Memoir Of A Sex Slave [Hustle for Survival]

Episode 8 done by Lani

I quickly shifted away from him and he paused in bringing out whatever he wanted to bring.

I don’t know why I went to sit away from the Uncle; I just had a feeling that if my Mum saw me near him she would slap me or even beat me.

She had been in a bad mood when I left her in the room cleaning up her poo. She had looked like she was in a lot of pain and anger. For some reason some of that anger had been directed at me. If only I knew what I had done wrong I would have tried to do better. I loved my Mum, but sometimes I think my Mum does not love me.

I was still trying to understand what had happened between her and the other uncle, why did he make her poo herself?

I only did that when I was scared, like when my mum beat me very hard. I would pee myself sometimes, when she threatened me with something bad I nearly pooed myself once.

So I sat away from this Uncle, trying to hold on to the nice feeling the Uncle had given me, I felt happy.

I heard the footsteps get nearer as she got closer to the parlour.

I picked up my book of stories and the bag of sweets; I was still recovering from whatever the Uncle had done to me. I felt so nice, relaxed and happy.

“Would you love to see what is inside my trouser?” He asked me while I was far away from him?

I nodded my head both positively and negatively.

“Alright my love, I will show you” He said. This time, I nodded positively. He was unzipped already, when I looked up and saw my nightmare standing right in front of me!!

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‘Tessy,’ she turned to me, ‘did I not tell you not to open the door to any one?’

“Did she see what happened?” My heart raced around that question.

She had been very specific with that instruction, I had disobeyed her.

I was in a lot of trouble.

I was engrossed in my sweets and my book. I did not want to answer her as I knew I would be in a lot of trouble. I did not dare look up at her face as I knew what I would see there.

‘Tessy are you deaf I am talking to you.’

‘Get up and answer me you silly girl.’

I looked up and saw her wince. She must still be in pain with what she had done earlier with the other Uncle, I thought sadly to myself.

My Mum turned to the Uncle, ‘Tony what are you doing here.’

‘I told you I was coming you said it would be ok, or have you forgotten?’ He asked my Mum.

‘We did not fully agree, it was a suggestion Tony I did not say yes.’

I wanted to go away from what they were talking about. I did not want to see another person argue with my mother.

This Uncle Tony was ok, he had been good to me and he had come with sweets for me.

‘You told me to come Bose.’

My Mum’s name was Bose.

He actually called her by her name some of the other Uncles when they came to our house, I heard them call her B!tch.

I don’t know what that name means. But when they said it, they never had a gentle tone in their voice. The Uncle who had made my mum poo poo had said that she was a B!tch.

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‘I am not feeling well Tony,’ my Mum told the Uncle.

’I can’t do anything today.’

‘Since when has tiredness stopped you Bose.’ The nice Uncle said.

‘I did not come all the way over here for you not to render your services.’ He said to my Mum.

I did not understand what they were talking about, so I stopped listening intently and opened my bag of sweets.

‘Bose if you think you are not up to it, there is another female in the house she would make do very nicely.’

‘It must run in the family, since she’s come for me twice already today.’

My Mum’s loud scream followed by


‘Tessy.!!’ The way she screamed my name took my attention away from my sweets and I looked up at the two adults.

I did not know what Uncle Tony had said to my Mum to make her so upset.

‘Tessy go to your room now she screamed at me as she pulled me by the ear. I screamed as it hurt so much.

I knew I dared not complain, I ran to my room and cried. The short interlude of niceness from the uncle was forgotten as I cried at why my Mum did not love me. I ran away from the parlour and was heading to my room, then I remembered to turn back a little bit.

What I saw wasn’t what I expected, and it made my heart break into pieces.

“No” I whispered as tears rolled my eyes!!

To Be Continued


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