Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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I kept looking confused that morning, looking like who just lost his football bet ticket and reminiscing over the past activities that preceded the present. At a point, I kept laughing at myself for messing up real bad. I picked up my phone and decided to call Emmy. I tried her number some few times and she didn’t pick and I just gave up. The reception had called and informed me that my rent would be expiring in some few hours time.


“I won’t be renewing” I explained to her


“You promised staying some few days so what happened Sir” She asked passionately, because she was more interested in retaining a customer.


“Things changed and I also changed my mind” I said shortly before hanging up the call. I tried reaching Emmy again and this time, it still didn’t connect. I started preparing and packing to check outta the room.

“grinnn…grinnn” the phone rang.. I quickly dived unto it like I saw a man drowning in a deep sea.


“Hello” I said while panting


“It’s Emmy, sorry I am calling with my friend’s phone” She said. I didn’t even allow her to finish up with the apology before I took the blame upon myself.


“I understand baby…where are you” I asked


““My friend wants to say hi to you, can I bring her along” She said


‘Why”? I asked surprised


“She just wants to see my boyfriend” She replied innocently.


“Feel free baby” I said to her. I quickly called back the receptionist and asked her to retain the room for me


“Any problems sir”? She asked


“Just do as I say” I answered back. Within few seconds, someone was at the door and I exchanged money for my receipt. I started thinking of the possible outcomes that might surface as a result of her friend’s coming. I didn’t think much but waited patiently and immediately switched on my laptop and prepared by watching some porn videos that contained 3some fvckery.


“Errmm… but what if it doesn’t lead to that”? I asked myself. I quickly switched off the laptop and focused on other things in the room. One minute was like 1 hour and every step along the hall way was like it led to a knock on my door. I immediately heard a knock on the door and I raced towards it immediately hoping to see two beautiful angels


“Would you love to order anything for breakfast this morning”? The elderly woman asked me. I didn’t know whether to kick her off my door with my feet alone or use my hands and my feet together like in shaolin soccer.


“Bread and tea” I said without a smile


“Nothing else ontop”? She asked again. I wished it was a young girl, the only thing on top would have been a slap


“Madam I said only bread and tea na, or you want to help me add”? I said it like an impolite joke. She could sense the boy wasn’t in some joking mood and she left without saying the next thing on her mind. I returned back to my bed and using my phone to chat. Few minutes later, I heard another knock on the door!!


“Make this woman free me na” I murmured to myself. I quickly walked angrily to the door, opened and was about to ask the woman what I did to her to attract disturbances before I looked and beheld some angels in human form. I never knew that an angry face could become a smiling one within seconds.


“Come in” I murmured while I ushered them into the room and kept staring at her friend’s butt


“God bless Nigeria” I whispered to myself.


“This is my friend I told you about” Emmy said. “Don’t look at her much oo.. I know she is more beautiful than me” She said while laughing. I didn’t know whether to oppose or support the notion. Truly, she was more endowed body wise than Emmy, but was lagging behind in the facial department.


“Haba… every girl is beautiful” I responded neutrally.


“Story” she shouted. “I am hungry ooo” Emmy yelled

“Shatap” I said “What would you like to take”? I asked liked a gentleman while looking at her friend


“Anything she takes” She responded with a smile that could tear down the wall of Jericho


“Madam, what would you like to take”? I asked


“Your dicck” Emmy responded “Will you also take” She asked her friend. She went into deep laughter and I just kept mum and was observing.


“You will enjoy it ooo… infact, his own is very sweet” Emmy said to her friend


“Can you just calm down”? I shouted at Emmy… “Apart from the dicck, what else would you want to take”? I asked again. Just then another knock came at the door. I already knew who it was and this time around, the facial expression was welcoming.


“Thank Ma” I said with a smile while handing over her money to her and I waited patiently to collect my change.


“So you can’t even leave common 50naira change for that woman. Always stingy in everything” Emmy said


“Even on bed”?  Her friend asked


“Noooo” Emmy yelled “He will just format your womb for you” She said with laughter. It was actually funny, I didn’t actually know when I started laughing. The meal was well devoured by the both of them and I had to place another order.


