Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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“Are you Kenny?” I asked


“You don’t like what you see?” She asked. I was already hyperventilating and couldn’t just believe my eyes. She was very much older than the age she told me and looking at her, I could deduce that she was nothing less than 30. She was fair, tall and had enough curves to go along with it.


“Are you married” that was the only question I could muster at that particular moment. She smiled a bit before looking at her phone and asked me to enter the car. I obeyed because at this point, I wasn’t reasoning clearly again. I entered the car, and she drove me to one of the expensive lodges around the town.


“Can you drive” She asked me. I laughed hard that she started suspecting if she cracked a joke.


“Funny?” She asked


“No” I replied, “Just that I can’t drive” I answered.


“I will teach you” She said. “No problems” I replied back while taking a good look at the cute Toyota camry she ws cruising around with. We got to the lodge and we headed straight for the bar that was close within it’s compound.


“Just Smirnoff” I replied the bar man when he asked what I would love to take.


“Stop acting like a girl, come on” She said with a smile “Take something heavier like a real man” She said while touching my laps. I knew this wasn’t right and something somewhere was not going on fine. Everytime I thought of asking more questions about her, I look at her body shape and my dicck responds positively.


“Beer is bitter, and I don’t like it” I managed to say. She agreed and the drinks were served with some chicken laps and we started drinking and gisting.


“So what do you do” She asked. I didn’t know whether to change on all I have told her before about myself or stick to my previous profile.


“But I told you before?” I asked. She smiled and gave me a shocker I never expected. “I forgot all you told me because I was interested in masturbating with your picture. So remind me again?” she pleaded. I couldn’t hold the laughter and I had to just give it out. She smiled along and asked me to answer her.


“I just graduated and will be going for service a year from now” I answered. “Wow, that is beautiful” she replied. I was confused as to why she loved the fact that I was just a graduate, but I held my peace.


“What about you?” I asked


“I am a business woman, I own lots of shops at the main market in town” She said


“Wow” I shouted “You must be rich” I added. She smiled and held my hand close to her boobs, maybe it was an intentional way to show me that she is really endowed. I could feel the cleavage and the breast size; I just kept smiling as my hands remained there.


“Are you married” I asked again


“No, I am not” She replied with a mean face. “I don’t really need a husband, I just need someone that can understand me and make me feel like a woman” she said emotionally.

“If you make me feel like a woman, I swear you will enjoy every bit of me” She continued. Deep down within me, I wondered what exactly she meant by feeling like a woman, but I didn’t bother asking about that, so as not to look like a learner. We finished discussing and we entered back into her car and she dropped me off very close to my compound. The street guys saw me coming out of a super neat car, but they never knew who the driver was, till she drove past them. I raised a peace sign with my hands for them as I gallantly marched inside our compound.


The next few days, we were busy talking and phone, exchanging nude pics and sending nude videos of ourselves. Her body was so hot that if in contact with a fuel, could blow up everywhere. I was already fantasizing, thinking and even fvcking her in my brain.


“I would love you to come around for the weekend in my house” She said during one of our chats


“When”? I asked


“This weekend” She replied. I quickly accepted the offer and prepared a lie that would be great to tell my parents about. On Thursday, I quickly reminded my dad that I was going to Agbani to visit a friend who wanted me to help him with his project in Electrical design.


“When did you become so knowledgeable in Engineering, that you now help people design? “ Daddy asked me with a curious face. I just dropped some life changing lies and he immediately gave me some transport fare, and I made way to Aunty Kenny’s house.


“Give the bike man the phone” She ordered me when it seems like I was already missing my way to her house. After speaking with the bike man, the man quickly dropped me at her location immediately. It was a big compound with her staying in one of the flats inside the compound. When I entered into the house, I looked around and saw some inscriptions but never knew what it actually meant.


“You scared?” she asked and I quickly readjusted and smiled at her. “No” I said while trying to hold down my breath.


“Have a seat, let me get you something to drink” She said. I quickly took the next seat available and sat down, looking still unease while staring at those inscriptions and artworks on the wall of the house. She brought the drinks, and I thanked her for it.


“I know you don’t take alcohol, so I kept these for you specially” She said with a smile. “This is your house, so feel free to do anything you like”. She said before taking permission to go to the kitchen to continue with her cooking. I sat down there, with my mind racing towards several things and so many things at once. Like you may guess right, I was calculating the probability of me getting killed and buried right inside this big house. But as a big boy, I kept my cool and sipped my drink in peace. After she finished from the kitchen, she quickly had her bath and moved to the parlor to stay with me. We watched a lot of movies before I knew it, it was already night. We had shower together and we headed straight for the bed.


We cuddled up, while she was stoking my dick, I was the feeling the wetness in her pussy and was fingering it with my middle finger. She kept rotating her waist and gave me one of her boob to suck, while I sucked it and kept biting her nipple lightly. She was moaning greatly till I could feel water dripping right from her pussy… I quickly undressed, brought out my condom, before she rejected the condom.


“I am clean, so nothing to fear about” She said. I was reluctant at first, but after much pleading, I just took chances and allowed her. I was already looking forward to sucking her pussy, before she looked at me and asked me to stop again.


“Whats that”? I asked surprised and disappointed


“I don’t want it from there” She replied with a mean face.


“Meaning what”? I asked backed almost immediately


“Before you fvck me, you must do something” She replied with a face I have never seen before


“What’s that” I asked with my heart already beating twice it speed, and I looked at the clock to know the time, incase it was something I couldn’t do, and behold it was 1:00am in the morning.


“Tell me, what is that you want me to do first” I asked almost confused, but she kept smiling before she now let it out!!


“I want you to…”


“Jesus” I shouted!!


To Be Continued!!!

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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