Memoir Of A Sex Slave [Hustle for Survival]

Episode 9 done by Mike Bush

****present time in Southern Milan Italy***

“Arrrggghhh” the guy with his rod inside of tessy shouted. I saw how he immediately held his chest as blood dripped, but his rod was still inside of her.  He staggered for a while, before pulling out from her and fell to the floor . I saw how some of the guys rushed towards him, only to discover that he had been shot directly through his heart. The looked at each other in confusion; the guy beside me saw me do it, so I had to surrender him immediately by holding on to his neck and I pointed the rest to the guys. They shifted back immediately out of fear

“Sdraiarsi (Lie down)”  I ordered all of them in a low voice. I moved back as much as I could to make sure I had a clear view of any move  the men might make. This was a dangerous game I was about to play, and I knew the risks associated with it.

“Lie down!!!” I yelled to the rest of them who were reluctant to obey the instruction. I rotated my pistol a little bit before firing silently into the direction of one of the men who had felt that he was above my order. He was caught by a bullet to his knee cap, he fell to the floor and he let out a loud cry.

“Vuoi morire a causa della donna? (You want to die because of a woman)?” One of the men asked. I immediately pulled the trigger at the man who made the statement and it was all over as his blood beautified a portion of the house that wasn’t even painted.

“Chi altro vuole morire?” (Who else wants to die?) I asked.  Every single one of them was frightened as they ran behind each other for cover.  I continued to point the gun at them to make sure that they obeyed every single instruction I gave out. Just inside the room, I could see movement.  I quickly acted like I saw nothing. I was here for just one person and that was the guy behind the door of the other room. He was the same guy that was closing up on me, thinking I had no idea about his movements.

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“Hey stand up” I commanded one of the men. He quickly obeyed, with his dicckk dangling right in front of him. It had become so flaccid that you would wonder if a naked girl wasn’t in the room at all.

“Where is the key?” I asked him. He continued to stare at me. I guess they had a code of conduct not to speak up about issues like this.

“Who has the goddamn key to the lock?” I asked. Everyone was so quiet like a graveyard. I needed to show them that I wasn’t here for some showbiz. I slowly raised my rifle up to the forehead of the guy standing right in front of me. We maintained eye contact, before I released a bullet to the head of the guy lying right beside him. His blood splattered over him; he closed his eyes to avoid it splashing right into his eyes.

“Continuerò a uccidere tutti fino a quando riceverò una risposta” (I will keep killing all of you till I get my answer). I said to them. Their fears kept growing you could see it in their faces; I knew the one who was with the key, and it was the guy standing right in front of me. He was the second-in-command to Fernando. I had seen Fernando hand him over the key before he went right inside the other room.

“Should I ask you again?” I asked him. He kept mute and didn’t even blink an eye. I pointed the gun to another guy on the ground.

“I will shoot in 5 secs” I said to him. We maintained eye contact as I counted the numbers slowly in front of him.


I released another bullet right inside the body of the other unfortunate guy who never even had a chance to taste the pudding of the young girl tied to the chair.

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“All I want is the key” I reminded him. It was going to be easy breaking him to comply.

“I give you another 5 secs, and I will pump another bullet into the head of another person here”

“5…4…3…2…1… ze…”

He immediately brought out the key with his face so filled with hate and rage, and placed it right in front of me.

“Good” I said to him, still holding on to the guy I used as my shield.

“Now take it and go unlock her” I commanded him. He continued to look at me in an obstinate way. I immediately pulled my trigger and blew off the head of the guy my bullet met. Out of about 10 men, they were about 5 or 6 in the room now.

“Will you go now?” I asked him “Or should I kill some more?” He turned back reluctantly and went straight to her direction. He reached her position and quietly unlocked the chain on her neck, legs and hands. She turned her neck and it was filled with bruises

“Over there you” I ordered the guy that just released her from her chains. He obeyed and went towards the direction I ordered him to.

“Bind them up” I ordered the girl. She took her time to call them together as they watched in disbelief the action that was being played out. She tied them together with the long chain and finally locked it up with the key. I quickly pushed the other guy I held on to like a shield and released multiple bullets at his back before he fell with a great thud to the ground with bullet holes over his body.

She went straight and got her clothes where they were kept, and she put them on.  I headed straight to the room where I knew Fernando was hiding. I crawled along the wall till I got to the Entrance at the door. I shifted the curtain a little bit and dived flashed the gun I was holding.

“fvck” I muttered with a low voice.

To be Continued…


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