Memoir Of A Sex Slave [Hustle for Survival]

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Mum was struggling with the big man and she was running round the room.

“I paid you to enter from behind, why running?” He barked as he seized her by the neck.

“Please” mum continued begged.

He forcefully took her by the waist and landed her on the bed. He placed his knee on her back leg and pressed her to the bed using his hand.  Mum continued to struggle; he raised up her skirt, but couldn’t figure a way to remove her pants. Just as he tried to remove the pant, mum freed herself and they were back to the first stage of the struggle. I could see his face, the way he had become so angry. He finally grabbed her again; this time, he landed her a heavy blow to her chin. Down the bed Mummy went and couldn’t fight back again. He turned her and forcefully tore her pant away from her waist before he flung it away. He went off the bed and unbuckled his belt, before pulling down his trouser. He turned and faced my direction, and behold I saw a mighty snake between his legs.

I moved back at the sight of what I saw. “What’s that?” I asked myself. He collected a little piece of saliva and applied on the long thing between his waist. He then moved towards Mum, and made her face downwards. He collected saliva from his mouth and applied it in between Mum bum. He spread her bu*m bu*m and poured another saliva directly from his mouth. He bent low and used his tongue to lick in between the Bu*m Bu*m.

I was shocked that Mummy wasn’t even reacting at all. She was there laying like someone who was dead. Tears flowed my eyes at the sight of Mum lying without moving her body on the bed. He finally brought out his long rope between his legs, used one of his hands to open mummy’s Bu*m before putting the rope inside. As soon as he put it, mum shook herself a little bit, that was when I knew that she was still alive.

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He continued to go in and out of mum bu*m bu*m and mummy was shaking very well on the bed. He held her hair and slapped her butto*cks very hard that her fair bu*m bu*m was now becoming very red. As he continued, mummy started to get herself back. At a point, she started crying.

“My ass oooooo” Was the word she was given out.

“Please James, how can I go to the toilet again” Mum kept on shouting very hard and crying. He bent down low and grabbed her neck, as he continued to slam into mummy very hard.

“James, I want to shiit oooo…” Mummy yelled

“Shit is coming out ooooo”

“Shit it here,” The man said as he continued to do what he was doing. It wasn’t long, the man ran out of the bed as Mum released shit from her Bu*m Bu*m.

“Jeeezzzz” the man shouted as he removed his rope from her bu*m bu*m and ran out of the bed. The place where mummy was lying was covered with red shitt all over.

“Hmmmmmm” the man hummed and covered his nose. He quickly went to the place he kept his shirt and trouser and wore it back immediately. He brought out something that looked like a 500 Naira note and kept it on the floor. He was coming towards the door, so I ran away but went to sit at the chair in the palor. He bounced out of the room with his hands still in his nose. As soon as he got to the parlor, he saw he sitting and reading a children’s book I had left there before. He stared at me for a while; he wanted to leave, but changed his mind. He came back, grabbed my left hand and dragged me to the room where mummy was already up and was trying to clean herself up.

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“James please leave my only daughter” She said with anger as she rushed towards him and tried to take me away from her his hand. Just a little push from him sent mom down to the floor.

“You see your Mama, she is a big time lovepeddler. Don’t be like her when you grow up. Else, men would fvck your ass like I did to her, and pay you just a little money to maintain the damaged ass” He said as he looked into my face.

Mum was still on the floor sobbing with her hand over her face. He finally pushed me towards her and bagged the door on the both of us. The smell of poo filled the room and it was the one mummy left on the bed.

“Go to the parlor and wait for me, I will meet you,” She said with anger; I waited for a little to know if she is okay, and the next thing that landed on my face was a heavy slap. I held onto my face and cried out with a loud voice as I quickly ran out of the room and left for the parlor.

I was confused and didn’t even know what to do. I was even tired of crying. I couldn’t cry out loud because it would be another beating for me if mummy heard me cry so much. I picked up my book of bible stories and started to read some of the stories in it.

“Allow the little ones to come to me” that was one of the inscriptions that caught my eyes. I read how he loved little children and how much they meant to him. Just while I was ruminating over this, I saw Mom pack the bed sheet and was moving outside. I later heard the door of the bathroom opening, and I knew she went to the bathroom. After a while, I heard a certain kind of rush. Mom quickly ran to the parlor breathing very hard.

To be Continued…


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