How Marlians Do Nigeria Credit Card Scams – Blazing!

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Within the last few decades, scamming has been one of the top practices that put food on the table. Nigeria has even witnessed the true evolution of scams starting from online to offline levels. Today, it can indeed be stated that scamming has truly evolved as we have witnessed in Nigeria credit card scams.

The Nigeria credit card scams did not just spring from nowhere. These scams evolved because the credit cards were introduced. Now, brained hustlers sat down as entrepreneurs to formulate measures that can counter these credit cards. Guess what? They uncovered working techniques. Today, we have the Marlians and I don’t know what will be the next big thing in Nigeria.

Do you know how to become a successful scammer? Please know it before reading further.


This article is barely a compilation made from series of researches. The content creators, editor and the poster do not, in any way, have connections with and/or have any knowledge of these activities. This piece is purely educational and does not attempt to promote credit card scams in Nigeria.

We are in the time of the Marlians and we have different kinds of these sects (rugged and weak). The smart yahoo Marlians (rugged) are those I’m talking about and I will show you how they operate. Follow this Marlian Nigeria credit card scams carefully if you want to rub shoulders with the kingpins. If you are just here to learn, learn and go your way so that the real hustlers can do their thing.

How to Do the Marlian Nigeria Credit Card Scams

To be successful with these credit card scams, you must be smart. You do not have to question anybody or dull yourself. If it is possible, take one sip of something like dry gin to clear your eyes. The unwise hustlers usually drink until they get drunk which usually leads to failure in any of the Nigeria credit card scams.

When I list out the Nigeria credit card scams, I will take my time to show how confirmed rugged Marlians run it. Their mode is different and is currently booming in Nigeria.

  1. Next-Level Phishing

For many months now, phishing has no longer been working because people don’t know how to run the scam well. The modern scammers chose to remain where the past scammers started and today, the skills are outdated. The outdated skills no longer work because credit card owners are wiser and better informed.

See, phishing is no longer about calling victims with ordinary MTN, Airtel, 9mobile or Glo numbers. It simply does not look real enough to convince people anymore. Even the old people that were victims no longer easily fall for it.

Now, the new way to scam successfully has taken a new turn and you must join, if you must succeed.

How the Latest Phishing Works

Nigeria credit card scams

Outdated Scam Message

These new versions are used by Yahoo boys who drive Benz in Nigeria. You no longer require ‘anyhow’ phone number. In fact, we are talking about Phishing mails or text messages and not phone calls again.

“This new format forces the target to call you instead of you calling the target.”

First Thing First

The first thing that is done is to get a customized SMS name or Email address. I won’t tell you how to get these customized emails or SMS name here. But I can always disclose it only when you show interest in the comment section.

Here is the most wanted credit card format for Yahoo in Nigeria.

Another thing that has been altered is the format of messaging people for their credit card details. The Marlians no longer use those old long text format to get card details. This new format is cheaper and easier and hustlers are advised to always have their VPN running 24/7. Again, you don’t even need big PC anymore. There is more to learn here but I have to quickly look into other Nigeria credit card scams as well.

  1. Creating Fake Websites

I only recommend this type of credit card scam to hustlers with the mind to spend and succeed. This one did not originate in Nigeria, but when it arrived in Nigeria, unwise hustlers spoilt it. The reason is that they have no idea how this credit card scam is supposed to operate. Even as you are reading this article right now, they are still struggling to make earns meet with it. But then, it won’t work!

There are ways that yahoo boys who are just coming back from overseas employ in this scam. They call this credit card scam ‘the VIP’ because of those that run it and how they run it.

How Boys Are Enjoying from this Scam

G-boys with the knowledge of web coding are the very lucky ones. They are the ones doing things the right way and winning. If you’re going for this one, it is recommended that you hire someone to create a website for you. I know of some really good web designers on Fiverr that can deliver fast and at affordable prices.

Nigeria credit card scams

Structure of Port Scanning

Note: One of the processes involved here is ‘Port Scanning’. Do you know about port scanning and how it is done?

The kind of website you require is the type that runs a fake business or that pretends to be an authentic company. Here, you disable the secure http protocol. This will allow you to gain a complete access to the card details that any of the website user enters. You don’t have to create a website that begs people to input their details. Nobody will look at your face. In short, if they catch you, even NATO computer will not count the punches you’ll receive.

  1. Spying at ATM Centres

This is the hardest but quite simple when you’re careful. Yahoo Marlians play this out in an easy manner and this owes to the carelessness of Nigerians at ATM units. When I’m at ATM stands for withdrawals, I find people waving their credit cards like Nigerian flags. Most of this people are often in a hurry to withdraw for something and often are the targets of Marlians.

