Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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Did I finish about the new family that packed into our compound? In fact, it was a family of “all girls everything” aside their dad. What are you thinking about now? Well, your guess is as good as mine. It was like a prayer answered. Have you ever prayed for something and you see it come to pass? That was what happened when I saw the family of “all girls everything” move into our compound. I quickly went inside to inform Aunty Uche about the new people that packed into our compound.

“How many girls?” she asked me;

“All girls” I replied like I won a visa lottery.

She quickly abandoned what she was doing, followed me outside to welcome the new occupants of the middle floor. They greeted her and I responded on Auntie’s behalf LOL. When we got inside, Aunty frankly asked me which of the girls I liked;

“That one with a big Bum Bum I replied.

Like a football player that just scored the winning goal of a Final match, Aunty carried me up and landed me a big kiss! Don’t worry; I have finally gotten the name of when someone’s mouth touches your own mouth. Just then, I entered into another conquest; Operation “Get the Girl with a Big BumBum”. Whenever Aunty was less busy, she took me on the various ways of looking good. I once applied a powder that was kind of brown to my face just because I wanted to go buy detergents for washing. Whenever I wanted to go outside, I tried as much as possible to look good. Aunty already taught me, so don’t ask me how I will look good.

I had these kinds of black eyes, curly hair, nice set of white teeth and fair in complexion and red lips. It was actually becoming more reddish because of frequent touching of mouth to mouth action from Aunty. All of them looked so beautiful, but the 1st girl was the one that caught my attention. She is not too good looking, but she is big and has those kinda things aunty has. Every day, I found a way to make her talk to me and whenever it fails, I run back to aunty to get a new strategy.

“What is what your name” I shouted from downstairs to upstairs one morning when we came out to play.

“Shhhhh” my elder sister yelled at me.

“Why asking her about her name, is she your wife?” she queried at me again.

“Is it your own name I asked?, you will just be putting mouth into somebody’s business. Mtcheewww” I hissed and left the scene and went inside very angry and frustrated.

I never knew my bravery would pay off so soon. While coming out of the house one day, I heard someone shout my name. Still not believing that it was coming from exactly the second floor, I pretended that I heard nothing and was about faking another step, when I heard the same “Angelic” voice whisper my name again. This time, I was forced to look up.

“Who told you my name?” I pretended that I was angry…

“Are you angry that I called your name?” She responded back

“No not actually. It is just because I never told you, so I am surprised” I responded like a Boss.

“Well, I heard your Sister call you the name, so I loved it and decided to call you too” she said.

Still thinking of the next thing to say, while I was already smiling like a boy that picked up a free 5 naira note on the floor, I managed to gain composure.

“So what is your own name?” I asked

“Chioma, But you can call me Angel. That is what my friends call me at school” she told me

“Wow, you really look like an angel” within me, I was wondering if I actually said that and was awaiting the result for my poor show, when I heard…

“You look like a male angel too” Chioma replied.

Beaming with Joy, I just smiled and winked at her like Aunty taught me, she winked back immediately; then I knew I just signed a new player to my team.

“Welcome to my world” I said to myself.

After incessant failures of telling Chioma to come to our house and Play(Don’t even ask me the type of Play), aunty finally called the girl into our house, while she and her siblings came to play downstairs, and took me alongside her into the children’s room. She told me to wait outside, and only they knew what they discussed inside (not my business sha). I had already gist aunty about what happened the other day, so let me not bore you with repeated stories.
Then I entered, and Aunty told her to hug me, and she did. We stayed like that for about 2 minutes, turning about. Then she was asked to give me a peck, which she did, and I responded back almost immediately. Joy filled my heart at such an opportunity. All of a sudden, I heard a question…

“Are you sure you love me?” Chioma asked me

Still figuring what she meant by love;

“Maybe Love is doing to her what I do to Aunty” I said to myself

Aunty replied on my behalf and sounded a big “YES” with a big smile.

Chioma still wanted to be sure, asked her to allow me say it with my mouth.
What else could I have said than what aunty said, so I sounded another

“YES” with my own smile.

After exchanging eye contact with aunty, she hurriedly left the room for both of us. Whatever happened inside there remains exclusive, because I can’t write it here. But believe me, it is not what you are thinking because I messed up; but like Aunty said, there is always room for improvement. Don’t forget also that my thing couldn’t enter because it was as if the place was blocked. All the same, I touched what I could touch and she left while I hurried to the backyard to give the full gist to aunty.

After explaining to aunty about how “Blocked” Chioma own was, she assured me that she was going to do something about it. The next day, she asked me to go call Chioma from outside, into the house. I did as I was told and Chioma came to our room again.
Aunty asked me to wait outside again; but this time, I was trying to peep and I peeped. I heard Aunty explaining something to Chioma and she was nodding her head like a lizard. Then Aunty went to her bag and brought out something like a Pee Pee of a boy

“Jesus” I shouted inside of me. I couldn’t believe that Aunty has what I have inside her bag.

“But why is her own bigger than my own?” I queried myself.

“Not my concern” I responded rhetorically.

Then I saw Aunty spread the legs of Chioma and applied something like Oil from a bottle in Between her legs, where her own wee wee is located. After rubbing the oil, she carried that thing that looks like my pee pee and was trying to put it inside Chioma’s wee wee.
Chioma was shouting and crying in pains but Aunty didn’t stop till some part of it entered and she now removed it. Chioma was crying bitterly in a low tone sha so that nobody will hear her cry. When she stood up from the bed, I saw reddish things on her laps and on the Bed. Immediately, I ran into the room and shouted…

“She has wounded!!!”

Aunty immediately ordered me out of the room and I didn’t see what happened next till Chioma left our house and climb upstairs. One thing I noticed was that she wasn’t walking like the way she did, when she entered our house.

Later at night, I asked aunty to explain to me the meaning of the Pee Pee she has in her bag and what she did to Chioma. Being such a sweet Aunty to me, she explained to me and we even practiced the same thing with ourselves that night. She brought the same Pee Pee in her bag, gave it to me; I felt it and it was like a rubber. Having explained what it meant, she opened her legs and asked me to do the same thing she did to Chioma. She also gave me tips of doing the same thing to people She called “VIRGINS”. Well, I only learnt the practical and forgot about the plenty theories.
I woke up and the thought of Chioma’s cry filled my heart.

“What if her mother finds out” I said to myself.

Days passed and I didn’t see Chioma outside, I was even thinking she was dead or something. Till one faithful afternoon, I saw her playing with Steph and Mary. When she saw me, she removed her eyes and continued with what she was doing. They were actually playing with sands and “Pots” (Tomatoes Tins) and I hated it so much; but the anticipation of allowing Chioma to talk to me, made me join the happy family. That even didn’t help the situation because she didn’t even talk to me.

One night I went outside to pack my toys I left outside while playing in the afternoon, I heard someone whisper my name.

“Is that you Angel?” I asked softly

“Yes my Angel” the voice replied.

I tip toed towards the direction of the voice, and when she saw me, She gave me a big hug, reached straight to my Pee Pee and grabbed it immediately; brought it out and started fondling it like aunty does to me. She did it while I dived straight to her skirt, touched her pants and went ahead to start touching her own wee wee.
But I noticed that while I touched hers, she was making some sounds which made me to continue doing it well. We continued till we heard a loud voice shouting



We disengaged immediately and ran to various possible destinations

“Maybe they haff catch us” I said to myself while entering into the house back. The next morning, we heard a knock on the door and I dashed off to the door like I was expecting a postman. Lo and behold, it was… :'(

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