Memoir Of A Sex Slave [Hustle for Survival]

While he was touching me right between my pee pee hole, I continued to feel a little sharp pain right there. At one point I held onto his hands and tried to remove them, but the feeling I got from the way he rubbed it made me release his hands at some point. He looked around and asked me to open my legs wider, so that he could see through my legs.

“Why?” I asked innocently

“I just want to show you something” He said. I opened my legs gently, and he looked around slowly before he bent low towards and in between my legs. I was wearing a pink pant, he bent down and used his hands to push the pant aside on my legs.

“wow” he shouted

I adjusted a little bit to see why he shouted. He tried to dip his hand inside of it, and I jumped forward immediately.

“It’s painful” I yelled with a painful face. He touched my head and kissed my forehead before placing me back on my seat. He continued to rub a part of my pee pee and the sweetness wasn’t something I can explain in writing.

“You like it?” He asked me with a voice I couldn’t explain. I nodded almost immediately he asked. I guess my emotions gave me out easily. This time he continued to rub it; but anytime he felt like putting his finger into me, I felt a sharp pain and I tried to stop him immediately. He looked at me and smiled before he said to me.

“See darling, the pain will be small but once it opens, you will now enjoy it forever”

“What will open?” I asked with much curiosity

“Okay, let me show you…” He said pointing towards my pee pee.

“There is this thing that covers this hole of your thing that makes it sweet for you. If that thing is not removed, you will not be able to enjoy it well.”

“But if you remove it, it will be painful” I asked in a low voice

“Yes dear, just a small pain” He said with a smile on his face. I breathed in hard and nodded my head to allow him break through the barrier between my legs. He adjusted my waist forward and opened my leg as wide as he could. He then stood up and adjusted his belt, before zipping down. I saw him as he was about to dip his hand inside his trouser, then suddenly we heard footsteps from inside of mum’s room. I quickly adjusted my pant and shifted as far as I could from him. He quickly adjusted his trousers and went back to his seat as fast as possible. I knew that mummy never anticipated that he would be in the parlour when she came out of the room.

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“Who is there?” He asked me. I looked at him confused with no idea of what to say. He focused his looks on my face and I got confused the more.

“But you told me that your mum wasn’t around?” He asked again. I quickly shifted my gaze from him and I tried to focus on my book. The more I tried to stare at the book, the more I could see nothing from the book. What I felt while he was touching me was still all over me. I never knew that the little split between my legs was so sweet whenever it was touched by an older person that way.

I rubbed my leg together, and I was tempted to ask him to continue touching it. I flapped my laps against each other, and anytime I wanted to gaze towards his direction, I catch him looking at me. Often times I smiled, while he smiled back at me. There was a great silence between us, and at a point we never heard the footsteps inside again. He beckoned on me to follow him towards our kitchen. Our house was built in such a way that the kitchen is the first entry point from the backyard. I couldn’t resist the invitation. I adjusted my little skirt, and I felt a serious scratch between my legs. I wanted someone to help me scratch it, and I knew that uncle could do it for me.

He was the first to tip toe towards the kitchen, and I looked around before I followed him. When I got to the kitchen, I saw him waiting behind the door. I knew that mummy heard his voice and ran back to the room where she was still hiding. At that point, I wished that she would never come out of the room again till we finished.

He quickly carried me up his hand, and used his mouth to touch my own. I was becoming too heavy for him to carry, so he dropped me on the ground. He knelt down, so as to come very close to my height. He used his lips to run through my neck. The feeling was deeply out of this world. I’ve never felt such a way before, and I wished the feeling would last. I didn’t know when I held his head, as he used his fingers to rub through my chest. I felt a sensation as he touched the tip in my chest. I rotated round him, and he used the other finger and entered into my pant. He rubbed my thing as I continued to hug him tight. The next thing I noticed was that my pant was to my ankel, and his mouth was under my thing. He used his tongue to lick it, and I almost screamed out of joy.

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“What am I doing” I asked myself as I suddenly came back to my senses. I guess the overexcitement brought me back to the present state of things. I quickly started to object his next moves, and requested I wanted to go back to the parlour. He agreed and we went back to the parlour.

“Do you still want to see my Mum?” I asked him

“Yes “ He replied with a smile.

“She is inside” I confessed. “She saw you while you coming, so she ran inside. She even told me to tell you that she wasn’t around” I spilled it out with vigor. I guess it was what he made me feel that made me confess all that I hid within.

He smiled and rubbed my head.

“Do you like my Mum more than me?” I asked innocently

“Noooo…” He said with a smile. “I only love you and I will always make you happy” He said. I felt a sense of belonging, I immediately adjusted and came close to him, while he carried my hand and placed my hand on the top of his trouser. I felt a gigantic thing beneath his trouser, but I was afraid to ask him what was there. At a point, it was like the thing there was nodding its head up and down. My hand remained there, till he was forced to ask me.

“Do you feel anything?”

I nodded my head slowly.

“Would you love to see it?” He asked. At this stage, I was confused on whether to see the new animal that resides there or not. I nodded my head both positively and negatively.

“Alright my love, I will show you” He dipped his hand inside and behold…

To Be Continued…


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