Mission Sambisa Action Stories Part 2 {Story Continues}

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“Take cover…!!!” I shouted as I dived towards a random position that came to my mind. I and my comrades went into different directions. I hurriedly reloaded my gun and calmed down to know where the bullet was flying from.

“You okay?” I shouted

“Yes” Someone replied.

“Is that you Ali?” I asked

“Yes” He replied. I fired some few shots towards the face of the terrorist that was rushing towards my direction. The bullet hit him directly in his face.

“Nice shot” Bright shouted. Was else could I do than raise a ‘thumbs up’ to him.

I quickly stood from my position and advanced towards his own position. The other guys were seriously engrossed with the surging terrorist from their own position.

“these guys are coming like flies” Sgt Ejiro shouted.

“We are not moving out of this position” I yelled to them. The terrorists were coming at us like they have been programmed to die. I wondered what orientation they were given, before surging towards our direction with full force. We were having the upper hand in the battle, till something terrible happened.

“RPG!!!” Sgt Ahmed shouted. We quickly stood up from our position and retreated. The RPG landed and sent us packing from the floor. I and the other guys around me were lucky not to have been shattered by the RPG, but someone wasn’t so lucky.

“Where is Ali?” I asked. I quickly stood up, dusted myself and went in search of Ali. I couldn’t see him, and I continued to yell his name with my head low to the ground. All my searching efforts became futile the moment I saw something on the floor. I bent low and examined it, and it was someone’s fleshy particles. That was Sgt body; it had been shattered by the RPG.

“Where is he?” Ejiro asked

“He is dead” I said gently.

“How did you know he is dead?” He asked. I turned around and saw gloomy faces, waiting for me to bear the news. I hadn’t even spoken a word, when Sgt Ahmed bent low and picked up his body particle from another position. That was his leg, it had been disseminated from his body.

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“Jesus!!!” Sgt Ejiro shouted. Moral was running low and there was nothing we could do about it. Ejiro quietly picked up his rifle, stood up and was moving away from the rest of the squad.

“Where are you going to?” Bright asked him. He didn’t say a word, and I dived towards him and held him.

“Where you are heading to was where the RPG came from” I said to him.

“Then what?” He asked with a deep and angry voice. “Am I better than the person that just died now?” He asked as he flung away my hands and made some steps. I rushed towards him again and held tightly onto him.

“Sir please, don’t do this” I begged him.

“Do you know I am your superior?” He asked with a mean look. The moment he said that, I shifted back almost immediately and stood at attention. Bright and Sgt Ahmed was standing behind and was observing what was happening. Sgt Ejiro looked at me scornfully and was about to make the next step, before a blazing bullet blasted through his heart. I quickly flung myself towards him and pulled him to the ground. All I could feel was the jerk of a dying man. He was jerking between intervals like he was under shock. The bullets kept on flying but the shooters continued to miss targets. I dragged him towards Bright and Ahmed’s position, as they themselves had already taken cover.

“Drag him” I said to Bright, who held the leg of Sgt Ejiro and we dragged him and retreated to safety for the while. I turned his body around and all I saw was a clean shot to his chest.

“That was a fvcking sniper!!!” I said to Bright with tears in my eyes. Sgt Ejiro had already became unconscious, and there was no need of telling him to hang on because I was sure that there was no help coming by. We watched him as he continued to spit out blood from his mouth, before he became as silent as a graveyard.

“He is gone” Sgt Ahmed said with pains written all over his words.

“We have to find a way out” I said to them.

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“Are we leaving him here?” Bright asked

“What should we do?” I asked back.

“Can’t we bury him or something?” He asked

“are you insane? How can we bury him in the middle of warfare? Who will dig his grave?”   I asked Bright.

He became silent.

“You should know that it is almost 2 days, and we haven’t eaten. Where do we get the energy to dig a grave?” I asked midly.

“We are moving out” I said before other agreed to my opinion. Sgt Ahmed and Bright picked up their rifle, and we started venturing into the thick forest for our own safety. We thought we could go back from where we came from, but I guess that it was something that isn’t just going to happen like that easily. We continued to walk fast; I tried to track the way the way we came, but I couldn’t just figure it out.

“any way is a way” Sgt Ahmed said. Since we couldn’t find the exact way, we assumed that any way backwards was the way we came from. We continued in stealth mode; it was an uninterrupted journey backwards, and we continued moving as fast as our legs could carry us.

Just when we thought that we were on the track to getting out of the evil forest, we met the unexpected.

“Is this our end?” I thought to my sef!!

“Jesus” Bright shouted!!

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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