Memoir Of A Sex Slave [Hustle for Survival]

Written By Umunna (BUSH)

Just then I discovered that there was actually a tunnel in the room where Fernando was actually hiding. I was among those that dug the tunnel, but I wondered why I hadn’t remembered it. I felt someone touch me from behind, I turned around swiftly only to discover it was Tessy.

“We have to move” I said to her

“So what happens to these men?” She said with her eyes pleading for mercy on their behalf.

“Hey listen” I said as I held onto her right shoulder with her right hand. “They have sinned against God, and man; they should be judged accordingly”. She wanted to prolong the discussion, as I quickly cut her short before heading to the kitchen that was situated in the house. I searched around the kitchen, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I moved out to the backyard, and continued the search. Then I remembered and just like flash, I moved swiftly back to the parlour.

I saw Tessy trying to untie one of the guys whose name was Rodrigo. I quickly pulled out my revolver, and in a matter of seconds went the sound of my little iron


Tessy was stained with blood and some flesh particles that was forced out of his brain. She stood there standing still in shock. Her mouth was agape; she didn’t believe what had just played out.

“You are next in line if you mess with me.” I said, pointing the gun at her forehead. She looked frozen as she continued to stare at me with her white little eyes.

“This is Italy, not your smelly black country in Africa. If you don’t do as I say, I will kill you alongside all of them.” I pulled the gun down at her, and I heard her exhale deeply. I guess she must have been so terrified.

“Remain here and don’t do anything stupid”

I quickly rushed off to the backyard again. I saw the old generation car that was parked there. I opened up its rear and in a corner of the boot I saw a gallon. I pulled it out and bent down and opened it to perceive what was actually inside it. It was exactly what I needed. I carried it along inside, and I took my time to pour it round the parlour and inside the house where I could reach. I saw the faces of my amigos, the way they stared at me with their mouths all tied up. Tears were dripping down from the eyes of some of them; I had no option but to do this.

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“Let’s go” I said to Tessy while dragging her along as I moved out of the house.

“Erovoir” I whispered as I flung the lighter straight through the window of the parlour to the sitting room itself.

“Whoovmmm” went the sound; as the combustible liquid I had poured all over the place reacted with the little flame of fire that I sent alongside it. It smelt like hell fire, and I quickly ignited the bike that was parked outside, and off we went with a loud zooooooomm!!

We were after someone, and I knew the only place he would be at that point in time. This is a fight I must finish; in this game, you will never know the outcome.

I saw the fire response team, blazing through the road as I was on the opposite direction.

“What next?” A voice asked from behind me.

“To get rid of the devil himself” I responded as I looked back into her eyes to admire her dark and lovely face. I had barely the admiration when I felt a ….



*****Few years Back******

I know what is feels like growing up with a father; but when I hear about women and mothers, I wonder what their duty was in every home, if not to get Fvcked till they are pregnant. My dad was the most “supportive” father ever in the world.

Few years ago, I was enrolled in an elementary school in the streets of Madrid. He would wake me up very early in the morning, so as to enable me catch to the school bus when the Bus master comes calling. I had several friends at school, but I wasn’t good at communicating with friends so much. Once we were dismissed from school, the school bus would drop me off right there at home. I would wait till Dad came back late at night, before I would taste anything called food.

“Who’s at home?” My father would shout like he never expected to see anyone at home. I was always in my room, playing some little game with my Game Box.

“You there?” He would shout out at me.

“Yes Pa” I shouted back. He would never asked if I had eaten, and it became a serious issue after I was diagnosed of ulcer.

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“I have to bring in someone to help us right here at home. What do you think boy?”

“Another guy?” I asked surprised

“No, are you gay?” My dad asked as he spanked my bumbum.

“What is ga.y?”

“Pull your short” He ordered. I obeyed immediately and pulled it down. He used his finger to drag the rope between my legs a little bit.


“You see this?”

I nodded my head in affirmation

“It is supposed to enter a warm, wet, and tight hole called pvssy”


“I will show you one of these days” He said tapping my head.

“So what about the ga.y?”

“Ga.y is when it leaves that precious hole and enters into another man’s hole; that is when you become a god forsaken gayyot.”

It sounded confusing, but I assumed I understood.

“Very soon, you are gonna start fvcking boy. I want you to be the best at it.” He said to me with a smile. I squeezed my face in confusion, but I wasn’t prepared to ask further questions. These days, Dad had been filling my ears with words like pvssy, ass, diccck, and blooow-jo0b. I wondered what all those things were inside my heart, but deep down I knew it was something bad.

“As for the helper around the house, you will see her tonight.” He said as he stepped some few meters away, and came back to me. He dropped me some money notes on the floor and I bent down to pick it.

“Make sure you don’t buy condoms, I have a lot at home” He said with disjointed grammar, and cleaned off his nose as a result of the droppings that were coming out of his nose, before he now left.

Towards evening, I was upstairs playing my games all alone when I heard his voice again. I dropped my pad on the floor out of frustration and went straight to meet him without being called. Well I knew I would still be called. I had barely gone out of the room, when he finally called out my name.

“I am already there” I echoed

“Don’t be a pvssy and run as fast as you can”. I doubled my speed and finally approached him and behold… with my mouth wide open

“Oh my…” I screamed out loudly.

To Be Continued!!!
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