Memoir Of A Sex Slave [Hustle for Survival]

“Don’t be a pvssy and run as fast as you can”. I doubled my speed and finally approached him and behold… with my mouth wide open

“Oh my…” I screamed out loudly.

“Hey pvsssy” My father called at me with a smile and asked “You like what you see?”

“What?” I asked looking around like I lost some dollar amount on the floor. “Come closer” he signaled at me with his fingers. The short distance between where I stood and where he was standing, was like the length of river Nile as I gently walked towards where he stood.

“Turn around,” he said as he turned the girl he was with around. “You see this round place” He asked as he pointed to her backside “This is what makes me happy all the time.”

“I would have loved to allow you touch it, but you won’t until you promise to be a good boy”. I stood there, practically looking lost. I felt my diccck pushing up slightly through my short. I was looking for a way to help push it down, so that the monster called dad won’t know what was happening to me.

“Oh shhiit” Dad screamed as he looked downwards towards my shorts. He quickly shifted the gaze of the girl towards my direction too. She quickly placed her hand on her mouth out of surprise.

“You see that?”

She nodded her head positively. Dad immediately slapped her assss hard and voiced “you see what your damn pvssy is causing?” She immediately busted into laughter. I really felt bad and I quickly decided to run back to my room. I flashed my eyes in anger, and quickly turned around and zoomed off to my room. I was just half-way the road, when dad called out my name again.

“Am I through with you yet?” He shouted

“Come back here you piece of shitt”

I paused immediately and walked down slowly to where I was coming from. I got to his destination and stood angry in front of him.

“What is wrong with you pvssy?”

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“Nothing” I replied

He quickly grabbed me by the hands and grabbed the girl by the other hand and we were headed to the living room. We got to the living room and he pushed me as hard as he could till I fell to the floor. He then gently positioned the girl and gently sat her on the couch. He undressed her upper body gently, while I watched and breath hard at the same time. I never really had an idea what was going on, but I could feel the sensation right all over me. I have always fantasized about the woman body; even when we were taught in school, I wondered what it actually looked like. I guess you might probably be wondering how old I was then, I was about 12/13 years of age.

I could feel my urine pipe becoming so hard. Daddy was slowly rubbing his fingers through the middle of her bweasts. She closed her eyes as she smiled in a very cool way. Dad then slipped his hands under her brazier and pushed up the brazier up.

“ahhhh” She cried out as dad touched the black pointed dot on her bweast. She slowly stood up and went straight for daddy’s shirt. She slowly removed it and started to touch the hair on dad’s chest. I crossed my legs and watch in anticipation what was happening live in front of me.

She rubbed the chest so much, and started to move her hands downwards towards his belt. She had almost unzipped it, when dad quickly jerked towards her and removed her hand. She turned her towards me and spread her legs wide apart right in front of me. I could see her wearing a pink pant. It was a transparent one, and I could see those hairs that formed a V-shaped right between her thing.

I lost consciousness and I could feel my hand moving towards my waist and finally to my thing. I started to move my body vigorously and shake my waist too. I guess he saw the way I was reacting and continued diligently with what he was doing. He slid his finger between her pant and shifted it to the left side. He then used the other hand to shift out the flesh blocking the hairs I could see. As soon as he opened it, I saw a reddish flesh right inside and he bent down and used his tongue to lick through it.

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The girl immediately jerked backward and held onto my dad’s head as she pushed his head further inside the hole. My urine pipe had gotten so hard that it was already paining me. I quickly stood up, and ran with full speed, towards the house exit door. I continued running till I got outside the house, that was when I paused and relaxed a bit.

I tip-toed towards the window of the living room and heard laughter inside there.

“Pvssy ass niggur ran away”

“You would have allowed him eat my pvssy too. Stingy fvcker”

“You want my boy to start eating pvssy at his age? What is he gonna be eating when he gets to my age?”

Laughter filled the room again.

“Have I eaten your assss today?”

“hahahahaha” I heard a feminine laughter

“You almost ate up everything yesterday”

“I need you diiccck inside baby, not your fingers” the feminine voice screamed”

“What’d the doctor say about your assss, they are still gonna sow it back?”

“He said I gat to wear more pampers in a day. I can no longer hold some fvcking shit inside my body”

“You just gotta go for surgery, your asss so wide right now I don’t enjoy any goodamn feeling again”

“I’m gonna try”

I slowly climbed up the foothold I saw very close to the living room window to see exactly what was happening right inside the parlor. I saw dad use his hand and expand it so wide.

“What?” I asked with my mouth ajar.

To Be Continued…
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