Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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“True what Ma”? I stood with my hand crossed in front…

“Don’t you know what you people were doing at the backyard”? She asked me

“Mummy sorry, he was the one that was disturbing me about it, so I just had to do it” Nonso said

My heart immediately entered my mouth as I heard that statement.

“So finally, it was game over” I thought to myself

“Don’t ever play and gist if I send you guys on a Message again” Mama Chioma said


“Gist” We chorused

“Yes” that was what Steph said both of you were doing when she came back to report

“Was Steph blind or she was covering up or she didn’t see anything” these entire questions filled my mind as I waggled my way back to the chair.

Meanwhile I already pass the Love note to her while we were kissing and I was fervently waiting for my response from her.

“What was that thing you and Nonso were doing” Steph queried when we got home

“We were gisting like you said before” I responded hastily

“Don’t sell me that nonsense story” She said

“You know I saw both of you, just that I didn’t want to tell mama nonso what I saw” She continued

“So just know that anytime you make me angry, I will just report back to mama nonso” She concluded.

“You know I don’t make you angry na” I replied with mixed emotions

“Oya give me 15 naira, let me buy Goody Goody sweet” She added

“I don’t have money now” I said back

“Maybe I will even go and report both of you…” She was saying

“Oya take”! I cut in

“Thank you” She added. “You are so nice” She concluded

Feeling very down of the scenario, I made way to the ground where other peeps were playing to pass out time.

Vacation is now around and the feeling of seeing all the big girls in the estate was getting to me big time, I couldn’t just wait to have new faces that would keep me happy. But I am forgetting something right now which is; the fear of having sex every night keeps hunting me because it has become an everyday business and I couldn’t tell anyone. I already blister round my pee pee and I was always looking slim despite being the highest eater of food in the house.

Few months later, the unimaginable happened. I was in the room playing my Sega game when I heard lots of shouts and quarrel in the parlor. I ran to peep and I saw mummy trying to fight with Aunty Stella while Daddy was holding her back and pleading with her to keep cool.

“What must have happened” I said to myself
I heard a loud voice, shouting my name from the parlor, I quickly ran back to the room to avoid answering from close range. After few calls,

“Ma” I replied and dashed off to the parlor.

“Have you seen any boy enter this house before”? Mummy asked me

“Noooo apart from me” I replied mama

“What appened” I asked innocently

“Aunty Uche is pregnant and I want to know who did it” Mummy said

Believe you me, I know what being pregnant is, but I don’t really know how people get pregnant. Talk more of even how children come out of a woman. Most times I always think they go to the toilet to poo the child out. Lol

“I don’t know how she became pregnant ooo” I replied mummy

“You can go back to the room” Mummy finally told me.

I wanted to continue peeping, but my legs could no longer carry my again, so I had to rush to the room and lay down on the bed. Aunty Uche didn’t sleep inside that night, guess she slept outside. I heard painful cries outside my window and bitter sobs. I felt so weak and lonely that night and at a point, I even cried bitterly alongside her that when I was asked why my eyes were swollen in the morning, I said something entered my eyes at Night.

The next day, Aunty Uche was sent packing down to wherever she came from and that changed a lot of things in my life. At first I thought that everything would be back to normal never knowing this was just the beginning of things to come!!

I am in Jss2 now and I am now a Big boy. I attend a Mixed school;and l always go alone these days because I and Steph have been seperated from each other. She is still in Primary 5, while I now row with the big guys.
Don’t worry about my Jss1 life, it was super boring. I was taken to a “Boys Boarding School”, so I wasted a whole year seeing and doing things I never wished for. I don’t wana write about it because it wouldn’t sound nice at all. :-[

“Who are you”?

“Will you be staying with us now”? I asked with a fake smile ;D

“Yes” The voice replied

“Oh My God”…. I shouted

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

Obinwanne Umunna
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