Things Needed

  • A good quality camera or a mobile phone.
  • Top notch pretense.

(Apart from the above, you need nothing else)

How Marlians Do this Credit Card Scam

A yahoo Marlian gets closer to the target and types out the digits on the credit card. The major target is the CVV and the card expiry date. With these two codes, the deed is done. Account number is useless, so don’t even bother to ask about it. If you need the account number for any other purpose, use the dark web to generate the correct account number.

Is it Possible for Dark Web to Generate Account Number?

The answer is ‘yes’. In fact, some premium dark websites will even give you extra details attached to that account, but you’ll pay.

With the CVV and expiry date, the card number is not a problem. However, to avoid much stress, simply snap that credit card side that contains the card number. If you can have that credit card number, forget it. As you read on, I’ll highlight the irrelevance of the target’s password. That is to say that you don’t require their password to scam.

  1. Skimming

This is one of the rarest but simplest Nigeria credit card scams around. The reason why people are not really into it is because of two things.

  • Availability
  • Introduction of credit cards with EMV chips

However, it still works and people are still rocking the technique.

How Marlians Operate Skimming in Nigeria

The skimmer is a small chip reader that accesses the necessary credit card details. Yahoo Marlians place the skimmer in the slot where credit cards are being inserted and that is all. Now, what the device does is to scan any card that people insert in the POS or ATM machine. If 50 credit cards are inserted in a day, the superficial chip will read all and store the data. When you retrieve the chip, insert it in its reader and it will display the details of all the credit cards.

Note: The best places to run this scam is in POS stores. It will be difficult in bank ATM machines because of the CCTV cameras installed there.

Nigeria credit card scams

Skimmer in POS

Where to Buy Skimmers

The next question is on where you can get a skimmer. What Marlians do not know that I want you to know is where to buy skimmers. This device is not sold like electronics in Nigerian stores. Confirmed Marlians often share just one skimmer and that slows down the scam process. Getting yours is a better option.

The skimmer is sold online and outside of Nigeria in some dark online stores. Even Amazon and ebay sells the device.

Price of Skimmer in Nigeria

The skimmer price ranges from type to type. The least you should get a skimmer is about 25,000 Naira. At the moment, about 34,000 Naira can purchase a brand new skimmer for POS. If making this sum of money is a problem, read this article to learn how to make money online.

  1. Quick Credit Card Switch

The quick is one of the Nigeria credit card scams that is less practiced. However, the new method involved is quite tricky and works at ATM stands with at most five persons. If you want to pull this trick where people are much, you need this tip.

Nigeria credit card scams

Possible ATM for Scam

The Tip!

You must hire other hustlers that will cause commotion at the ATM place. During the commotion, people lose sight and careless about their credit cards. You immediately strike now and hit someone’s hand for the card to fall. Switch the card immediately with a fake card and hand over with apologies. Do not stay long in that place. In fact, leave immediately.

This type of scam plan will mostly be effective on elderly people. So, you have to look at the face of the person you’re targeting before striking.

The downside about this scam technique is that you have to compensate the other Marlians. If you don’t want to spend much, don’t uncover your plans to them. Find something else and tell them, it’s your business.

Why Credit Card Password is Useless

So many sites are coming up with payment methods that does not require the 4-digit pin anymore.

Did you know?

Nigeria credit card scams

Facebook Ad Payments

Even a big company like Facebook does not require the pin from users. Nowadays, core yahoo Marlians use the Facebook Ad to make money. For instance, the contact people who want to advertise their Facebook page and get paid in cash. They will then use the card details obtained to generate a payment gateway without password. There is no trick inside and it does not require any coding or whatever. With just the credit card CVV, Expiry Date and Card Number, the deed is done with Facebook.

Talk about other platforms like Amazon where you can go on shopping spree!


I believe that you’ve arrived and learnt here as a reader and also as a hustler. Any route you choose to follow, it’s all down to you. Most importantly, you are free to use this piece to educate other people.

Others are currently reading on how people use their laptop to hack bank accounts, it might interest you.

Finally, it is left for people who wish to be enlightened to study this again and again. These stated scams happen and on daily basis. Also, if you’re delving into it, do the right thing. If you feel it’s necessary to do something that isn’t wise with this piece, then go on. But, do not let it affect other innocent people around you.

However way you’re approaching these top Nigeria credit card scams, being smart is being wise.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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