Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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“Omo come see toto” Kossy shouted as everyone raced towards his direction. I wished I could fly but upon getting there, there were already tossing the phone around and were having a good laugh already. I succeeded in collecting my phone back and I couldn’t even believe what I saw. I picked up my phone and gave her a call


“Whats the meaning of the picture you sent, I don’t understand” I said with a voice mixed with anger


“That is the state of my pussy after the sex we had days ago” She said with a sad voice


“I did that to you”? I asked confused


“No you didn’t, your dicck did it” She said harshly. I was already feeling sorry and frustrated at the same time.


“Oya just come, we wouldn’t do anything” I begged slowly


“The last time you told me that, we fvcked non-stop. See, I am not coming” See, it was my friend that helped me massage this my pvssy.. so there is nothing you will say that will make me come” She insisted.


“Aiight fine take care” I replied harshly before terminating the call.


“Omo na olosho go sure pass for you this night ooo…” Oghals said while pulling my hands and laughing. If there was something I hated, it would be sleeping with a prostitute. I always felt that the chemistry wouldn’t be there and a lot of foreplay wouldn’t happen, so I decided to stay on my lane and watch others get laid.


“Since you no see babe, make we arrange one guy for you na” Val suggested to the amusement of others around.


“Fvck you” I said while moving out of there direction. Nothing much happened that night; just that after drinking, I slept with an erect dicck and woke up with a stronger erected dicck looking like who had marathon sex in the dream. Later in the day, we all packed our luggage and made way for school.


It was a great resumption after six months we last saw each other and everybody was looking so cute and fresh. Majority of the girls had added weight like they all got married during the 6-months internship program. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw queen. We greeted each other when I saw her, but I knew that the greeting was merely eye service and just to pretend that everything was really alright, when we knew that things were not alright.


“I just want to tell you thank you” Queen said with a fake smile


“What happened” I asked. She looked at me like I stole her panties and gave out a loud hiss that got people’s attention to our side.


“So you mean that within 6 months, you called me just 3 times” She said with slight anger


“No, that’s not true” I responded “What is not true”? she cut back almost immediately


“It wasn’t just 3 times” I said


“So how many Mr” She threw back the question at me like a hot akara. I was already getting confused and didn’t even know what to say. But why should I know what to say, when I spent virtually the full 6 months, fvcking a virgin and sweet pvssy as compared to Queen’s already established and widened pvssy.


“It was 5 times, so don’t lie on my head” I said with a mean face


“Wow… so in Six months, you called your so-called girlfriend just Five times”? she was visibly angry while she was saying this now “The thunder that will fire your dickk if I catch it near my pvssy will be an imported one” Queen said as she walked away angrily. I dragged her back and apologized.


“But we can just have sex without being lovers na… won’t it be a nice idea”? I asked


“The day you will see the color of my pant again, that day I will just faint and die” She said as she ran away angrily.


“Wai…t” I tried saying before she disappeared from my sight. I went back to the hostel amd like always, greeted long time hommies and settled down in my new room with new room-mates.


Days passed; and the hunger for sex became almost a burden to me. Merely remembering the way Emmy shouted and moaned, I couldn’t just focus again. All that was in my mind was just to have sex and sex again. Queen wasn’t even helping matters because she already built a wall with electrical fencing round her pvsssy with an inscription that was boldly telling me, “Stay Off”.


“Queen please… can’t we just fvck without being lovers”? I asked with a very sad face.


“The day you will come near my pvssy again, that day I will just die” Queen said with a little anger. I knew stalking her was a wasted effort so I just decided to give up. I enquired about the laborer girl that was my former fvck mate, I was told she got pregnant and left the school.


“Wow… that was a general food. Hopefully not mine” I said to myself. Stuffs were getting harder; not academically, I meant secually. Anything was able to turn me on. I couldn’t believe I saw two goats trying to have sex, and I was getting erect.


“Guy, you gats use soap ooo… make you no rape your room mate one night” Oti said. It was a funny suggestion and we all laughed over it. But was it actually so funny?


I remember having nocturnal emissions almost every night, and the porn issues that filled my laptop was npt even helping matter. I had lots of pornographic videos that I became a distributor of it. In fact; I almost broke record when I became the first guy to have a pornography video that featured disableds. Can you beat that??


