Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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“I haven’t done that before please” I tried pleading “And moreover, it is not hygienic” I said while trying to convince her.


“There is nothing bad in it, it just you that is scared” Kenny said, while holding my hands and romancing it carefully. She quickly went into position, adjusted her ass, while I started licking her anus hole. It was a little bit disgusting at first, but I believed that she was looking too clean and neat for any disease to be transferred. I kept sucking her butt hole, and she was holding my head tighter, as if she wanted to force my tongue and my head inside her anus.


“Move down the pussy baby” She said, and I quickly rushed down there like a hungry lion, devouring every little juice inside the pussy. She used her hands and spread it wide apart, and the hole was quite wide. I jumped up in surprise and looked at her confused.


“Any problems baby” She asked me.


“No, I smiled and went back to what I was doing. Her pussy hole was wide enough that I believed my fist would go inside easily without disruptions. I sucked her for a while before I tried inserting my dick into her pvssy..


“I told you I hate fvcking through the pvssy” Kenny said. “I am sorry, I forgot” I replied in a very obedient manner and I carefully placed my dicck, between her asshole. I was surprised at the ease my dick went inside, and the smell of poo coming out was quite disgusting and wasn’t making sense to me.


“Let me suck it baby” She said as quickly turned and placed my dicck in her mouth, and sucked every yellowish substance that was found there.


“Kiss me” She ordered. “No, I can’t” I managed to say with fear, without knowing what else would come with it.


“You know I hate when I tell someone something,, the person says No” She explained like a mother telling her child to be a good boy. “Kiss me now” She ordered. I immediately swallowed my saliva, and brought my mouth forward and kissed her passionately. She held my head to her own head and kept kissing me, even when I was running out of breath. I managed to survive the scenario, before she asked me to fvck her pvssy.


“You can now wear your condom” She said while smiling. I was thinking and wishing I had a gun, I would have shot her right between her pvssy hole! I adjusted my dicck and inserted it into the pvssy, and started fvcking her vigorously!. I kept with a high tempo, and I kept digging her harder. She was moaning and was trying to run away from the dicck, but I held her tightly and banged the living hell out of the pvssy. It was no longer for the pleasure, but for the fact that I knew I was in a deep shit already.


My mind was reflecting on so many things, while I continued with the fvck. It wasn’t long before she came, and I feigned mine so as just to withdraw from her. I couldn’t sleep that night, and I was weeping deep down. I guess she noticed my mood, and turned around to console me.


“Baby, I am clean, don’t be scared of any infection.” She kept reassuring me. I only nodded my head, while she never allowed my dicck to have its rest.


“If you don’t believe me, I can escort you to the hospital tomorrow,, and we run a test on you” She said before dipping her hands into my dicck again, and started fondling with it. I was already feeling dizzy and was about to close my eyes, when she woke me and told that it wasn’t time to sleep yet.


“What”? I shouted “But I feel sleepy” I said


“But I am not; do you want to leave me and sleep?” She asked without actually expecting an answer. She immediately passed me a tablet to drink, and I knew it was a sexual enhancer. It was 3.00am that morning, and believe me, I had no choice to follow her instructions while I kept praying for the day to come. I slowly gulped down the drug, and within few minutes, I was having a dicck so erect that it can be used to kill a little child, if used as a cane. She immediately positioned her pvssy, and the sight of that pussy wasn’t just encouraging at all. I managed to dip my dick that was already too erect inside and started digging right through it. She seemed to be enjoying it, but it was becoming more of a pain for me. She immediately threw me to the bed and climbed ontop of me, closed the gap between her legs before rotating my dicck with her pvssy. All of a sudden, the sweet sensation and feeling of her pvssy heightened on my dicck. From the usual boring sex we were having, it became a more intimate affair. We cuddled up each other and we were wrapped body to body and soul to soul.


“Did you just cum inside of me?” She said while laughing, I was even ashamed to answer, so I smiled along.


“If I get pregnant, you will be the father. Just prepare” She said with a humorous tone. She quickly stood up, and went to the bathroom, while I laid down and kept reminiscing about things that just happened. I finally dozed and woke up the next morning with great headache; she arranged for a painkiller which relieved the pain a little bit.


