Military Dating Format: Working 419 Military Format

What’s up, gee? In this article, I have covered the military dating format with the fastest cashout potential. It is one of the best 419 military formats with 0% failure, meaning that it’s easy to cashout, compared to other formats for yahoo.

military dating format

The yahoo military format for scamming is not new, though. However, this article brings you an updated guideline to cashout faster than the traditional format.

Of course, the military format for dating requires faking your identity as an army man to scam your client. You can lie about being a veteran to get sympathy from clients and cashout.

Meanwhile, you may be interested in the dating billing format before reading further.

What is military dating format?

Military dating format or 419 military format is a yahoo boy format that involves faking your identity to be an army man or woman. This format does not work when you claim to be a military woman, though, except you lie that you are not at the war front.

When you start the military 419 format for yahoo, you must inform your client that you won’t be chatting up often. Of course, they understand that you are on duty and would be sending money to your bank account.

The time you will cashout the most is when you request up to $1,000 to take care of yourself or fly into your client’s location.

History of Military 419 Dating Format

The military dating format for yahoo, although one of the 419 military formats, has no specific history. I.e., it started in neither the US, the UK, Canada, China, etc.

Nevertheless, around the early 2000s, yahoo boys discovered the need to run the military scam format, especially considering the number of foreign soldiers moved to Afghanistan, Korea, and some parts of Africa.

At the time, soldiers that gave up being soldiers wrote strangers to take them in as they are tired of their job. Most military men used regular dating sites and even met random people in their locations to take care of them.

Towards the 2010s, when the internet became accessible to many globally, yahoo military dating started. Many accounts were created on platforms such as Tinder, OkCupid, etc., to look for clients. Even Instagram became a good platform to find clients. Meanwhile, you can follow my article to get clients on Instagram.

Requirements for Military Yahoo Format

How do you know if a soldier loves you

Scam image

Below are the tools/requirements needed to run 419 military yahoo dating format:


A smartphone is necessary. You can get an Android worth between $30 and $80 to run his format.

I don’t recommend using a personal mobile phone when running the military yahoo format. If there are loopholes, you might be tracked by a crime agency.

How about Apple iPhone? iPhone is excellent because if you get caught in high-level scamming, they will not release your data to the FBI because of their customer privacy protection policy. On the other hand, Android gives you 100% control over your activities, meaning you can choose to keep or do away with your data after scamming.

Military Format

The military format is the message that you send to clients to convince them to give you money.

Your format must also be written in fine English or whatever language your client understands.

I have included the format towards the end of this article.


To remain anonymous on the internet, it is important to use a VPN. A free or paid VPN can do the job, but it is preferable to use the paid version.

Also, your VPN must be connected to the region you claim to chat from. For example, if you tell your client that you’re serving in Afghanistan, you need the Afghanistan IP. The same goes for serving somewhere in Africa or any highly terrorized country.


The most critical requirement in military dating is the client. Without a client, you can’t cashout. You must be strategic when finding clients and figure out the best yahoo site to look for clients.

While Facebook works for some, Instagram works for others. Yours could be Tinder or Twitter.

Also, your profile is what appeals to clients. For example, if you’re targeting lesbians, you must set it up as a lesbian profile. You can include that you’re bisexual, meaning that you welcome the men too.

Fake Accounts

A typical yahoo hoy has about 100 social accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

You can create fake accounts using bots or pay someone to do it. You can do it alone too, but make sure to create various accounts using multiple IPs.

When creating a Facebook account, use the US IP if you are targeting US citizens.

Military Pictures

Do not download military pictures of movie actors or celebrity military men/women. You can dig deeper to find out the dead military men. Obtain their photos and use them.

If you download via Google search, you must edit the images, such that Google’s image search can’t detect them.

Fake Phone Number and Email

A fake phone number is equivalent to scamming with the military yahoo format.

Create multiple email addresses and phone numbers to use during the scam. Do not give any of the numbers to clients. Instead, tell them that it’s a public phone number.

How to Do Military Billing/Dating Format

In this section, you will learn the latest military dating format to use on any client. Just be attentive to this guide to discover the secret to cashing out.

What is military format for date

Military Dating

Get Fake Military Pictures

Like I mentioned earlier, download pictures of military men. If you want this format to work 100%, sew a fake military uniform that matches the military images you downloaded.

Next, prepare makeover materials. You can use the makeover whenever the client requests specific picture styles. For example, if the client asks you to snap under the rain, you can photograph with the makeover to convince them that you are real.

