14 Top Nigerian Job That Pays Really well – Easy to Get Also!

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Unemployment is high in Nigeria, but there are also top Nigerian jobs that pay well. These same Nigeria top jobs are also in high demand. Though the majority of Nigeria top jobs that pay well often requires technical expertise, creative skills and above all formal education. If as a person you possess all the attributes mentioned above, then you will be among those with high paying jobs.

In this article, I will be discussing with you Nigeria top jobs that attract a large amount of salary which will make you as an individual be comfortable in life financially as well as your family.

Which Jobs are considered “Nigeria’s Top Jobs?”

Nigeria top jobs


Firstly, an auditor is a person who is given the responsibility for checking and going through the validity and reliability of a company’s business or organization’s financial statements. They are also given the authority to review and make a case for business records and to make sure there is compliance with tax laws. As an auditor, you can work in different capacities in various industries. To be a certified auditor, you are to get a license from a regulatory authority.

This is one the Nigeria top jobs, and it can be gotten when you study accounting as a course in any educational institution. Accounting makes waves in the financial sector. Accountants can work in any organization that seeks to find people who can look after their financial statements. In any case, auditors are paid attractive salaries for a job well done. Some individuals might opt to get a personal auditor for themselves, this is done so as for them to watch the way they spend and receive. The individuals I am talking about are top people who have money ringing in their names. Some accountants also based on the commercial sector of the economy.

The salary scale for auditors could be as high as N300,000 – N400,000 every month.

Entertainers/ Musicians

This is also amongst Nigeria top jobs that pay massively. Though there is not a fixed amount of money an entertainer or a musician can get. Being an entertainer or a musician, it is not mandatory you earn on a daily basis. Money flows into your bank account either after every show you are called to perform in or after every song or video you release as a musician. In Nigeria today, people crave for entertainers and musicians for the celebrations they organize.

Tell me, would you love to go to any celebrations around be it a birthday party, wedding reception, or anniversary without being entertained by either a comedian, musician and so on? Believe me, that ceremony would be extremely boring. The amount of money you receive after a show varies and depends on the level of people that called you or how long you are going to be performing on stage.

Entertainment is one of the hottest Nigerian jobs currently. Being an entertainer means that you can make money from several places with ease. The monthly income of an entertainer varies, so we can’t really place a figure on it.

Money from Entertainment can be gotten from;

  • Endorsements
  • Influencing
  • Record Deals
  • Hypes
  • Shows

IT Security Engineers

To be one step ahead of cybercriminals is one profession that is not just tasking but very complex. Cybercrime is now on the high side, and cybersecurity Engineers are making millions from this job considered as one of Nigeria top jobs. You need no one to remind you how much organizations are willing to pay anyone who has the full capability to protect them from hackers. IT security engineers are making so much money protecting their organizations from cybercriminals.

The entry-level educational course to become an IT security Engineer is CCNA + CEH. The combination of these two ICT courses sets you on the pathway of becoming an IT security personnel.

The Monthly pay of IT security Engineers is estimated at 350k – 500k.

Pilots/Aviation Personnel

I was contemplating adding this job to the list of the top paying jobs in Nigeria, but because of the amount of money that comes with it, I have decided to include it. In aviation, you are basically a pilot. And the job of a pilot is nothing more than flying aeroplanes to different locations. This is one job that demands a high level of concentration because of the high level of risks that comes with flying an aeroplane. Though it stands as one of the most precious and sought-after jobs by Nigerians.

The level of experience you have as a pilot will determine your income on a monthly basis. In addition, there are different airlines we have in Nigeria, and so the different airlines pay different amount of money as salary to pilots depending on the number of passengers on board in a particular aeroplane. Regardless of the huge amount of money that comes with being a pilot, it is important to note that vigorous training must be executed before you can become a certified pilot.

Before you can become a pilot, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree in Aircraft operations, Aviation, Aeronautical engineering or any closely related field. In addition to that, you must undergo 2 months of training and must at least have 1500 hours of flight experience. As an average pilot, your salary can range from N500,000 – N2,000,000. These mind-blowing figures have made a lot of job analyst consider pilots as one of the hot Nigerian jobs.

Petroleum Engineering

Engineering is amongst the Nigeria top jobs and is paying people massively.  However, there are varieties of engineers and some makes a whole lot of money than the others. In view of this, i will base my topic on petroleum engineers in Nigeria. This is because they are the ones that earn the highest amount of money amongst all other engineers be it Chemical engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Software engineering, Computer engineering and so on.

The fact that petroleum engineers earn the highest amount of money amongst all other engineers should not be a surprise to us, this is because Nigeria makes over 70% of her money from oil. As a petroleum engineer, working in an oil company, you will be making a huge amount of money. The money you make as a petroleum engineer moves up based on your level of experience and the time on the job.

The course that leads you to become a petroleum engineer and work in an oil company is if you study engineering as a course in an higher institution of learning. The salary you can make from being a petroleum engineer is about 15,000,000 per annum.



This is one of  many professions that demands a high level of education to achieve. It is also one of many professions majority of Nigerian students crave to get. Actually, it is a well respected and prestigious profession one can ever engage in. In the Nigerian law system, you can be an advocate, barrister and above all a lawyer. This is the kind of professions that you find in a law court while defending and prosecuting someone.

To be in the shoes of a barrister, advocate and lawyer, one must be out spoken, bold and be smart to answer to the call of clients who needs to be defended at a due case. Lawyers in Nigeria earn a lot of money after a case they have handled and bonuses are attached to it also. The course to study that leads to being a lawyer or barrister is if you study law in school.

The salary attached to being a lawyer is massive as i have previously said. You can earn a whooping 2 million Naira on one case done. So the amount of money to earn depends on the number of cases handled.


Medical field

Medicine is unarguably one of the top jobs that pays really well. Medical personnel such as doctors smile to the bank daily whenever sick people are brought to their hospitals. The amount of money they earn solely depends on their qualifications, position and how far they have gone in their job. For you to make waves in the medical profession, you must be able to go deep in your level of education. Medical personnels may include consultants, doctors, and surgeons and so on.

Since medical professions vary, the amount they get as salary also vary. The least amount of salary in all medical professions depending on the level of experience is about N500,000 a month. And the course to study to become a doctor is medicine.


Marketing as a job requires you to sell products of a different kind to different people. As a marketer, you are guaranteed and sure of employment in any business field. Studying marketing in any educational institution is the basis of being a certified marketer.

The amount of money you can get as a marketer varies and depends on your firm. If you have extra marketing skill, there are rewards that is attached to it. You can earn as high as N250,000 in a month if your qualifications is very good. Marketing is one of the high-paying jobs in Nigeria if you have good communication skills.

Other High-Paying Nigerian jobs include:

Above is the list of Nigeria top jobs. You must have a good education to consider any of these jobs. That will guarantee you high income and will make you sought after by rival companies.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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