Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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Chioma’s mum stood at the door looking like someone who ate Eba without soup in her dreams. Her sighted terrified me already and believe me, I amost wet my pants.

“Is Aunty Uche around” She asked me




“Who”? All these I managed to murmur within split seconds.

“Can’t you hear me”? She queried

Just then, my mum came out of her and also came to the door to attend to our uninvited guest.

“Hi mama Chioma, hope all is well”? My mum asked.

“Yes, I just want to see Aunty Uche” She replied

That was when I even noticed that Chioma was standing right behind her mother.

Aunty Uche came out from the kitchen where she was preparing breakfast and answered present at the door.

“Can you explain to me what happened to my Daughter”? She said shouting

“Happened how”? Aunty Uche replied

“She is no longer a virgin” Chioma’s mum replied like someone almost crying.

My heart pounded when I heard this. I was already wishing someone could just carry me and fly away to somewhere far.

“I have denied her food, Flogged her, Chased her outside, yet all she says was that she was attempting gymnastic and she fell before noticing blood coming out through her pants” Chioma’s mum said while sobbing.

“That was exactly what happened” Aunty Uche replied in agreement

“I even helped her in cleaning up and she took some pain killer drugs” Aunty continued.

“Yeap, she told me all these” Chioma’s mum added.

“Well, I thought she was lying but I guess she was saying the truth” Chioma’s mum continued

“God bless you for your help” She added before leaving finally.

“And you too” Everyone chorused with my voice being the loudest as I dashed to my room.

Now I understand what Aunty was explaining to Chioma when she sent me outside the other time. She had already laid down her plans, and everything went as planned.
Just while I was about to climb my bed, I saw a little note with the inscription.

“Always be smart and be ahead of other in this game of Love”.

Let me actually remind you guys again, I have two sisters. One is older than I am while I am older than the other. I don’t even know if they have noticed any strange behavior between Me, Aunty and Chioma; I don’t actually care though.

Chioma became a frequent visitor to our house and every time they left their house to come to ours, we always divided into pairs. While I hook up with my friend chioma, my other two sisters will play with Chioma sisters. I don’t know the kind of play they play, so don’t ask me. All I know is the one I play with Chioma.

I, Aunty Uche and Chioma are always together anytime she comes to our house. I remember aunty uche telling chioma to spread her legs so that I can see her own thing. When I finally saw it, it was not even the same with Aunty Uche’s own. Let me tell you the difference? Aunty uche’s own was kind of bigger while chioma’s own was not so big; or maybe because Aunty Uche is bigger than Chioma; I can’t really tell.
We lived in the compound for almost two years together with chioma’s family, and believe me, it was one of the moments I prayed that it wouldn’t end before daddy decided that we had to pack.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the discussion with mummy. I tried to let them see reasons why this house is better than the house we are moving into. My opinions and advice was just like a cup of hot water poured into a drum of water.
When Chioma heard we were about packing, I guess she must have felt bad, but I didn’t put much interest. One night while outside sitting and writing this story you are reading now, someone whispered my name. While i was going to have a closer look, she aggressively hugged me and drew me to the staircase; beneath the staircase was a space that was good enough for a Family of 3 to live in peace. When we got there, Chioma removed her cloth, laid on the floor and opened her legs for me. While I was staring, she hurriedly asked me to undress myself and bring out my thing. I followed her instruction and put my thing where she said I should put it. It was watery somehow, but I enjoyed every minute of it and how she asked me to be bouncing up and down. While I was doing all this, Chioma was doing as if she was crying; all those cries made me to keep bouncing with more Energy. I tried asking her if it is paining her, only for her to tell me to concentrate on what I am doing.

“That was harsh tho” I murmured

But I continued till she shouted quite harder and I looked around to make sure nobody saw us. When I was fully sure nobody was around, She asked me to use my mouth to clean her thing.

“Nooo…” I said

“I can’t lick it na” I said affirmatively

“But your Aunt said you always lick hers” She told me.

“Okay” I responded.

She directed my head between her legs and used my head like a Scrubber, while she kept on crying. I stayed there till I almost suffocated, Then she raised my head she Finally asked me to stand up and dress up. Immediately she got up, she hugged me, kissed me and she even promised to always remember me. I was happy, likewise Aunty Uche when I told her and she told me that I am now learning fast and as a result of that, I will do the same thing to her that night. I didn’t even think twice, I accepted the invitation. The night was amazing but few minutes I started, I complained to her that my waist was paining me and that was when she asked me to stand up. The truth is that Aunty Uche sings with the choir in our church, so Daddy and Mummy didn’t even think about such a thing.

The next morning, we hired a big bus and packed all our things inside the bus. During the packing, I saw Chioma standing on the veranda waving in succession something like goodbye. Even tho I hated goodbye because it always makes me cry, I still manage to wave back at her with tears in my eyes.

Aunty Uche saw the tears and drew me closer. She warned me seriously about shedding tears for a girl and asked me never to try it again. She also cautioned me that once I have anything to do with a girl, I should only live in the moment; after that is passed, I should forget about all of them!

“But I promised to always remember her” I queried

“Promises are meant to be broken” She responded angrily.

“Are you angry”? I asked innocently

“Yes of course”! She replied

“Okay, I am sorry, I won’t cry, think or remember her again” I said.

“Now that’s my love” with a peck on my forehead, she responded.

So I and my family entered the van and headed to our new estate. While I was still trying hard not to remember thinking about Chioma, After few minutes, my sister pointed to our neighbors and to my amazement; just like a rat in the midst of cheeses, your guess is as good as mine… lol 😀

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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