Memoir of a Sex Slave

The day uncle tony picked me up in his car was a changing point in my life. Thinking back about it now the man had been an opportunistic predator.

Uncle Tony saw me on the road I was limping’

‘Tessy what happened to you?’ he asked as I got closer to the car.

He slowed down and his car came to a stop.

I limped slowly to the driver’s side.

He looked at my face.

‘Tessy what happened to your face’?

The concern coming from his voice finished me I started crying, silently as tears washed down my cheeks.

It was still raining, he must have suddenly realised and he said ‘go round and get in the car Tessy’

I walked round to the passenger door and I got into his car

‘you look sad Tessy what is wrong with you’

‘how did you get that mark on your face and why are you limping’

‘My mum is angry with me because she thinks you like me’ I said, as I sat in the passenger seat.

I didn’t realise how I looked in my damp clothes.

Uncle Tony kept on staring down at me I thought it was fatherly concern.

‘uncle, mummy came in and beat me the morning you left.’ I said as I wiped my eyes.

she said I am ashewo’

What does that mean uncle’

He paused for a bit and started the car again and concentrated on his driving.

‘it is nothing for you to worry about, let me take you to my place and I will see what I can do about those marks on you face’ he said.

‘I will check to see if you need to go to the doctor for that limp’

I felt so happy at that moment Uncle Tony would help me I would be ok.

Uncle tony lived in a quiet area, the houses were nice and I had not been around that part of town before.

‘Where is your mum I will try and go and talk to her’ he said as he slowed down the car.

Naively I responded, ‘she goes to church every Friday and does not come back till Saturday morning’

‘She did not even leave any food for me’ I cried into my handkerchief. I was sad hungry in a lot of pain and my clothes and shoes were wet and soggy.

‘don’t worry I will feed you and I will go and talk to your Mum later.’

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I winced as I tried to get out of the car, he noticed that I was in a lot of pain.

His place was very quiet it seemed like Uncle Tony lived in the bungalow alone.

We went into his place and he locked the door behind us, I felt safe and wanted. Uncle Tony told me to sit in a chair in the living room and he came back with a large soft towel.

It smelt clean and felt soft,

‘take your clothes off Tessy and give them to me I will dry them for you so that they are dry when I drop you off at home later.

I took off my clothes and wrapped my self in the towel and went to sit on the chair.

Sit on the sofa and I will make you some milo that will make you feel better’

A few minutes later he came back with the warm milo and sat next to me on the sofa.

He had changed out of his clothes and he was wearing a white t shirt and shorts, it was a hot day and the air conditioner was not on in his house.

I took a sip of the milo and I felt hot.

‘put the cup down and let me look at your face’ he said

I placed my cup on the stool next to the sofa, he moved in a bit closer to me.

He touched my chin and pulled my face up to him.

He looked at my face and put some ointment on the scars that were forming on my face.

I noticed that he was breathing deeply, I thought it was concern for what he was seeing.

‘let me see the leg you are limping on?

I pulled the towel aside a bit to show him my leg.

There were raised red marks on it from where my mum had used the cane on me.

My mum had laid the marks on the upper part of my thigh. So I had to pull the towel high on my thigh to show him the marks.

Just touching the welts made me wince.

He pulled the leg closer to him and started rubbing it with the ointment he put on my face.

‘I am sorry to see this Tessy’ he said as he rubbed the ointment, as his hands went up my leg towards where most of the welts were on my upper thigh.

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‘I will speak to your Mum, she must not beat you like this again’

‘next time I will not let your mum know how much I like you’ he said.

‘lie down on the sofa Tessy’

‘ I will help you with the pain.’

I trusted Uncle Tony I was not expecting anything strange from him.

The ointment he had out on my face and thighs made me feel soothed and relaxed.

I laid down on the sofa and he moved in closed, he moved the towel away from my legs.

My pee was exposed, I suddenly realised that I should not be showing my pee pee to him.

He put a hand on my chest.

‘relax Tessy, I promise I won’t hurt you’

‘you will like what I am going to do’

‘you will like it a lot and it will take the pain away’

He put his head between my legs and put his mouth on my pee pee.

Soon I felt like there was firing burning in my pee pee , my body felt strange. He kept his mouth on my pee pee and soon after I had the most intense feeling of my life wash over me.

It was like happiness washed over me, I did not understand what uncle had done. It felt so hard to explain. The pain on my face and my leg were forgotten.

I wanted to hold on to that felling of happiness uncle had given me, it was a feeling I was going to crave all my life.

It was the start of the addiction that would rule my life forever!!


“What did you just say Tessy??” Mum yelled!!!

“Oh My Jesus!!”

To Be Continued!!

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  2. Top writers den …just came across this and i love it…hope to get more interesting articles/stories like Memoir of a sex slave..kudos to the writer

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