mindsets that hurt your success in life

There are several mindsets that hurt your success in life, and you should think of dropping it in this year.

Running this race called life is a full-time job on its own, and without guidance, we might just implode and fail. There are some mindsets that we all had growing up, and once things don’t go like we assume, we go to a state of depression. This post is aimed at eradicating such mindsets.

If you are ready, let’s take a look at the mindsets that hurt your success in life and its solutions.

mindsets that hurt your success in life

Saving is Pawn, Investing is Queen, and acquiring assets is King

That might be a long title, but it simply means that saving money can never make you rich. Diversifying, investing, acquiring assets should be the only thing behind your mind in the New Year.

Believing that making plans is the key to success

This should be dropped ASAP. In as much as plans are very vital; without the required action, nothing is ever going to happen. A proverb said, “The grave is the richest place on earth because so many ideas have been buried there”. If you have a plan and keep waiting for the right time to execute it, I am sorry it might never just come.

You help people so that they help you in return

This is one of the mindsets that hurt you and sends you to depression faster than imagined. If you decide to help anyone, you should erase the thought of getting appreciation from them or them helping you when the need arises.

Expecting much from people

Whether at work, a friend, wife, girlfriend, or your boss, never expect much from anyone. One good rule of thumb is to assume that they will disappoint you; when they finally disappoint, you don’t get to feel depressed much. If they don’t, you take it as a bonus offer. We are all human, and we are always prone to disappoint. Therefore, never expect much.

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Thinking that Prayer is all you need

To all my religious pals, this is for you. Have you ever wondered why it seems that most successful ones are mostly atheist? It is because they have eradicated the thought of any spiritual help, and have channelled maximum energy towards achieving their goals.  These type of mindsets will hurt your chances of success in life.

I have learnt to pray like I can’t help myself, and work hard and smart like there is no God.

Copying others because it worked for them

The only thing that sells right now in the world is uniqueness. Imagine if Neymar of PSG decided to force himself to be Left-footed because he wanted to be like Messi. Probably Justin Bieber forcing himself to sing like Michael Jackson because he was successful. All you need is to find your strengths and work on it. You would probably end up as the next big thing if you are unique.

Killing an Idea because it doesn’t seem realistic

Nobody knew that we would have a metal that would ever flow on water (Ship). No one saw it coming. No idea is useless; it can only be optimized to become achievable faster. I once sold an idea to someone, and today he earns thousands from the same idea I sold to him. I guess I learnt the hard way. If you can’t execute it, talk to people your support group. They would surely find ways to help you.

Doing things the same way and expecting a different result

A mindset like this was defined as insanity by Einstein. If something isn’t working, all you need do is to go back to the drawing board and find the problem.

“Optimization creates efficiency” – Mike Umunna.

Whether you are a job seeker, a businessman/woman, and student, if you have tried something more than once and it doesn’t work, just go back to the drawing board and fix it.

“Which other way can I do this” should be the question going through your head.

Quitting after few failures

No matter how much you’ve failed, there is still hope ahead. Stand up, Pick up what is left and fire on.

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Trusting people too much

This is one of the mindsets that hurt you emotionally. My MD once told me that he doesn’t even trust himself, talk less about trusting me. We laughed about it but I picked up that point and made it a key point in my everyday life. Just in case you read this, just know I don’t trust you – just kidding, I still don’t trust you.

Not learning to forgive

There is no permanent enemy in life. Your enemy might have the key to your success tomorrow. Would you let pride lock down your chances? I have learnt to forgive people in advance because I know you would hurt me along the line. As you read this, I don’t trust you but I forgive you – smiles…

There are several other mindsets that hurt your success in life, but space won’t permit me to write them all. All you have to know is that life is a long journey. The right mindsets and wisdom are the principal things.

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