Graduate ready for the Nigerian job market
A young graduate

The ending of the year is always a great time to review the Nigerian job market, especially for job seekers. To be able to get something done, you should know how the job market operates and know how to get the best out of it.

These facts are meant for those who don’t really have the connections to land a well-paying job, so we have to go the guerrilla method.

What are the facts about the Nigerian Job Market?

Graduate ready for the Nigerian job market
A young graduate

The first three months of the New Year are perfect time to get a job easily

If there are times you should deploy yourself fully and go all out in search of a job in the Nigerian job market, these months are the best for you. The reason is simple; a lot of swaps have been done, and lots of firms are looking to replace staff that either left or resigned.

Sometimes, the new financial budget of several firms might accommodate newly created position in the company. Don’t miss getting a job that period.

December is the best time to apply

While others are busy thinking of Xmas, you should be making those calls and reaching out to people. These people should those that can give you a slot in a company ahead of the New Year. December is the best period for job applications in the Nigerian job market. Prepare a super CV, write the best cover letter, get the best connection you can get, and get going.

Degree gets you qualified for a job interview, Certification gives you the edge

Most of these I have learned the hard way. If you are ready to keep turning down job offers that don’t reach a certain salary level, then go get some certifications. At this stage it doesn’t matter if you have the money, just go get it. MBA, PMP, ITIL, CBE, just name it. You should also do something quite related to your field of study all the same. I have listed some skills that are quite hot in demand

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Most Nigerian Human Resource Personnel are stereotyped

Aside from the super professional HRs in the Nigerian job market, the rest are always acting on a common script. The moment you know how to go over them, most of your interviews become so easy for you to ace.

Here are little tips to get it done;

  • Just tell them what they wish to hear
  • Speak with passion and never be tensed
  • Learn the art of speaking
  • Eye contact makes you more confident
  • Learn to ask thought-provoking questions

CEO’s are after who can deliver

Fortunately, this doesn’t only apply to the Nigerian job market. No CEO hires you because you look good or tall (except you are his son). You are hired because he needs something for the benefit of his organization.

You can be fired anytime without any financial implication

Getting fired within your first month is normal in Nigeria without any compensation. The Nigerian job market doesn’t have solid laws that protect workers, so we are exploited and re-exploited for their personal gains.

Your Net Salary is at the Mercy of your Employer

This simply means that most firms have internal policies that can slash your gross salary by a whopping 30%. The only option is to resign. But who wants to leave when you aren’t sure of your next job?

Only Government Jobs offer Job Security

If you aren’t working as a federal staff, then the term “job security” shouldn’t be in your dictionary. This applies majorly to entry-level graduates or mid-level executives. Job security doesn’t exist in the Nigerian job market for people in the private sector.  Having a passive source of income is the only path to avoid the rainy days.

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80% of young Graduates are under-employed in the Nigerian job market

Have you heard of the N-power scheme? It pays young graduates a ‘whopping’ 30k salary as monthly allowance. A lot of graduates in the scheme are probably there because there are no jobs in the country.

Only the smartest can benefit from the Nigerian job market

I know a guy who moved from 30k to 250k within the space of 2 years in this job market. Our greatest undoing is to assume there are no jobs, and we become confined to the slavery of all sort. Open your minds to possibilities, think big, meet people, and build connections, then you will know that there is the job for special people in this country.

I have nothing else to add then all these. One thing I have known is that it is easier for people to read than execute.

“Never give up trying”

You can add yours, let us know

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