Mission Sambisa Action Stories Part 2 {Story Continues}

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There was Cornel Andrew’s body hung upside down on a stake. His head was chopped off and placed between his laps, and was supported by a rope. Whichever way they could achieve that, it was clear that they meant business. They had overpowered him, and according to the positioning and condition of his body, I guessed that he was captured alive. The area was well cleared, and no sign of the terrorists hanging around. I sensed a trap, and advised the troops to continue holding position.

“No one is around there,” one of the soldiers notified me

“And you think so?” I asked him with a smile.

“I am just saying what I saw and noticed” He replied with humor in his voice.

“You see that region, and that area around where that machine gun is loaded. That is called a death trap. If you venture into that place, you will only have your spirit to blame.” I told him with humor.

“So what do we do, since we can’t even see anybody to engage” Another soldier asked.

“We wait!” I ordered. “Before that, get the coms equipment and try reaching out to the headquarters.” I told the technical guy.

I have always assumed responsibility in extreme situations like this. I am one of the least ranked commissioned soldiers in our midst here, but I guess that it boils down to someone who has the zeal to succeed. A lot of the soldiers had already started giving up, and towing that same path, twill be giving our body free of charge to the terrorists to feed on. Sometimes, we had to go extra miles to survive, not because it our obligation from the Nigerian Army, but because we had other reasons to do it.

Genea was my main reason, and it was over a year now that I have heard from her. I love her so much, and every passing day I felt that the war in the North East would seize, so as to have a chance to see her again. I knew it was getting close, and if we could record this victory,  it will hasten the process.

“What are you thinking bro” Someone tapped me from behind and asked. I turned around,  and it was Bright. I smiled out and continued looking the direction I was looking at.

“I am thinking about how we can even demolish these terrorists and get down with our normal lives outside this place” I said to him.


“Wow; you must be a very good liar” He said.

“Hehehhehe” I laughed out.

“How did I lie?” I asked him

“I guess you was thinking about something very emotional” He said

“Everything around here is already emotional” I reminded him. “We haven’t ever planned a mission,  and it came out the way we anticipated. I don’t know if they are using us to play their game of chess” I said to Bright.

“You better calm down,  make e no be for your mouth they go hear am” Bright said. I chuckled and continued to bite my fingers that had already grown rapidly. The reason why we were still stuck up that mountain was because of the fact that the enemy was more equipped than we were. Imagine we had the amount of ammunitions they had, it would had been a clean sweep. Logistics played a very great role in us assuming the present scenario we were then.

“Have you gotten across to the headquarters?” I asked the guy who was to make the call.

“We are having bad reception bro” He responded.

“I see movements” One of our soldiers who acted as an outlooker alerted us. I quickly ran towards his direction and took the telescope from him.

“Why are they moving?” I asked him

“I don’t know bro” He responded. “That was why I called you to come have a look”

“Those guys are up to something” I told myself.

“We have to attack right?” He asked

“Yes we have to” I responded. We immediately got ourselves together and took our position. “Pick an enemy, and we fire the first shots” I told the team. Everyone took their positions, and we opened fire immediately on them. It wasn’t long after we opened fire that they returned greater fire from their own end.

“Move left” I shouted to the guy beside me. He quickly dived left and covered us from  that angle. I just realized that they had seen us longest time ago. All they did was flanking and overtaking us from all sides. It would have been disastrous if they were the first to open fire on us. We are having the upper hand in the battle, but for how long was it going to last. We are just about six in number, against enemies who are like sand in the water.

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“We have to advance and cover the front line” One of the soldier suggested

“Not a good idea” I shouted back. “Just keep holding your position as much as you can.”

“If they advance, it would be disastrous” He echoed. Now we were stuck between two options. Advancing means that the left flank would be left open, and the enemies could hit us hard from that point and disband us within few seconds. If we remain the way we are, we would end up being on the defense for as long as the battle rages. It was a difficult decision to make, and we had to do it as fast as possible.

“You right…!!!” one my soldiers screamed. One of the terrorists had gone through hell, just to infiltrate our line. He rushed towards me like a hungry lion looking to devour a lamb. I tried to shoot but discovered that my rifle had gotten jammed. It was like a movie but happening live to me. I saw him face his rifle towards me as I continued to search for my small pistol. Just before I found it, all I heard was the sound of a bullet leaving a rifle.

“BOOOOOM” was all I heard…

“Noooooo” was what cry that filled the air.

Someone was shot, but who was that?

To Be Continued.

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