Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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I was in the hotel room with guess who? “Emmy” babe was developing into a super woman with big boobs and ass and so many other goodies that were reserved explicitly for women. But we weren’t alone in the room. I am with my friend Dave and because we wanted to cut down cost on the hotel room pricing, the three of us decided to sleep in the same hotel. The funny thing is that we had sex while Dave was writing about his project defense.


“You wan kill the girl?” He asked while laughing


“Is it your pvssy” Emmy replied on my behalf “If you want to taste it, you beg before entering, not using style to beg just to taste it” She said while she was rubbing my dick up and down. I wasn’t really interested in what Dave was saying due to the intensity of pleasure I was feeling.


“Can he join?” Emmy asked. I was super surprised at the question because I never expected my girlfriend to ask me if I should allow another guy sleep with her.


“What?” I yelled softly to avoid Dave hearing it. I looked at her with a weird look and couldn’t just believe my ears once more.


“But you slept me my own friend, why can it also happen with me?” She asked with a mean look on her face. I squeezed her breast hard that she shouted real bad before I left the bed to the bathroom to ease myself. I came back and saw her inserting a dildo into her pvssy.


“What are you doing for fvck sake”? I asked with a disgusting face. Dave immediately looked back and saw her before he bursted into laughter.


“You wan fvck?” I asked Dave who gave me a “Are you sure” look before standing up already erected. He walked majestically to the bed like a hungry lion that just saw a prey. Having heard about his sexual escapades, I knew Emmy was in for a long thing.


“Auuch… my god, baby help me” were the sounds that filled the room. I just stood at a corner, stroking my dick as I watched a live porn session. It wasn’t long before she started vibrating like someone undergoing a deliverance session.


“yeap baby… you are the best” Emmy kept yelling. I didn’t know whether to stop the both of them or allow them continue with their fun. It was a lovely sight to behold and I allowed them have their fun. The highlight of the show was watching Emmy squirting so bad as Dave kept digging right between her legs. I quickly ejaculated using my hands and went to the bathroom to wash off, only to come back and find Emmy and Dave cuddling so bad even to the extent of kissing!


“I think you fvck better” Emmy told Dave. I just kept my cool and smiled along.


“No, your boyfriend fvcks better” Dave said while trying to sound nice. We didn’t spend much time because she had to go back to her school that same day, and I knew that was the last time we would have anything in common again.


“If you like love me or not, I fvcked your friend and it gave me joy” Those were her last words before she entered into her cab and drove.


“Omo your babe try oo” Dave said, I didn’t know whether to give him a slap, blow or both of them together.


“When we go fvck your own babe?” I asked Dave,


“Nooo, my babe no be that kind person oo” Dave replied with humor


“Wow, so na my babe come be everybody property shebi?” I asked with anger


“But na you tell me to come fvck na” Dave asked with hands wide opened and which he stroke his balls in a conquerors manner. I just smiled and left him to savor the sweet moments he just had. Our stay at the hotel was getting closer, and we had to go back to school to focus on our final exam that was approaching. All hands were on deck to ensure that nobody had any reason to come back to that shithole school. Everybody read like it was a life and death exam, and I wasn’t excluded. Mine was even more because, I needed a first class G.P to make a second class(2.1) upper division in my total Gp.


Calls were coming in from everywhere few days to our degree exams. Prayers upon prayers, fasting upon fasting, vigils upon vigils. I almost had ulcer during that period because the kinda fasting that was going on was enough to move a mountain physically. Even known sinners were attending church than the pastors. Prayers were always held in groups and everybody became a child of God just before the exams.


“Who go fail go fail” Oti would always say. Those guys who already knew they weren’t graduating would be consoling themselves with the fact that lots of people were in their shoes already. Days to the exam, I no longer slept in my room; I was rotating between library and night classes, and I barely even had my bath.


Exams came and went, and the memories that followed after the last paper was a joy to behold. The beatings, pouring of water, snapping of pictures and the opportunity to touch that girl you have been eyeing. The amount of breast I handled that day was just too many to be counted. Even during the course of celebrating, some girls were getting fingered directly inside their pussy. It would have been a sex galore that night, but due to the nature of the school, the excitements died down after few hours of celebration and every other jubilation was mild and low-key.


We had the opportunity as recent graduates to leave the school anytime we wanted, so as to focus more on building our projects. 2go social site wasn’t of more fun again, so a friend introduced me to a more matured site called Badoo. I was now on Badoo almost all the time looking for a girl to catch and probably date, due to the lack of girls around. Luck bounced on me, and I finally started talking to one average looking “girl” named Kenny.


“I will be in town for three days, so as to work on my project before going back to school” I told Kenny after she had given me her number. The first time I heard her voice on phone, I knew this wasn’t just a “girl”, but I kept cool.

*****Few months later*******

I was in house as a full blown graduate and was sex chatting at night with my new catch Kenny. We were exchanging nude pictures and the kind of pussy she was passing out to my phone made me wonder if actually she was who she said she is.


“Baby, how old are you again” I asked her on BBM


“I am 25” She replied. “Hope you know you are older than I am” I asked again, not to create any iota of doubt, and she replied positive.


“Your dick looks older than your age” She replied back. I was already stroking my dick and was anticipating our next meeting and all the things she promised would come with the meeting. On the D-day she promised she would be coming around, I quickly got a clean shave, relaxed my hair and was good to go.   I quickly hired a cab and went to the destination she requested I wait for her. I landed at the destination and waited for her patiently around one of the eateries there. Few minutes later, I got a call from here, requesting I come out to the parking lot of the eatery. I was still answering the phone while moving out and looking around the whole place for her. I knew she had seen me, and for her to continue with the call meant she loved what she was seeing.


“Look at the red car at your left” She said on phone. I looked towards my left side and saw a hand waving and guess what?


Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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