The truth about the source of cash is the fact that we always increased our school fees by ourselves when collecting money from our parents. The normal school fees in my school per semester were about 205,000naira but I always reminded my dad that it was 300,000naira. Dad was so busy with academic work, so never really had time to check by himself so he always paid into the bank, while I paid the real amount and kept the rest to myself.


“My pikin go do me, so make I do my own” Was the regular anthem to justify our conscience everytime we collected outrageous amounts. So anytime outside the school, we always had much to spend and reserve. As of that period with Emmy in the hotel, I haven’t spent up to 30,000naira and I was still boxed up for more spending coupled with the reserve in my other bank account. Emmy and her friend was feeling the nigga and I was feeling them too.


We stayed up taking in some smokes and washing it down with some hardcore drink. Those drinks could burn the liver of a 3 years old boy. I saw the way she and her friend gulped down the drinks despite the fact it was a mixture of concotions, I gave up competing with them. My dick was already getting a hard on, and I quickly shifted to Emmy’s side and started playing funny with her.


“Thank God you know I am already wet” Emmy murmured. Her friend started laughing and left the bed for us. I quickly pulled her tight gown up and slipped my fingers through her panties. I could feel the strands of her pubic her, and it was giving me super erection. I grabbed her by her pussylips, while she cried instead of moaning.


“Help me destroy that pussyy” She pleaded. I quickly inserted my finger deep down her pussy and made sure I could feel the end of it.


“I am ever ready baby” I kept reciting. During all this, I managed to peep at her friend, who was acting like she never wanted it, but was twisting her laps round her pussyy.


“Emmy you stingy ooo, you can’t even invite me to join” Her friend said while laughing


“Baby, can you handle both of us”? Emmy asked


“I am a born fvcker” I said before reaching towards her and dragging her by the skirt towards the bed.  Her ass was much bigger than that of Emmy and to suck her pussyy and ass was all that was in my mind. I quickly undressed myself and Emmy quickly went for my dickk to suck, while I went for her friend’s pvssyy. She used her pussyy on my mouth and was almost chocking me with it as a grasp for breath while eating it up. The orgy continued and it was time to make a switch as Emmy moved up with her pussy high up towards my mouth while her friend went below to give me a good suck down south. This was perhaps one of my best days on bed and I utilized every chance of it. She stroked my dick and caressed my balls that I was almost moaning for mercy. I quickly disengaged and positioned Emmy’s friend backwards, adjusted her big ass and fired my dick right through her pvssyy hole. She gave out a large moan upon receiving that quantity of dick between her legs. Her pvssy felt so tight and warm inside coupled with being wet already


“Nothing better than a wet pussyy” I whispered to myself.


While I was hitting her from behind so bad, she was sucking the juice coming out of Emmy’s legs and was fingering her simultaneously. Emmy was moaning so hard and was almost crying while I was busy punishing the pussyy of her friends. It was long before the friend started vibrating and gushing out liquid from her pussyy all over the whole place. That didn’t stop me from firing on and she kept releasing those cums till she became tired and I had to switch to Emmy.


She was already wet and soaked in her own juice. All I did was just a few thrust before she started cry and vibrating all over the whole place. I allowed her calm down before inserting again and continuing. Few hours later, the room was filled with the stench of pvssy and cum. Only God knows how the cleaner coped while washing and cleaning up the room. It was a done and dusted fvck and it is right here, giving me a remembrance erection.


Few hours later, I was at my home chilling and being welcomed back from school.


“You look so lean and hungry” Mummy kept saying.


“Let me make you fat baby, before that your school resumes again” She said.


“Yea” I nodded in agreement. “I really need it” I said to myself.


Months after, I was in my finals. I was happy, everybody was happy and the happiness was common among everybody. It wasn’t a period of sex again and all that was in my heart was how to pass every exams now without failing any. I deleted all my porn videos and I became a new leaf, but that didn’t stop me from sex chatting at night.


My final yr 1st semester shouldn’t be in this diary because it is one of the periods that nothing really happened sexually. Infact, I was mainly seen in the church, lecture rooms and the hostel. Old things finally became new, well just for a period of time. Our 400level second semester result came out and I had first class, which was putting me towards where I needed to be. I needed a first class overall in 500level to make me graduate in style, so you can see how difficult it was and why I needed to leave sex and focus on things so important!


After  the 500level first semester exams, things went as planned and when the results came out after we came back from holiday, it was so …


Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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