Mission Sambisa Action Stories Part 2 {Story Continues}

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“All of you are cowards and you will get the rewards that cowards get” The DOR said “He quickly brought out a newspaper and showed us the front page. I couldn’t see it well because of my position, but I knew it read something like “Soldiers on the run from Bokoharam on slaughter”. Every one of us were visibly shocked as to how they got the news of the takeover of our military base by the terrorists. It wasn’t still enough, he went and arranged for a television and with their connection, they played us a video.


The video of the terrorists killing some Soldiers, and everyone of us came closer to have a clearer look. It was so horrible the way the soldiers were tied up like goats and kept on the floor. When it was time for a soldier to be killed, he gets bundled up and made to recite some things   from a paper. They brought the first soldier and kicked him between his legs and I could visibly see tears dripping right from his eyes. He was placed probably between in front of a camera and made asked to recite something. I guess he was trying to hard not to recite it, before one of the guys gave him a hot slap. I saw blood come out immediately out of his mouth as he cried in pains. They clearly showed one of the terrorists go towards a hot stove and brought out the knife placed on it, it was clearly blazing with red flames around it. He was asked for the last time to recite it and the soldier clearly refused.

They immediately placed the hot piece of metal close to his neck region as he cried severely from great pains. We were still sitting down and watching before I realized that tears had taken over my eyes. I looked at other soldiers and most of them were compelled to watch the video as no one was allowed to look away. Everywhere was as quiet as a grave yard and I believed that everyone was getting a dose of the action movie we were watching.

They gave him another chance to recite what was in the paper, but he remained resolute not to. They kicked and slapped him till he was lying helplessly on the ground. After much futile attempt, they summoned the guy with a cutlass and he came forward and recited some portions of the book they asked our soldier to recite. The camera moved to another direction and I saw some other soldiers tied up and was waiting for their own taste of death.


“Tunji” I shouted immediately out of rush, fear and regret. Everyone quickly looked my direction and I bowed my head in great tears. One of the soldiers kicked my back and reminded me to look up and watch the movie.


The guy with the cutlass after reciting some portions of the books kept shouting “Allahu Alkabar” and went straight to grab the head of the soldier. I presumed the cutlass was quite hot because I noticed the red light coming from it. The soldier’s head was bent on a log of wood, and the sharp and blazing part of the knife was placed on his neck. Even the hotness alone was terrifying as he kept rattling his legs but couldn’t move his hands because they were tied up. It wasn’t long before the terrorist started slicing his neck as the soldier kept gasping for breath.

It was like they were beheading a chicken or a fowl in the most painful manner. Most of the other terrorists continued to shout “Allahu Alkbar” before his neck was finally severed from his body and they placed it high like they won a trophy of some sort. They pointed to the next person but we couldn’t see who they pointed at, as we kept anticipating. I was already sweating and tears all over my eyes. If they allowed us to watch such a thing, what would become our own faith?


The next soldier was brought forward and behold it was Tunji. The video was paused as the officer went straight for his announcement.

“These soldiers were captured while they kept defending the base, but you cowards ran away like chicken from a hawk. You were enlisted to defend one another, and not run away from you duties.” He kept explaining in a rather harsh tone filled with anger “I am showing you what your colleagues went through because they died defending their father’s land and not you cowards”

The movie resumed and Tunji was asked to recite the same paper. I was praying that he recited it, if that would give him freedom. Unfortunately, he declined also to read the paper.

I remembered the money I paid into his account and how he promised to always remember me immediately the war against terrorism was over. I remembered how he bragged about his fiancé being more beautiful than mine. I remembered… oh I remembered how he promised to attend my wedding ceremony when it was time.

“Tunji why” I cried deeply. My eyes were already soaked and the I guess they were already reddish in color. I noticed as they placed the hot knife on various parts of his body. Tunji cried… he shouted and he yelled. Help wasn’t going to come his way, and death was the only antidote to his present predicament. He was given another chance to recite what was in the paper and he still declined amidst tears. He shook his head in pains and kept crying.

The room where we were watching the video was still as silent as ever. Most soldiers watched in anticipation and I saw as Bright bent his head and was being forced by another soldier to keep watching.

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To my uttermost surprise, Tunji agreed to read what was written on the paper. His mouth was untied and the paper brought closer to him. He kept crying and the after some minutes, Tunji shouted “Mummy I love you and all others.” He was immediately cut with the cutlass at his back and he fell flat on the ground. I wished his mum wouldn’t watch this video.

“How will his sick mum react to the death of his son?”

“How will the fiancé respond?”

“What about other dependents on him?” These questions flooded my mind. I would have loved to be the one to console them, but I still don’t even know my fate. All of a sudden Tunji stopped crying and became as bold as ever. I wondered what happened and why the sudden change. I remembered he once told me that whenever he dies, he was going to meet a man up there in the sky. I remembered this because he kept looking upwards and I believed he was communicating with the man in the sky.

“Hope he helps you” I whispered to myself.

Few minutes later, they grabbed his head in the same position they kept the first soldier and a cutlass was placed on his neck. He was a still as a calm river and finally… his neck was raised up there again like a trophy being presented to winners.

“RIP” I whispered within as tears kept rolling down my eyes. I don’t know if I will see Tunji again, but I believe that one day we shall all die and our spirits will roam forever on earth.

“I will see Tunji again” I consoled myself as a kick on the back brought me back to our present state.

*********************************Next Episode Review…*****************************************

**** You all shall be ….******


****You already heard our verdict, what else do you want?**** I asked bright.

*****You have to believe in God****** Bright said


***Where was he when Tunji who believe also was being slaughtered like a little chicken?****** I asked him in anger.. Just then!!…

To Be Continued!!

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