MISSION SAMBISA!!! (Tale of a Survivor)

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******* At the Training camp (Deport) Zaria********


“You are here because you are willing to sacrifice your lives to save your loved ones. A soldier is who is willing to die for his father’s land is a real soldier”

MISSION SAMBISA!!! (Tale of a Survivor) 1

Never joke with an enemy. Either you kill him or he kills you. Remember you have loved ones to protect. They are looking up to you


“Up… Down… Up…Down…Stop!!!”


“You have to learn to make your minds the greatest weapons you ever have. It is better you fight for something than live for nothing”


“No matter what you do out there, always find an excuse to survive”


MISSION SAMBISA!!! (Tale of a Survivor) 2

“All what we are doing is making you immortals. When you die for the country, your names will be written in history as one of the brave people who died defending their father’s land”.


“Move it… don’t stop”



“We are teaching you how to survive pains. It is better to feel it now than feel the pains of a bullet piercing through your heart”.


“Make up your minds whether you want to pass…or choose to fail” “Learn to speak to your body through your mind…when the body becomes weak, the mind takes over”

“Choose this day where you stand. As for me and my officers, we belong to the Nigerian army”


“You don’t have any reason to quit. Your life as a soldier is in the hands of your partner. When he dies in war…a part of you dies”


“You have to tell yourself that you are capable. Some of you will fail, while some of you will leave on your own. The strong ones will be celebrated when the time comes”

MISSION SAMBISA!!! (Tale of a Survivor) 3



“What you feel, is a conscious decision from your heart to the mind. You can choose not to listen to it. That makes you a meta human.”




“Man Down!! Man Down!!”  “Drag him off”


“If you hear you hear your name, kindly go back to your room and pack your bags”

MISSION SAMBISA!!! (Tale of a Survivor) 4


“Finally…you made it. Henceforth you command the highest respect ever.” “You can choose to become whatever you want to be.”


MISSION SAMBISA!!! (Tale of a Survivor) 5


********Helicopter Hovering***********


I knew I had to survive. Not because of myself, but because of the brothers who I may not end up seeing again. My body is weak, my spirit is giving up, but I have learnt to live without both of them” “A part of me has died and I believe you know why. I have seen the worst that could happen to someone with heart and mind still intact.”

“I love my country but maybe they don’t love me too” “I am coming home but will I be home?”


“I was there when the doctors were moving about and stuffing my nose with an oxygen mask”


“I was aware of a bank of blood, being injected into my body”.


“He is losing breath” the doctor cried out


“What’s his pulse” The other doctor asked


“I can’t tell” One of the doctors shouted. We were still inside the chopper while all these were going on, and I knew it was a long ride home.


A part of me wanted to live, a part of me wanted to just go because I couldn’t think of living with the trauma that would come with what I would be facing.


“We are losing him…” The head medical personnel yelled in a painful manner.


Life is in phases; I came, I saw but can I really tell what happened? A part of me has died and it died right there in that dry desert. Nothing compares more than seeing the ones you love more being overtaken by forces you have no authority over!!!


“Oh No”!!! One of the doctors shouted…


The chopper landed and a roller was brought, and we were on our way inside the hospital at Brono cantonment.


“He can’t make it” One of the nurses cried as they wheeled inside the hospital…


Just then….To Be Continued!!

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