Memoir Of A Sex Slave [Hustle for Survival]

************Few Years Back***************************

Sex!!! That is something that every man cherishes. The fastest way to a man heart is just to give him good sex. Have you ever seen the faces of men whenever they wana cum? Give a man a good pvssy and watch him forget the day they gave birth to him. I have discovered exactly how to manipulate men to do my bidding. I achieve this by giving them what they love most. I won’t deny it; I just can do without it right now. Any passing second without feeling a male rod pass through my hole, I feel so incomplete.

I am not an addict; I just love it as much as men do. Believe me that I can kill just to have a man strike his rod inside my always horny hole. It may sound weird, but I wish you can feel what I feel. I know you are about to judge me because of whom I am. But I have something to share with you. By the way, my name is Tessy and I am the girl her pvssy was about to be ripped open by some hungry sexual he-goats. Sometimes I am ashamed to tell my story, but I just have to do this. Life is meant for those who are strong enough to bear all the things it throws at us. I have been through hell, I have had fun, and I have been to heaven equally. I know what they all taste like and I know where I want to belong.

I know how it is like growing up without a father. I grew up without seeing any male figure in our house, apart from some people mummy called our uncles. I wonder what type of uncle would leave his house in the night and come to our own house to sleep. Do you know the worst part? Is that they will always wait until night before they start beating my mummy. Mummy keeps shouting all night and I can’t help her. Those uncles were always big and some of them always old with big bellies.

Sometimes I wished I would grow up so fast and become a big person. “I swear to God, I will kill all those men” I always say to myself. “Why should they keep making mummy cry at night, I don’ and in the morning they will give me some money,” I asked myself. Most times I don’t sleep at night because I believe mummy doesn’t deserve it. I try to reject the money, but mummy will still be smiling and telling me to collect the money from them.



“Why should someone make you shout at night, and you will still smile with them in the morning.” I kept asking this question that was never answered. I always don’t have a choice as I ended up collecting it and they will always peck me on my cheek. At a point, it became constant with one of them called Brother Olu. He will always beat mummy at night, in the morning he will carry me on his laps and something from his trouser will keep biting me between my legs. And a small thing, he will touch my chest and tickle me under my armpit. Mummy doesn’t care, so I believe it is a good thing.


“I hate the way these uncles come to our house and keep making my mummy cry at night,” I said to one of my friends who always come to our house to play.


“Tell her na” She replied with her eyes wide opened and mouth ajar. I quickly rubbed my hair because I knew that it wasn’t just possible. “If they keep beating her at night and she wakes up smiling with them, maybe she enjoys the beating” I always say to myself.


“Baby!” mummy yelled my name from the kitchen. I quickly ran like I was in a sprint competition and before few seconds, I was already in the kitchen. Don’t worry why I ran so fast. The other day, mummy gave me a serious warning and asked me to always answer her very fast. You see? I had to run so fast this time around.


“Help me go to that uncle’s house and tell him to give you the money that he owes me,” Mummy said, while attending to the pot on the fire. “If he gives you, use it and buy two Maggi and one pepper so that I can complete this food.

I shouted “Yes ma” while I was already half way closer to the uncle’s house. Just then I remembered that I didn’t even ask about the uncle she was referring to. They were lots of uncles, and it keeps getting me confused about the particular one to meet anytime I was sent to an uncle’s house with explanations from mummy.


“Which of the uncle?” I said to mummy while bending down and panting heavily, I was almost short of air inside of me. I was expecting the usual shouting and slap, and mummy didn’t disappoint.

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“You are very silly,” Mummy said with a slap landing on my face and a heavy knock. Heaven knows it is a painful slap. I don’t know what I have done to deserve such a slap and knock on my head. I bent down and tears dripped out of my eyes as I cried in pains.


“But I didn’t know the uncle you were referring to mummy,” I said with tears in my eyes. If I know, I wouldn’t ask.” I said as I forced myself to stop the cry. The memories I have had about the constant beating was so much for me to bear.


Mummy quickly raised up her face,  and dragged my head up “How many uncle comes…” she paused in between and like something struck her memory, she quickly became a little bit sorry. “So why didn’t you ask before you ran away? Is that how I taught you?” She asked with a feeling of anger mixed with apology.


“Now go to the uncle that stays beside the blue container. The one that the wife is working in a hospital” She said while she continued with what she was doing.


“You mean Uncle Mike?” I asked and relax for a response from mummy. Mummy quickly stretched her hand but fortunately she was quite far from my face “Don’t let me slap you again. Idiot!” She yelled as I dashed off immediately and ran straight to Uncle Mike’s house.


It was a big compound with about two cars parked inside. A well-trimmed compound with beautiful flowers all over the place, I have never seen such a beautiful place before.


“Wow” I repeated inside of me. They had no gateman, so there was no much questioning outside before I entered the compound. I walked around like someone who lost bearing and was wandering aimlessly.


“Hey” The voice called out from nowhere. I quickly searched around in quick succession, looking for the unknown voice and where it came out from.


“Look at the window again” The voice shouted. I looked at the first window but ended up seeing my reflection. I continued till a man came outside through the front door.


“What and who are you looking for” He asked as he kept coming forward. I was becoming scared and was moving backwards a little bit. I thought he didn’t notice and I kept moving back.


“Why are you running? Are you afraid?”

“Please….!!!” I screamed!!

To Be Continued!!


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