Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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I quickly turned back to see who was calling me on the phone, and it was Lizzy. Lizzy was one of Kenny’s loyal girlfriends, and I had seen her countless times and guess she have seen me too. I immediately walked up to her and exchanged pleasantries, and she responded fine.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her, forgetting the fact that we were in a shopping mall.


“I came to pray” She replied sarcastically, and I laughed along. She started looking at me with a strange look, and I knew something was wrong and I decided to ask, she she wasn’t gonna say it.


“Any problems?” I asked calmly with a smile. She laughed too, but I could see that the smile was too clear to be true. I immediately perstered her to tell me, and she finally opened up.


“I see that you are spending Kenny’s money on other girls’ right?” She asked. I only smiled and held her hand, and assured her that the girl was a friend that finished from the same school with me. It wasn’t an enough explanation to calm her nerves. She only insisted that she was going to tell Kenny what she saw and nothing else.


“Maybe you can do the explanation for her later on” She said as she prepared to take her leave. I knew this was a game spoiler, and I held her back immediately and with a stern look, ordered her for us to take a walk inside. Deep within me, I knew that if she said anything that I would be in deep shiit!

We toured round the entire mall, holding unintentionally to her, before we finally settled in one of the eateries. I bought some little snacks, and we found ourselves discussing like lovers who were having their honeymoon.


“You sound interesting” She said while our discussion was going on.


“You sound interesting too” I replied with a wink. We laughed, joked and talked at length, and when we were done, we found our way back to our houses. After taking shower, eating and relaxing, I got this chat on my bbm.


“When will you come and visit me at home” Lizzy asked”


“I can’t, Kenny will find out and I don’t want any issues with her” I replied. It was first of all going on as a smooth conversation and before I knew it, it was turning out to be a threat.


“If you don’t come, she will still get to know” Lizzy said. I actually couldn’t phantom what was going on, but I decided to play along, knowing fully well the consequences of such a game. I finally agreed to meet her in her lodge on a given date. Navigating through the busy town in the evening just to get to her side wasn’t much of a problem and I reached on time. I quickly settled into her small apartment and relaxed and made myself feel at home.


“Welcome babe” She said as she led me to the chair. I was carrying my mini travelling bag with some cloths inside, so she arranged it properly in a place. After preparing dinner, we ate and sat on the bed to watch some late-night movies.


“I always see you with Kenny, and most times I feel jealous” She started saying. I smiled and acted like I was shocked.


“But you have a boyfriend” I asked. She quickly evaded the topic and diverted to some other discussion, and before I could remember my surname, we were wrapped in each other’s body. She was light skinned and had this kinda soft and transparent body that could lure a priest to go against his oath. I knew how to get down on such an opportunity, and I utilized it properly. Minutes later we were having one of the best times for the night, and the fantasies, the moaning, the shouts of pains mixed with joy was being heard inside the room. The next morning, I took my bag and found my way back home.
I started seeing sex like it was more of an assignment than fun. Nothing freaked me again, seeing a naked girl. Most times even when I ejaculated, the quantity coming out of my body was so small that you might need a microscope to see it. I was becoming lean day by day and I never knew the cause. Few days later, I fell so ill that I was rushed to the hospital and was placed on admission. Lots of tests for fever and malaria were carried out, and as the doctor said, I was Mp3 positive.


“And what is the meaning” I asked my mum


“Means you have malaria parasite 3” I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Pastors from my church kept coming and praying, and it was like I wouldn’t see the next day. Every night while I slept, as mummy said, she kept checking if I was breathing. I spent a total of two weeks in the hospital, before I was discharged and sent back home. Mummy took a leave from her workplace, and was with me all through this period. Everyone kept thinking I would die the next day, but somehow, I kept living and surviving. After few weeks, I became sick again, this time it was worse than the former. I needed blood, and only Dad’s blood could rhyme with mine. I was there when Dad came looking confused in the hospital, and mummy was crying so badly. I was there when my cute siblings entered and was afraid of seeing how frail I was looking. I was awake when my pastor asked me to confess to God to forgive me all my sins. I was awake when he finally prayed for me, yet I remained on my sick bed without improvement.

****Few weeks later*****

“How are you, haven’t heard from you for a while” That was Kenny’s text message to me. I smiled and called her, telling her I travelled, and my simcard got missing.


“I heard what you did with my gf, and I want to say thank you to you” she said. I feigned ignorance and was trying to probe exactly what she meant by that.


“Hope you have done your test” She asked


“What test are you talking about” I asked back with my heartbeat increasing in quick succession.


“Keep asking me, and this will be the last thing I will say to you. See you somewhere soon” She said before terminating the call. I tried calling back but to no avail because she didn’t pick. I almost broke down in tears but I consoled myself.


“The doctors did lots of tests, so no need of that” I said to myself, and that was the inspiration I needed. I quickly faced other things I was doing before the call.


I was back to square one; broke, lean and was looking dejected. I was waiting for our call-up letter for service from our school, and also our certificates.


******Few week after*******

I was rushing down to school and after the prayers in the morning, mummy wished me well to go and collect the result and make her proud. Daddy laughed at the whole prayer ceremony.


“He has failed, so there is no need of all these whole drama” Daddy said


“Please leave us in peace and stop prophesying badly” Mummy yelled at him. I left the house and started my lonely journey down to school. All through the way, my heart kept beating like it was gonna jump out of my body.


I reached the school, after exchanging pleasantries with former friends and foes, and also answering questions about why I was looking ill, I quickly stood in line for my turn. Despite my calculations of my G.P myself, I was still falling below second class upper, that made me shed inner tears when I saw some other guys juming up as they sw their perfect result.


My name was called, and I quietly went inside the exams and record office.


“You… “The sister shouted. Well, I wasn’t surprised, seeing such a notorious person like I was in such a prayerful and calm mood, everyone would be surprised too. She opened the file, and I kept trying to see what I had. She asked me to sign some papers first, and I tried signing but my hands kept failing me by shaking so much.


“Breath in and out” She said to me, but it wasn’t working. I needed help, and someone came along to hold my hands and stabilize it. I finally signed it, before I heard the next thing.


“Everybody go out” The sister said as she stood up and locked the door…


“Oh my God”… I shouted!!!

To Be Continued!

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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