Memoir Of A Sex Slave [Hustle for Survival]

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I have learned how to live without the consolation of tears and with my small bible in my hands, I always believe that Jesus is always with me. Don’t worry about me, I am 7years going to 8years and I am in primary three. My age mates were already in primary 4 and 5 but I couldn’t be with them because I didn’t start school on time.


“Why do you like sleeping in school” My teacher keeps asking me. I don’t always know the reply to give to her and I always stare at her.


“You are brilliant dear” she would say “But you have to tell your parents to help you at home.” She would say. “Can I tell my parent to help me in the assignment?” I asked Aunty Chizoba


“Yes,” She was her answer “Tell your daddy to help you if your mummy is always busy.  I have never seen my father’s face and the last time I asked mummy about my father, I got a serious beating that night. I have seen how other people’s daddy use to pamper them when they are hungry, but I don’t have one and I don’t know how he looks like.


Aunty Chizoba won’t understand if I tell her I don’t have a daddy. She will probably ask me if I fell from the sky and when she asks mummy, I will be beaten again.


Everywhere was lonely and dark just the little glow from the lamp kept me company. I try to remember what place we studied in the bible study, but I am so afraid and bring my pillow close to me and hold it tight close to me. I try to remember the good things of life and imagine how daddy’s face would look like.


I saw one man this morning at the shop, he gave me some sweets and he smiled at me so much.


“Are you my daddy?” I asked him


“Would you want me to be your daddy?” He asked me. I wish I said yes but it can’t be possible.


“You are a beautiful girl,” He said to me and rubbed my hair that was growing longer every day. Like mummy always asked me to do, I smiled and told him to thank you.

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I had nothing else to do, and I started crying. Mummy has left again and doesn’t care that I am at home with nobody to call a friend. I have nobody by my side just my pillow. I cry and keep crying till a noise wakes me up from my sleep. I quickly hide very well but notice that the shout was coming from mummy’s room.


“Oh god… don’t stop. I love you, baby… come on” Those words were coming out from mummy’s mouth as I placed my ear on the door off her room.


“Don’t stop?”  I repeated the words to myself again. I really have no idea what was going on, and I simply went back to my bed and hope to continue my sleep.

I am up that morning and when mummy finally opens the door, it was brother Olu. I kept looking at him like he was owing me money and he quickly rushed and carried me up the sky


He kept staring at me and looked at mummy with a smile as he brought me down “This your child will be eh…” He tried saying before mummy cut him short “No spoil my little child’s mind please” with a smile on her face, she said that. He tickled my chest and I went back to my room to continue with the nothing I was doing.


While I lay on my bed; the words “don’t stop’ kept repeating itself in my mind. For some reason, I couldn’t get it off my mind. Vaguely a picture was forming in my mind. What was going on between Uncle Olu and my mother?  Was it still the same thing happening between her and other men that always visited?

*************Few Hours Later**************


I woke up to the sound of shattering glasses. Drowsily I jumped down from my bed with my senses alert. With a great fear, I tiptoed towards the direction of the sound. I could still hear the sound of furniture hitting the walls; it was coming from my mom’s room.

“Harder…… harder…” I heard my mom screaming chokingly. “Fuck me harder …” she cried.

I wanted to walk away back to my room but my legs got glued with my ears stuck to the door. A heavy fast paced masculine breathing was coinciding with my mom’s screams.

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“Oh!… you are a sweet bitch.” Came the masculine baritone with a loud sound of a spank which repeated successfully. I could hear my mom’s sharp breath of pains which didn’t deter her from screaming or the man from brooding.

As I stood there with images flashing through my mind; I wondered who it was this time.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the cry of pain from my mother.

“My hair….. it’s painful.” She cried.

“Shut up bitch… I am paying you for the pain.” Followed the masculine baritone.

I heard scuffles which were followed my an angry tone from the man.

“Come back here I am yet to cum.” He barked.

“You are wounding my hair.” Came my mum’s reply.

“But I am paying you handsomely for it.”

“Doesn’t mean you should kill me.”

“Alright, I will go gently. Promise,” he said with a much calmer tone.

The room became quiet for a while before the sound of hitting fleshes “kpa kpa kpa” suddenly replaced it. Before I could take few steps away from the door; their moans were once again resounding through the whole house.

I hadn’t eaten for a while, and why I was restless was because of the fact that I was becoming hungry. Mum had told me never to come into the room anytime any of our uncles came around. I sat down there hungry and dejected. All of a sudden, I heard a loud cry and I knew it was Mum’s voice. I thought it was the former kind of shouting, till I heard Mum shouting for help. I stood up immediately and walked towards the door, but as soon as I got there the door was getting shut and locked.

I paused and the next thing I heard was a loud bang and Mum’s shout. I started to hit the door to know exactly what was happening. The cries coming from inside was becoming much. I continued to search around to know if I could have a glimpse of what was happening inside. I continued to search but nothing was found. I heard a big bang on the wall. I shivered immediately and jerked backward. I continued my search faster and luck smiled on me as I found a tiny hole which allowed me to see what was happening inside.

“Jesus” I shouted at the sight of what was happening!!

To Be Continued!!


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