“Can we have a quickie” She asked, and she probably didn’t finish the question before I gave her a resounding “NO” as an answer.


“Why” She asked sad


“I can’t feel myself babe” I replied while holding my head that was about going off my neck due to the intensity of the headache. She quickly prepared something and brought it for me to eat. I ate the bread and egg with Tea like a soldier who just returned from the war front, laid down on the bed and went back to sleep once more. I woke up few hours later, feeling better and the headache was gone.


I spent about 3 days with Kenny in her house, fvcking, eating, going out and having fun. It was quite an experience which I got so much to fall in love with. When I was leaving on Sunday afternoon, she gave me about 20,000naira to go home. My heart couldn’t contain the excitement, so I quickly undressed and gave her a one round of sex extra that was super intense. I think I didn’t need an enhancer to perform well, due to the happiness I felt inside.


“Hope I am invited to come again?” I asked her this time around.


“Is it because of the money I gave to you that is making you ask?” She asked me surprised.


“What?…. No” I responded. “I just love you and wish to spend most time with you” I said while smiling. She gave me a long hug and told me I was welcomed almost anytime.


“I stay alone, so you can even leave your father’s house and come stay with me” She added. Erm.. I assume that was a joke taken too far because it wasn’t gonna be possible. I quickly entered her car and off we went to my neighborhood.


Sex upon sex, spending upon spending and that was how it was moving between me and Kenny. I was already having a real sum of cash in my account, and all I needed was get a younger girl I could roll out with.


“Promise you wouldn’t date any other girl apart from me” Kenny kept asking me to swear. I had no option than to keep swearing and reswearing about it. I needed her cash, and having one of the biggest phone malls in the city, wasn’t a joke at all. She introduced me to almost all her friends, and took me to places I never ever thought of going. Infact, I was feeling myself all day and all the time. Most weekends I come to her place, we would spend Friday night at the VIP section of the club we went. I wasn’t intimidated by the nature of our relationship, but did my best to wade off predators from snatching her away. Guys envied me, Girls wished they could become a side chick, I was living the life I dreamt off. Most times when we come into a situation where there was more of guys, I will be the one making orders and doing the payments from her account. I knew the pin digits of her ATM, and she even trusted me to that extent.


I met Nora at Shoprite one Sunday afternoon, after I went to make purchases for myself. I saw this cute girl in the cosmetics section looking out for what to buy. I tried making a move, but the inner voice kept reminding me about Kenny. It persisted till I damned the consequences and went ahead to meet her.


“Guess you are having difficulty making a choice, can I help you select that perfect choice”? I asked her


“Awww… thanks. Are you the sales rep, I was even looking for you guys” She said with a smile. I felt like giving her a hot slap because I wondered if she didn’t notice I was also a buyer.


“So what do you feel like buying” I said with a fake smile. She started describing the stuff she wanted and I was getting confused.


“Errmm… let me call the sales rep, she would know better” I said. That was when she looked at me carefully and realized I was also a buyer, before she busted into laughter. I also laughed to avoid it looking one sided.


“But you accepted you were a sales rep” She asked “Why”


“I did it because that was the only way to gain your attention” I quickly dropped. She smiled and looked at me head to toe, and Aunty Kenny’s money was reflecting all over me.


“Now you have my attention, what can you do with it?” She asked calmly.


“I don’t want it for free, I will pay for the attention” I added. I quickly alerted the sales rep, who helped her make a choice, and we headed straight for the counter. I brought out my heavy stocked wallet filled with cash, and made sure she saw every bit of the money inside.


“Is this how you want to blow my mind?” She asked. I smiled and held her by the hands while leaving the shopping mall.


“So where are you heading to” I asked her


“Wanted to buy this for my sibling, it is her birthday” She said.


“Happy birthday to her” I added before bringing out some cash and I gave it to her.


“Tell her a new found friend says Happy birthday” I said before calling for a cab man to attend to her.


“You are really a nice person, and would love to see you again” she said. She quickly brought out her phone, passed it to me and I inputted my number inside. She waved bye and I waved too as they drove out of the compound.  My phone rang and I immediately picked it up to see who was calling,


“Hello who is this?” I asked


“Turn back” the voice said…


To Be Continued!

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