How to Make Money from Kidney Sell

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When it comes to making much money today, kidney sell is without doubts one of them. It can never be stripped of its repute in this field. Lots of persons will hide this from you but I won’t. To make money from kidney sell is rather cool only if you do not go too extreme.

Have you any idea what your super rich next door neighbor does for a living? You might want to ask because there may be something you are not aware of.

Have you any idea the number of persons in need of a kidney to live? You may not but trust me, there are thousands if not millions of persons in need. Not only are they in need but willing to dispatch huge amount for it.

So, what is the essence of our discussion? To make money from kidney sell, right? Of course, yes. This is why I will guide you on how to become super rich as a Nigerian from kidney sell business!


Note that this guide will be concentrated on two parties; the kidney sell agent and the direct seller.


Guide for Kidney Sell as an Agent

  • First, know the patient in need of a kidney. You could tour hospitals to extract this info.
  • Know the spec of your client (if possible). This will help you ascertain the kind of kidney you need to scout for.
  • Scout for a willing seller
  • Negotiate and be sure not to earn more than your willing client. This is about life so do not hope to cheat.
  • Visit the hospital with your willing seller for necessary checkups
  • Finally, approach and await your bank alert.


Guide for kidney sell as a Direct Kidney Seller

  • Understand why you want to sell your kidney
  • Know the risks involved
  • Contact and agent or tour hospitals in search of a patient in need
  • Understand that you are costly and negotiate (Do not shy away from making your kidney price very high).
  • Go for tests
  • Finally, sign the documents and undergo the surgery which is only a matter of minutes

(Be sure to contact and have a legal firm around to avoid being scammed)


Requirements to Make Money from Kidney Sell

Here, the emphasis will be on two sides i.e. whether you buy and sell or you are selling yours. There are very few things that a kidney transplant would require and if you meet up with these, your money comes.

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Note that this post will use two parties;

  1. The Kidney Agent
  2. The Direct Seller


What are these few things? Look below


  • Mental Health

For the kidney sell to become successful, the mental health of the direct seller must be sound. As a kidney agent, you must be very sure that the kidney at hand is from a human with sound mental health.

If the mental health of the previous kidney owner is not sound, the chances of making money from selling the kidney becomes pretty low. You can’t skip this because the hospital or surgeon in charge will run a scan on the kidney owner.

This equally applies to a direct seller.


  • Consider The Body Mass

Body mass is one of the criteria in a kidney transplant thus; it must reach the standard requirement. The minimum body mass index (BMI) is 35 and below this is not acceptable. If along the line you are rejected on this ground, blame no one. It is for your own good.

As a direct seller, do not sell if your body mass is less that the specified number.


  • The Age Factor

Age is another determinant considered in a kidney transplant. I will like to give a piece of advice here. This advice goes to both kidney agent and direct seller.

  1. As a kidney agent, do not force or bewitch an underage into selling his/her kidney
  2. As a direct seller, do not attempt to sell out your kidney if you are an underage. You will be highly affected when you grow up.
  3. Do not in any way propagate the idea of how to make money from kidney sell to kids.


The Factor that Slows Down the Kidney Sell Business

Although to make money from kidney sell is a rather booming business, there is a factor that slows it down and that is incompatibility.


This is very unavoidable factor in a kidney business. One can describe it as a factor that slows down the kidney business in any black market. When a kidney up for sell is incompatible with that of the buyer, the deal collapses.

Even on a donative ground, the donor’s kidney being incompatible with that of the patient voids the process.

If there is anything that will hinder the kidney sell business is the issue of compatibility.

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Top Countries that will Boom the Business

Although it is illegal to buy and sell kidneys in any of the below mentioned countries, they are the best. There are lots of hospitals both big and small that are into the business.

Please note that the only legal way of doing away with kidneys here is by donating.

That notwithstanding, here are some countries that can give you the much needed money in the business.

  • India
  • Iran
  • Turkey
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Malaysia

You can easily travel to Malaysia for your kidney sell business using a Malaysia Entry Permit. Check for how to apply for a Malaysia Entry Permit.


Becoming a Reputable Kidney Sales Agent in Nigeria

  • Do not force yourself on any direct sellers
  • Avoid persuading an underage for their kidney
  • Know the risks involved in the kidney sell business
  • Do not be too extreme in this business to avoid its plague
  • As an agent, do not cheat your client at the end of the deal. You never know what might befall you another day
  • Always make sure that every human you purchase a kidney from is well informed
  • Be sure to follow a kidney buy and sell path with a repute


A Piece of Advice for Kidney Sell Agents and Direct Sellers

This advice goes to those already in the business and to those who intend to sell or join the business.

To the direct kidney seller, kidney sell is not a legitimate way of making money neither is it praiseworthy. It may bring an end to your financial crisis but the mark will always be there.

To the kidney sales agent, this business becomes evil when it exceeds bounds. Do not make it a form of livelihood as it might crash on you one day.

This being said, there so many ways of becoming rich and we already have them charged up for you. Please check up on how to make more money and say “bye” to poverty.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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