Some clients may ask you to snap near the military tank. Instead of photo-shopping an army tank, tell the client that you are on work break after an operation.

Create Fake Accounts

To cashout military dating/billing format, create multiple social accounts to look for clients. You can create at least 3 fake accounts/profiles using different identities.

For instance, one account can be gay, and the second can be a military man account, while the third is a military woman account.

These formats work differently in the sense that you have to play different characters to bomb clients successfully.

Connect with Clients

Go to Instagram, Facebook, OnlyFans, Twitter, etc., to connect and bomb clients.

You can find clients on forums targeting the country you prefer. For instance, if you’re targeting the UK, search “UK forums/boards” via any search engine. Create an account on the site and subscribe to the relationship/dating boards.

When you find UK residents that may be interested in hooking up with you, message them. Be careful, though, because you might be banned for acting against the forum rules. Make sure to move the conversation from the forum to avoid getting banned.

You can’t also change your username, so you have to close the account after cashing out or failing to cashout a particular client.

Meanwhile, see my steps to find clients on Instagram for yahoo.

Move Chats to Email

One of the mistakes yahoo boys make using the military bombing format is to continue chats via WhatsApp, Messenger, Zoom, etc.

Clients are smarter today and would request live video sessions to confirm whether you’re real.

Tell them your mobile phone does not support video calling and that you use public stations to send them messages. Moreover, you can’t use their systems to video-call because you can’t trust it not to store your information anonymously.

The client should find it easy to believe your lies, and then you inform them that you wish you could share every information with them, including video calls.

Apply the Military Format

The hardest part is to apply the military format to bill clients. The 419 military format includes other military format scams, such as the military dating billing format that this guide discloses.

To apply the military format for yahoo should take a month at most. Depending on your client, it can take 2 weeks. If you are using 419 military billing on a greedy client that you promise money in return, they can send $1,000 immediately.

Typically, you are supposed to allow your chat with clients to flow naturally. I.e., do not rush to request money.

First, discuss the difficulties of helping in the army and how you do not intend to join in the forefront because you lost a friend.

Lie that, like many in your department, you joined the military to make earns meet. Explain to your client that you choose to live a poor life currently to save up and resign under a loss of interest.

Your client will be glad to learn that you plan to exit the army, especially if you’re dealing with an older adult that needs love. Now you have won them psychologically; you may start making money requests.

Remind them that you want to experience the life they live and downs the rest of your life with them. You can tell them to look out for a simple business to start making money to share with them.

How to Cashout Military Dating in 2 Weeks

Below are the chats to hold within 2 weeks and convince your client to pay:


NOTE: The days are locked for the real hustlers. Nevertheless, you can contact the admin to unlock the conversations!


Day 1: _


Day 2: _


Day 3: _


Day 4: _


Day 5: _


Day6: _


Day 7: _


Day 8: _


Day 9: _


Day 10: _


Day 11: _


Day 12: _


Day 13: _


Day 14: _


Military Dating Format 1

Hi [client name]

It’s a beautiful day here, and I hope it is there. It wasn’t a great day, though; we lost two men to an airstrike in [name of location].

Although I’m happy, I’m not so happy. I really must leave this place, but I must be certain where I’m headed. I do not want to inform the few persons closer to me that I’m going, so I’m not particularly eager to link the agency to my bank account.

Please, you happen to be my way out, and I want you to sponsor my exit here. I wish you stayed close, so you run the visa processing on my behalf. I did some research today and asked questions. It will cost $900 to process the visa and head out. I’ll also spend some more time running my paperwork for resignation.

Kindly assist me in bringing our dream of staying together to live. Attached below are the details I can accept the funds to pay for the processing and all with a non-military friend’s help.

Thank you

BTC address [*******]

(You might look it up online to learn how to send funds via BTC. I learned it a few weeks ago because it was vital for me.)

[Your name]

419 Military Billing Format 2

Hello [client name]

Are you’re happy? You’re always bright whenever you give me your time, and I hope you’re happy.

First, I want to appreciate you for being there for me always. I enjoy every moment we talk; it makes me feel we’re together already. Besides, I just want to leave here and go somewhere I’ll sleep comfortably without bothering about an explosion the next moment. I hope that would be in your arms.

To make this dream a reality, I beg you to assist me with the funds to begin my resignation. I need the money for the visa, and I don’t want anybody to know about it, except you.

I researched the requirements and all, but the fees are my primary concern. I do not want to go through the process of withdrawing funds.


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