Sexual tension was rising and I knew I was almost getting turned on by merely looking at a guys ass. Funny enough, I was among those that even castigated gays the most. So I was wondering what it would look like when they see me fvcking another guy in the anus or even getting fvcked. One day at the banking hall; while I was about paying my school fees, we had to stand in the line and queue up. I was there when suddenly a notorious gay that stood in front of me would always rub his ass round my dicck. On a normal day, I was supposed to react like I always do, but there I was, standing happily and enjoying the feeling. Few minutes later, I realize that I was almost getting fully erect; I had to rush out of the banking hall and ran straight to the hostel.


“Omo guy” I hollad at Oti “I don dey turn gay I swear” I said to him


“Who you wan fvck” He asked with laughter


“Imagine guy they rub him strong nyash for my prick, and the thing dey stand” I complained bitterly. Oti laughed so hard and even called the attention of some of my other guys


“Abeg, make una come help my guy” Oti said to them “Him wan begin fvck him fellow man for nyash ooo” Oti said


“Abeg who get nyash wey him no dey use, make him borrow my guy” Oti said. It was too funny that I even ended up laughing with them while they made jest of me. I had a small clique of friends in school that we always hung out during any schooling activity


“I wan beg you something” kossy said to Nk


“Wetin” She responded and was hoping for something serious to be said. I already knew that he was about to vomit nonsense from his mouth and I tried distrupting the conversation but to no avail.


“Abeg borrow my guy your toto na… in case you never they use am now” Kossy said while everyone busted into laughter.


“Thunder faya you” Nk replied “Give am your sister own na” She added. I couldn’t stop laughing at the scenario that just played out, and I was gradually becoming the topic of discussion before I left the group to hang out with other friends.


Days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months and gradually we were heading towards exam. We had done our I.T defence and everything went as planned. One of the men in the panel was our family friend, so I was already rest assured that it was going to be a great result. The result of 300level second semester came out, and believe me… it was a blast. I made a personal record of 4.35cgp for the second semester, totaling to a 2nd class upper for 300level. We were heading towards the exam month, and after remembering the advice mummy gave to me, and the way she almost cried when she saw my 200level result, it was like they chased out every sexual monitoring spirit in my life.


As a matter of fact, watching pornography became a perquisite if I wanted to concentrate. Failure to do so, always resulted to wandering thoughts while reading. I always saved it somewhere safe and before I read every night, while others were praying…I was watching two adults fvcking the hell outta themselves! Nothing was more beautiful than combining porn videos and academics together.


“Since I can’t do,  make I kuku they watch others do” I always said to myself. I became a sexual counselor among fellow guys. I remember explaining to some guys how to make their babe squirt. In fact, I became a sexual warlord. People brought their sexual needs to meed to be met!


Exams went smoothly, and the thought of going home filled my soul. In fact, I couldn’t walk well sometimes because of the amount of sperm that was stored up in my body (Exaggerating). Most times I sneezed; I could sneeze out some semen along (winks). But to be frank, the sexual tension was much. I had already booked a special hotel for Emmy, who had recovered from her pvssy brutality and was ready to go banging again.


“Baby come in” I said while lying down on the hotel bed. I already knew it was her and I knew my redemption was close-by. Emmy entered the hotel room, looking like a girl that just finished with her stripper job…


“Wow, you look great…but where are you coming from” I asked confused

“From school” She replied as she was putting down her bag on the ground. As she bent, I was even seeing her pvssy lips from the lining of her pants. I wasn’t supposed to see this, but the level of starvation sexually made me to see deep within the tightest of clothes. I gently walked up behing h

er and held her by the waist, while I used my dicck to rub round her already matured pvssy. Maybe she took that position on purpose because she was still in that position as if she was arranging her bad and I pulled down her pant. It was a sweet suck to cloud 9 while she moaned and wailed, I ate it like it was last supper. I practically ate everything in the pussy before carrying her to the bed. She spread her legs on the bed like a defender that scored an own goal few minutes to the end of a finals. And I was already up to the task and eating it like I did my water melon. Before I could say Jack robinson, she was already feasting on my dicck like she needed it to break her fasting period, and I gave it to her to feast on. I was already cumming and I needed not waste this cum inside a mouth…I wanted a pvssy!


