Wolf of Wall Street: 5 Mindsets every Graduate should have in 2018

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Wolf of Wall Street: 5 Mindsets every Graduate should have in 2018

If you need to know the mindsets every graduate should have, then you need to see the movie “Wolf of Wall Street?”

If you haven’t, then you need to take a look at it as fast as you can. 2017 has almost ended, and it is time to take a look at career reviews.

Did you miss something? Did everything go as planned? Was there something you could have done better? Did you give up easily on something that would have been a life changer?

Now is the perfect time to review exactly how everything went and draw up plans that would project you in the coming year.

Is there a better mirror to use in the assessment? Yea! “The Wolf of Wall Street”

The movie pictured the life of Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who rose to riches by selling crappy penny stocks as a Wall Street broker. He eventually lost all the money, riches, power that he had, and was sent to jail for over 3 years. Nowadays he is a Sales teacher, and the movie ended up making him a superstar.

Was the movie morally grounded? No!!! But was there something to learn from the life of this crook turned hero?


Let’s have a look at the mindsets every graduate should have and learn from the life of Jordan Belfort and his Wall Street Life.

5 mindsets every graduate should have in 2018


Sometimes you should stoop to conquer

This should be one of the mindsets every graduate should have. Nobody wants to regress at any point in life. Just like every graduate out there, Jordan wanted to become a millionaire as fast as possible, and then he decided to work in a place (Wall Street) that would help him achieve that dream faster. His first day as a professional was when the stock market crashed.

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Selling Blue-chip stocks at Wall Street was far easier as a professional as compared to selling penny stocks. Moving out of Wall Street to meet junkies who sell Penny stocks would be considered demotion to some other peeps, but In the case of Jordan, it wasn’t. He stooped down to zero and jumped to a very high altitude (success).

You should have like-minded Friends

If you are success hungry and your friends are loafers, then things might not work out for you. This is an example of showing me your friend and I tell you who you are. It is either you bring them up to your level like Jordan Belfort did, or you discard them as fast as possible.

Learn the art of communication

Communication skill is highly imperative. From pitching your ideas to friends and investors, selling yourself to potential employers, to convincing people to buy your point of view, learning the art of communication is a must. To succeed in life generally, the art of effective communication is one of the mindsets every graduate should have.

Always learn to mind your own business

It wasn’t hard for Jordan to leave the Penny stock store and set up his own after a while. This was because he learnt that he needed to mind his own business. You will never become a millionaire minding someone else’s business. I am not asking you to leave your job immediately, but you should prepare the foundations as fast as possible.

There should always be a plan B

Jordan was indicted by the US government for stock fraud and was sent to jail for over 3 years. He had lost everything he had; Family, Power, and Money. He came out of jail a nobody. But was he going to wind down just like that?

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How he quickly switched from being a stockbroker to becoming one of the best sales tutors in the world isn’t magic. It is all about having a Plan B. That is one of the mindsets every graduate should have and follow up on. There should always be a plan B!

Teaching sales might not make him rich as he was before, but it has gotten him enough to pay up most of his debts.

Till we meet again, do you think you can “Sell me this pen” and make me buy it?

Bye for now.

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