Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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Bola was an average looking girl with assets that portrayed her as a real Yoruba girl. I just finished escorting a female corp member that came to visit me, and I was going back to my house. I boarded a tricycle to avoid the high cost of bikes, so it was a slow journey home.


“Why can’t these policemen be reasonable and quit causing hold-ups in this road” I murmured softly but other passengers could hear exactly what I was saying.


“It is not their fault” The girl beside me responded. I quickly looked at my side to catch a glimpse of her well. I smiled upon seeing her face and nodded in agreement.


“Why should it be their fault before” I asked back but in a more sweet and gentle tone “With their pot bellies, once they see criminals they will be on the run” I said to the amusement of others in the tricycle.


“Is your own flat?” She asked and that got everyone’s attention to my side. I quickly smiled about it as other kept laughing.


“You want to see?” I asked her “Yes” She replied immediately. I slowly raised my polo up a little bit and showed her. She was amazed at the abs.


“Feel free to touch” I said. She was skeptical at first, but after a little persuasion, she gently lifted her finger on to my belle.


“Wow” She responded to the amazement of the other passengers in the tricycle. We continued discussing till I got to my bus-stop. I came and paid just for myself and was about leaving.


“You no fit pay for your wife” The driver asked. I smiled and turned back, dipped my hands and brought out money and paid him.


“Since I don pay for her, make I collect her number na” I said to the driver before asking her for her name and number. She obliged and inputted her number for me in my phone.


“I am Bola” She replied. I winked at her, bared the others farewell and walked down majestically like someone who just won a lottery. I reached home and forgot to call her for a period of time and when I remembered, it was almost around 11. I quickly picked up the phone and dialed her number.

“Who is this” She asked with her mixed tongue of English and Yoruba. I quickly introduced myself and reminded her where we met.


“Oh no!!” She exclaimed “I thought you misplaced my number or you didn’t want to call again” She said with much emotion. I explained the reasons for the delay and she accepted the apology.


“Will you be free tomorrow?” I asked


“Yea sure” She replied almost immediately “You want us to see” She asked


“Yeap” I replied


“What location” She asked. In a bid to avoid the first date sex, I agreed we meet at the shoprite over there at Ibadan. We booked a time and a place to meet before heading for our rendevouz location.


The next day, I quickly dressed and moved to our agreed location and waited patiently for her. She didn’t disappoint but came quite earlier than I expected. We boarded a taxi and left for shoprite. It was a cool meeting; we went places, holding hands like we have known each other for years. We finally found a place to relax and sat down to talk. We talked about different issues pertaining relationships, cheating and lots more. Sooner or later, we were on our way back home.


The love story continued and we kept on seeing each other and visited each other. I made sure not to reach her own house because she was a Muslim and I wasn’t prepared to answer much question from her dad. Every night I went to her neighborhood to see her, and we stayed up till it was late, talking and gisting about lots of things.


“I would want to visit you at home in another dimension” She said one night as we were talking.


“What dimension” I asked


“Don’t worry, you will soon know” She said before dashing off to her father’s house. One day came and I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and behold, it was her. I was shocked and happy simultaneously to see her, and I welcomed her with a hug. All these while, I haven’t even collected a kiss from her. All the times I tried, she told me there was something holding her back.


“How old are you” I asked her while we were talking inside my room and drinking the canned malt I bought for her.


“I am 28” She said. “Wow” I replied. I wasn’t surprised because I expected her to fall into that age range.


“What about you” She asked


“I am 25” I lied. Well she actually believed the lie because I was looking much older than my real age. I tried coming close to her again to kiss her, but she kept moving back and back. My sexual thoughts were so high and all I wanted was a chance to get in between her legs.


“Baby I love you, and you should know how much I do” I said with a face that could melt the heart of an army general in battle.


“I am a virgin” She said with a low voice. I couldn’t actually believe what I heard, and thinking it was the normal lie that most girls would say, I persisted.


