Memoir Of A Sex Slave [Hustle for Survival]

Episode 10 by Lani

I just saw Uncle Kiss my mummy after he told me that he was won’t do it to any other person. “So people can’t keep to their words?” I asked myself…

I had been very upset when my Mum had screamed at me, why was she so angry at me for letting the Uncle in. I had been lucky with him he had given me sweets and I was hoping to share them with my Mum later that evening, I was hoping that they would cheer her up too, my Mum liked sweets as well.

She used to buy me a lot of sweets, them she stopped. It had made me very sad.

My intention had been to go back and apologise to my Mum I knew she was still in a lot pain from what the other Uncle had done to her. I did not want to cause her any more upset.

I was still unsure why had the other Uncle had hurt her, I wondered. Especially when she had been complaining about her poo. I was confused and sad.

I turned back from walking to my room to say sorry to my Mum, instead I saw Uncle Tony grab her by the arm forcefully. I saw the look of pain on my Mum. I don’t know if the Uncle saw the look of pain on my Mum’s face.

It was like he did not care?  Was this the same Uncle that had been so nice to me earlier? Why was he being horrible to my Mum?

I heard him say to my Mum.

‘As I said Bose, I am not going home today without cuming.’ His voice did not sound kind to my ears.

‘Now get on your knees and look after this.’ I heard the Uncle say.

‘Tessy has been very accommodating, you have taught her well’

‘Like Mother like daughter.’

I heard my mother sobbing, ‘Tony I am tired, please can we do it another day?’

I heard my Mum beg the Uncle.

I did not understand what they were talking about, so I decided to tip toe back to the wall in the hallway. Where I could see them and hear them; but my mom, if she looked back, would not be able to see me.

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‘Do you want me to call Tessy?’ The Uncle asked my Mum

‘Please Tony, I beg you please leave her alone she is a child.’

‘I will do what you want just please leave her alone.’ I heard my Mum beg Uncle Tony.

The Uncle then said, ‘I saw that other man leave your house not so long ago. How come he can have you and I can’t.’

‘Now get here and look after this, if you misbehave. I don’t need to tell you what will happen.’

I was confused as to what the Uncle was talking about.

What did he need looking after?

‘Because you were being selfish and not living up to your side of the agreement that you made to me earlier. We will do our business here in the living room that will show you, not to deny me what you promised and raised my expectations for. You B!tch.’

I saw my Mother look back, to see if I was near. I shrank back into the wall so that she would not see me. I wanted to see what business they were going to do.

Was Uncle a seller of sweets? Maybe my Mum could buy some off him and start a sweet business at home I thought. Then the Uncle that made her cry would not come back.

That wasn’t good he had called her B!tch instead of Bose. I felt sorry for my Mum at that minute.

I decided to move a bit so that I could see what business the Uncle wanted to give my Mother.

I saw him pull out his wee wee and put it in my Mum’s mouth.

I was shocked. Why was my Mum having the man’s wee wee in her mouth.

I remembered the other uncle who made her poo herself he had a snake in his trousers, at least Uncle Tony did not have one.

I watched in wonder and a strange kind of feeling of not liking what the uncle was doing washed over me.

He pulled his wee wee out from my Mum’s and ‘Jesus’ a snake had appeared.

It was huge, where had it come from?

Was that what the Uncle had wanted to show me earlier when he put his hand in his trousers?

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He took the snake and slapped my Mum’s face with it.

The snake was nodding up and down, as he shoved it into my Mum’s mouth.

I covered my mouth in shock, how could that thing fit into my Mum’s mouth?

Jesus, I whispered to myself.

He pulled her hair so that her face was looking up at him

‘SVck it well you B!tch.’

This time he slapped her face with his hand, I was angry.

Why was the Uncle doing this.

My mum was crying I could see tears running down her face.

‘Tessy is so much more accommodating than you Bose.’ I heard him say.

What did that mean I thought to myself?

Please stop hurting my Mum, I prayed silently in the corner I was hiding.

He pulled the snake out of my Mum’s mouth and pushed her onto the floor.

‘I think I should treat you just like the ashawo you are and take you here on the floor.’

‘Please Tony,’ my Mother begged, ‘Let us go to my room.’

He pushed her harder onto the floor and ripped the dress she was wearing. She only had a pant on she was not wearing a bra.

‘I know you like it rough Bose, you will scream for me well well tonight as I fuck you hard’

‘you will scream and tell me how much you want me baby while I am Fvcking you and I thinking that it is Tessy I am FVcking instead of your loose ass.’

I heard my Mum sob as the Uncle ripped her pant and put the long thing between his waist  inside my Mum.

I did not know what the Uncle was talking about, but it made me feel nice that the Uncle wanted to think of me.

I don’t know how it happened I must have moved or gasped, but the next thing I knew I saw the Uncle look in my direction as her pulled his snake out of my mum and blew me a kiss.

It was long, very black, with veins all over it, and I wonder what creature was that.

I suddenly felt something tickle me between my legs. What was I feeling?

To Be Continued….


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