Mission Sambisa Action Stories Part 2 {Story Continues}

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I stood stunned with my hand still tucked beside my combat trouser holding my pistol. I’d seen my life flash before my face. With splashes of blood all over my face I turned and saw Bright holding up his rifle.

“You owe me one bro.” he shouted and turned spraying bullets in the opposite direction. I took cover immediately and leashed out my anger on few of the terrorist marching towards us shooting recklessly.

I couldn’t believe I had a close shave with death.

“You should have allowed me, that was my time ringing” I said to Bright.

“Maybe you should allow those ones coming behind you to overrun you, then I can send you meat-pie in hell! You doughebag” Bright joked. I smiled, before I turned and took the five of them down before the trigger clicked signifying an empty cartridge. Recoiling I looked around and saw my gallant colleagues trying so hard to hold the position whiles the terrorist kept pushing hard. Crawling slowly towards my rifle, I picked as flying bullets kept whizzing past my head and dived to cover. Pulling out the cartridge I removed the bullet that got jammed before slotting it back ready to go into action.

Suddenly I looked up and noticed the terrorist changing their formation. They’d stooped shooting leaving the sound of the gun shots coming from my men.

“Hold your fire!!!” I screamed and immediately dead silence fall over the forest. The only sound that could be heard was the hard breathing of my men.

“Bright on me.” I called out and he crawled through the shrub to my position.

“They are changing their position….. I feel they are up to something definitely not good.” I muttered. He looked up and nodded in affirmation.

“What do we do?” he asked. I noticed the fear in his voice though he tried hard not to let it show. Heaving deeply I closed my eyes letting my head fall. Again the picture of Genea appeared on my head. I won’t go back to her in a casket I said in my head.

Raising my head I tapped Bright on the shoulder. “We’re making it out of here alive” I reassured.

He nodded as always. He always believed in me and followed my orders it’s now time for me to justify his trust on me.

“Let’s go…”

I crawled leading the way back to the other four who were still very much on alert.

“Are you ok?” I threw open the question as all of them nodded in affirmative with the eyes still holding their position. “Now listen up…. We are leaving this place. We can’t let them corner us here and I know this is not a surrender for them they are bringing a big surprise which we can’t wait for.” I paused to let the words sink. “Now we are taking that direction…” I said pointing to the left wing which still had some of the terrorist lurking around.

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“Sir…” the soldier facing the direction called looking questionably at me.

“Yes….” I repeated. “That is a death trap” I continued pointing towards the direction that had no terrorist. “Once we step out there that’s the end. They expect us to take that route but we will surprise them by not taking it.” I could see them nodding in affirmative.

I was still talking when Bright called my attention. I paused and listened as the sound of an APC roaring through the bush from a distance echoed. I looked around and saw fear written all over their face.

“On me…” I commanded crawling towards the terrorists as the first heavy sound of shelling came uprooting a tree close to where we were.

“We are under fire!!!” I echoed as we all rushed towards cover. We could hear the sound of the bombs, but I couldn’t just know where it was coming from.

“Jesus!!” One of the soldiers lamented

“Keep your heads down” I shouted at them

“Our heads are down already” One of the replied

“Nice, just let it remain down” I replied.

“So if our head is down, how do we return fire?” Another guy asked.

“Nice question” I replied him “Next question?” I asked. There was a moment of silence.

“They are closing in on us” One of the soldiers screamed. Everywhere was dusty and I couldn’t see a thing. I was battling with making sure dusts and dirt didn’t enter my eyes, because that would be more disastrous.

“Everyone with glasses?” I asked

“Yes!!” was the general answer I got.

“Put it on.” I ordered them. The shillings and the bombings continued in rapid force. We were being forced to retreat asap. It is obvious that we don’t know this terrain, and we were clearly outnumbered.

“I want to use the gas flagger” I said to the team. “We are running out in 5” I reminded them.

“East or west?” A voice asked

“We run East in 5” I repeated

5, 4,3,2,1… I opened up the gas and dropped it a distance over us. I and the team picked up and headed east wards. We continued running till we were totally out of the enemies’ sight, or so we thought.

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“Are you okay?” I asked one of the soldiers I saw holding on to his legs and groaning in pain.

“I just twisted my ankle” He said in deep pains. I decided to apply some first aid training I had received in the past. I removed his shoe as he groaned severely in pains. I finally removed the shoe and rose up his trouser to behold something terrible.

“God!!!” I shouted.

“What is that?” He said while trying to have a look at his own leg. I quickly pushed him down to avoid him seeing his own wounds. Other colleagues came closer and looked down on it. I signaled them not to release any emotions. His ankle was pretty messed up. He was hit by a bullet to his ankle, and it blew a larger portion of the flesh there.

“How did he manage to run?” Bright asked mildly to my ears

“I don’t know” I replied

“Can someone get the medical team on the phone? We need an evac” I repeated to the comms man

“We aren’t having a good network here at all Sir” He responded.

“How many are we here?” I asked

“Just 5 of us” A soldier responded

“Including him? I asked, pointing at the injured soldier

“Yes” Was the answer I got.

“Bullshit” I said to myself.

“What next now?” A soldier asked.

I looked at myself, I looked at the team, and I looked at the ammunitions we had. I felt that killing ourselves would be the best option.

“We have been left behind by those who don’t care about us. Even if we survive here, they will still jail us and call us deserters” I said to the team.

“So what do you want us to do because I am tired of this kind of life already” One of the soldiers asked.

“Death!!!” I said with a firm smile…

To Be Continued.

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