“I know baby, just believe I love you and I will never dump you or anything” I kept saying, just to satisfy my male organs that was almost bursting through my boxers. She kept on saying she had a reason she won’t give in, but I continued. Our argument finally came to an end when she allowed me kiss her, and I started unbuttoning her top. We were still kissing, and I loosened her bra strap, before going down below to help pull off her skirt. I took my time to exploit all sensitive organs in her body, making sure that she never went off the mood. She kept moaning and was crying softly, but I never paid attention to all that.


“Who cares about virgin” I kept saying in my mind. I continued till she was unclad and I bent my head and went straight for her kitty-cat. My kept sucking her kitty till she was almost using her legs to strangle me, then I knew the time was right. I slowly adjusted a bit and positioned my joystick in between her kitty hole.


“Baby please don’t do this” She begged one last time before I ***** straight between her legs. She cried loudly but I didn’t pay much attention to that. I suspended my joystick inside her hole and allowed her to calm down. She kept crying with her eyes closed but not loudly anymore.


I started entering in and out of her gently while till touching those round things on her chest. She wasn’t reducing the cries and I even got off mood and tried consoling her.


“Stop crying please” I said to her. At a point I regretted why I even did it at the first place. She kept crying till she opened her mouth to speak.


“Next week Wednesday is my traditional marriage and I have kept it for my husband” She said.


“What traditional marriage are you talking about” I asked again to be sure my ears were still functional.


“Mine” She said with tears running down her cheeks. My joystick became so soft like an old foam.


“Why didn’t you tell me” I asked her.


“I didn’t know how to tell you” She replied “I love you and would want to marry you like you promised” She said.


“Marry what?” I asked again “Come on, you have a potential husband, go ahead and marry him” I said to her. She wasn’t interested in my explanations and kept on holding on to me.


“I don’t love him, it is you that I love” She kept repeating and she hugged me tightly and kept crying.


“Maybe she is suffering from post-deflowering” I said to myself “She will get over it”. I quickly made her settle down before, before looking for a suitable way to make her go home.


“God won’t forgive you if you do this to me” She said while she was about going. I nodded in affirmation before shuting the door behind her.


“Shitt” I repeated and removed my former bed spread that was already stained with blood. I don’t have enough time to write about all the girls I slept with during my service year, my strength is becoming weak, but I will keep listing them out. I hope she forgives.


I remember Rakiat, the 15years old girl in my place of primary assignment. I slept with her, made her pregnant and forced her to commit an abortion. I hope she forgives me.


I remember Rofiat. She was already pregnant when I met her as a result of rape. I never knew she was pregnant until months after we had sex, she didn’t see her period, and after a scan was done, the doctor calculated I wasn’t the owner of the pregnancy. She later confessed that she was raped by a security guard. I kicked her off my house and I heard she is in a village now. I hope she forgives.


I remember the adult worker in my church that fell in love with me, despite she was married. She comes to church and leads in chorus. But we were busy having lots of fun right on my bed anytime she came around. She became pregnant, but I can’t tell between I and the husband who owns the pregnancy. I stopped talking with her after I discovered she was pregnant. I hope she reads this and forgive


I remember Kehinde, the little maid in her aunt’s house who was also my student. After deflowering her, her aunt discovered and sent her packing. Despite the threats, she never said a word about my name. I don’t know her whereabouts, but I know she went back to the village to stay with her poor parents. I hope she becomes something in life and forgive.


I remember my best friend’s girlfriend. She was sleeping with me alongside my friend. They were about getting married, but I broke the relationship, and I don’t know about them again. I hope they forgive too.


I was a regular customer to a lot of whores that stayed at a geographical place at Ibadan I wouldn’t want to say. They knew me because I always brought something for them, and most time they rewarded me with credit sex and overtime.

I wish I had another opportunity, it won’t go this way!

I know why I write all these, and you will soon get to know!!!


To Be Continued!!!

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