Memoir Of A Sex Slave [Hustle for Survival]

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This story titled Memoir of a sex slave is based on real-life conditions and experience of people interviewed during the process of writing. The names, characters, and some part of the Incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author’s Imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.

The authors asserts the moral right to be identified as Authors of this work.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any written, electronic, recording, or photocopying without written permission of the publishers or authors. The exception would be in the case of brief quotations embodied in the critical articles or reviews and pages where permission is specifically granted by the publishers or authors.


Mike Bush and Lani Leigh



*****Inside a well-Lit Room in southern Millan, Italy********

… He held onto her boobs tightly and squeezed it so hard.

“Arrghhhh” She moaned lightly because her mouth was carefully covered with a plaster and a chain on her neck.

“You fvcking piece of shitt Nigerian girl think you can come to Italia and make money by grinding your piece of shiit pvssy around?” Fernando yelled as he poured saliva onto her face and gave her a dirty slap.

“Fvck you… you stupid sluut”

“You want money?” One of the guys asked in a mocking manner and he poured saliva on her face too. “You don’t just fvck for money, you work for your money,” He said as he slapped her boobs so hard.

“What do we do with her?” Fernando asked.

“Anybody want anal?” He asked the sex starved hungry looking guys in the room.

“Yeaaaaa” They all shouted!!

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“Facciamo questo ragazzi” (Let’s do this; guys) Fernando said with a mocking laughter.

Her neck was tied to the chair with a chain, and her hands also tied to the handle of a metallic chair there. The room was well lit, and a camera was placed. She looked so tired with her rough hair, and she was beginning to gasp for breath and strength. Her eyes were already dim with patches of blood on the corner of her left eye.

One of the men quietly went inside the room and brought out a tube. I later understood it was a lubricant. He pressed out some portion of it on his palm and went straight to where he was kneeling. He used his other finger to collect some portion and applied it right around her anal area.

“Essere bro veloce. I miei dolori del pene” (Be fast bro, my pennis aches already) One of the bald macho young men shouted. Everyone had a good laugh as they kept on stroking their rod vigorously.

He continued to apply the lubricant carefully, and at some point, he dipped his hand into the anal hole.

“HMMmarrggh” She moaned in pains as veins filled up her young and cute face. He was done applying the lubricant, before he smacked her backside with great force. He went to a corner of the room, and brought out a big and large stick that would act as a cane. He stroked the cane carefully before landing a heavy stroke on her backside. She screamed in pains as tears flowed down her eyes.

“Next time you know who you are fvcking with” Fernando yelled in English. “Go around Millan and ask about me, you fvcking daughter of a whore. I own you and there is nothing you can do about it.”

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She continued to scream as he landed another heavy stroke on her right bum. Her fair backside was already all shades of rlittle blood patchespatches on it. He increased the frequency and intensity of the strokes.

“Il suo cazzo a morte” (Make sure you fvck her till she dies) Fernando ordered as he went into the other room.

The first guy came from among the crowd with his cock neatly positioned and erect. He massaged the already glowing bum. He separated her bum from each other and inserted his finger into the average hole between her legs. She jerked forward with her legs widely apart as he removed his finger and carefully drove his dicck into her tiny pvssy hole. He slammed himself into her with vigor while he positioned himself like a horse on top of her.

He increased the tempo and kept slamming her like a basketballer would do in a match. He was about to cumm before a notice a sharp metallic object pierce through his heart.

Just then, …

To Be Continued…!!!

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