be any place, even in another country. Let’s assume you reside in Canada, if you do not want to deliver the item in Canada, you can card the Nike store in a different country and provide the ZIP code to a location that serves as the drop.

A Picker

A picker is a person that you hire to pick your item and ship it to your location. You only need a picker if you are carding a Nike store that is not in your country.


To hide your identity, get a VPN, RDP, or Socks. You also need software or apps that erases cookies (optional).

Before you buy or download a VPN – premium or free, make sure its servers support the location you are targeting. For example, if you want to card Nike in the US and you discover that the state the card was registered in is California, you can set the VPN to California.

In this manner, thinks you are navigating their webpage from California.

How to Card Successively

In this section, I reveal the secret latest Nike CC carding that you cannot find elsewhere.

Below are the steps concerning the Nike carding method:

  • Buy CC Online
  • Create or Buy Email Address and Phone Number
  • Open Account
  • Cart Items and Logout
  • Login and Checkout
  • Receive the Ordered Item
Nike carding bins

A carder with carded Nike shoe

Buy CC Online

I assume you have CC with you. If you cannot afford CC, you can get a stolen credit card and copy out the details.

However, make sure the credit card is a Visa card that is non verified, otherwise, you cannot succeed. Moreover, the card can work only for the Nike store in your country, so you do not need a VPN unless you want to hide your IP from

If you are getting CC, be sure that it corresponds with the country you want to card i.e. registered in that country.

Create or Buy Email Address and Phone Number

The next tools you need around are a fake email address and a temporary, burner, or a disposable phone number.

I have explained the email address and phone number earlier. Also, you need a phone number that has the code for the country such as +1 (USA).

Open Account

Now that you have the tools above, you are ready to open an account for Nike carding.

Proceed to with a VPN enabled for the country you prefer to card

If your VPN is disabled, you will be unable to access Nike for the country you bought the CC for.

Cart Items and Logout

What follows after creating the Nike account is to cart items. You can spend 20 minutes searching for items that are attractive on the Nike store but do not cart the item you would love to buy.

Let’s assume you want to card for items such as the latest jerseys, you can begin carting items such as apparel, footwear, headwear, etc.

After carting the items, log out of the account and clear the browser cache and cookies.

Login and Checkout

After an hour or two, log in to the account again to start the real Nike carding process.

To card is not hard, especially if your CC is fullz, non VBV (non verified by visa), Nike-supported, and live with a positive balance.

Now, add the CC to your Nike Account. Below are steps to add a credit card on

  • Open account.
  • Go to Credit/Debit Cards.
  • Click Add Card and input the CC information.

After the CC is verified, you would be able to checkout successfully and instantly. I advise you to checkout the Nike product as a guest because companies do not pay much attention to guest transactions.

Receive the Ordered Item

Remember that does not ship internationally. So, if you carded the Nike store in the US, your ZIP code must be the code for a place in the US. Otherwise, you may lose the products.

I recommend finding a picker right from the time you start carding the Nike store because it can be difficult to locate a picker.

Note: Once you find a picker, save their contacts for a different task in the future.

Typically, carders prefer when a carded product is shipped to a different country to avoid them being tracked. When the items arrive at a location in a country that you not living in, you need a picker to pick up the item and sent it to you at a cost.

How to card Nike

Newly carded Jersey

Final Thoughts

Typically, it takes 7 days at most to receive the item you ordered from Nike, but you can sign up for the express or the expedited shipping options that take between 1-3 to arrive.

I prefer to express shipping because it brings my delivery to the doorstep faster. As s carder, you may have to select the express shipping method to be safe.

After reading this Nike carding tutorial, you do not require the Nike carding method PDF because I have covered everything. At most, you can bookmark this page to read later.

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