Memoir Of A Sex Slave [Hustle for Survival]

Chapter 11 by lleigh

Things changed drastically with my Mum after the episode with Uncle Tony.

When Uncle Tony left our house that night I could hear my Mum crying in her room. I really wanted to go in her room and ask her what was wrong, but I did not go into her room as I did not want to upset her. Plus I did not want her to think that I had not been in my room, knowing my Mum she could lash out at me and ask how come I heard her crying.

I could just imagine her face asking me that question.

I had a feeling that she was angry with me, I did not know why but I just knew she was angry at me.

Instead of going to her, I decided to leave her alone, I just thought that leaving her alone would be the best thing to do. Two Uncle’s had hurt her in one day.

Why had they done that to her.  I thought Uncle Tony was nice.

I went to bed that night on that thought, hoping that I would try and make my Mum happy in the morning.

I was in the middle of a dream where my Mum and I were making sweets and tasting them to see if they were sweet enough when I a sharp pain, the pain was so intense it shattered the dream I had been in.

I moved around on my bed and I woke up to intense pain coming from my face and my neck.

I opened my eyes and saw my Mum with a stick in her hand, instinct made me scramble out of the bed and run to the far corner of the room.

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I wasn’t fast enough, I heard the whoosh of the koboko, as it on my legs.

I ran to the corner and covered my head with my arms as she rained down the stick on me.

I got the beating of my life, it was like she had kept all the rage that she had kept at bay the night before, for the morning and me.

She kept on flogging me.

‘Mummy please I am sorry.’ I cried.

‘Mummy, please o.’

‘Mummy please what have I done?’  I said, as I cried loudly.

‘Mummy please I am sorry.’ As I tried to run away from her.

She did not respond, she moved closer to me.

‘You think you are a big girl abi?’ she asked me.

‘No Mummy, I am not a big girl.’ I cried loudly, as I tried to cope with the pain.

‘You’re answering me abi.’ She said, as she breathed heavily in front of me.

‘If you make any noise you will be in even more trouble’

‘Ashewo oshi,’ she called me.

‘Omo jati jati.’

‘Useless girl.’ She screamed at me as she kept on flogging me.

I wet myself that morning, as I could not cry for help from our neighbours.

I could not go to school that day. I don’t know if she knew or cared as she left home that morning after she had used the stick on me.

That morning I really did wish I had a father as I was in so much pain and I did not know what I had done wrong.

After the beating that morning, any small thing I did wrong in the house she would rain down abuse on me all that I heard from her was

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‘You want to become ashewo.’

I never knew what that meant, but all I knew was that I tried to avoid my mum as much as possible.

A few days later it was raining and I was walking back in the rain and a car beeped at me.

The day was Friday, it was Friday when she said she goes to church and she never comes back till Saturday afternoon.

I was still limping from the beating my Mum had given me, when people asked me I had said I fell over going over a ditch.

I turned round to see who was in the car, it was Uncle Tony.

He was alone in his car.


‘Good afternoon Uncle.’ I said.

‘Get in are you ok?’ he said, as he pointed to the passenger door.

I got into the car and he kept on driving.



I don’t know what happened I broke down and cried and told him my mum beat me and I was in a lot of pain. He took me back to his hose and said he would help soothe the cane marks . We went to his house and he had some ointment he said he would put on the marks he told me to take my clothes off which I did.

He did something to me that gave me the most intense feeling of my life, that feeling always lasted till I went back to see him. I always wanted more. To Be Continued…

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