I quickly arranged her from behind and my dicck went straight down the hole. Believe me, I never lasted up to 6 minutes before I poured out just a section of the cum residing in my system. I was not done yet, I just needed to take a break. Just then I saw Emmy dip her hands into her purse and brought out some white paper that was neatly tied together.


“Whats this”? I asked inquisitively


“What do you think it is”? She replied back harshly. I didn’t talk much, I only allowed her unwrap everything and you wouldn’t just believe.


“You take this”? I asked surprised again


“Yes, and you are going to join me or else…..” She said!!!


“Emmy is like you are taking me for granted and maybe I am gonna become a little bit hard on you” I said with anger


“If you don’t take this with me, I am just gonna take my bag and head back to school” She said. As soon as she mentioned that, I remembered the travails of the past few months in school, I ended up supporting her as she got the whole stuff molded into the paper. Few minutes later while I was coughing out my soul out after taking just a puff, Emmy was laughing at me and was smoking this shit like she was among the early pioneers of weed.


“You like it”? She asked


“Yeap” I managed to say


“I am happy you like it” She said while smiling. I was already getting unease, very sensitive to everything around and whatever she said was funny and I kept laughing even at the dullest joke. I knew things were no longer at ease, but I didn’t just know how to control it.


“I am not feeling myself again” I explained to her. She looked at me and smiled

“It is because you took small, take more and everything will become cool” She said. She held the paper to my mouth and I puffed like two to three times and she was showing me how they did it. It was like my head was spinning and I battled so hard to control the feeling of restlessness. All this while she was just laughing and she kept doing her thing. I quickly went to the corner of the bed and cuddled up against the pillow and kept turning round the bed. Emmy finished with her smoking and pulled off her cloths and was advancing close to me like a general who just lost a war and was damn angry


“Can we now fvck”? She yelled lightly. I kept staring but couldn’t reply. Before I could remember my name, she was already fondling with my dicck. I resisted her and told her I needed to calm down first before doing anything with her.


“Take this” She said while handing a bottle of syrup to me


“For what”? I asked


“It will help you calm down” She explained. I managed to look at the inscription on the body of the bottle and I saw it was cough syrup with codeine. I never knew the meaning but I quickly gulped down a larger quantity of it.


“Jesus…who told you to drink that much”? She  shouted


“Any problems”? I asked with fear


“Don’t worry, you will soon know” She said while laughing. Few minutes later, I was finding it difficult to even move my body. Everything around me was spinning round and round, I thought of standing outta the bed to go have shower but couldn’t execute the action. My body became so heavy like I was carrying a log of wood within.


“Can we now fvck again” This time she said it with a smile. I couldn’t just answer but kept mopping at her. My mouth was even too heavy to talk. She quickly jumped on me and used her mouth to start giving me a serious blow-job. At some point, she was biting my scrotum and the tip of my dick. I couldn’t just react; I tried saying some words, but it wasn’t just coming out. She took her time on my body before bringing her pussyy close to my mouth and using if to rub round my mouth. She had already poured a little of the cough syrup close to her pussy and used it to start rubbing my mouth while she sucked my dicck simultaneously. I was a porn scene but one person was seriously handicapped. All this while, my dicckk was becoming so erect to the extent of almost breaking.


I was already begging to be fvcked inside of me, but guess she had other plans. She left me on the bed and stood outside the bed very close to the table. She brought out a dicck like dildo from her bag and opened her legs and was inserting it right deep into her pussyy. My dicck was actually nodding in unison and was already so erect to the extent that it became pains.


“Baby please fvck me” I managed to say from the bed. She laughed and laughed and asked me to beg more. Well, I kept begging till she descended on me like a tsunami and fvcked the hell out of my big dicck.! She sat on the dickk and whined round it so badly that use various dicck breaking techniques to start getting herself to satisfaction. Few minutes later, she was already gushing out juice from her pvssy and she kept pouring it on my body. It kept on repeating it’self on and on and she kept releasing those juices and water (whichever) to her own satisfaction. Despite all these, I didn’t even release a single sperm. She continued till she became tired, she assisted me to the bathroom where we showered before I went back to the bed, closed my eyes around 4:26pm and woke up the next morning by 11:06 am and Emmy was gone!


*********** “My friend wants to say hi to you, can I bring her along” She said


“Wow.. feel free babe”************************


*****”Can you be able to do this”? She asked


“I am a born …..” I said before bundling … **********


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