Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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I met with Emmy on 2go and it was as if the Chemistry between the both of us could set up an Acid-Base reaction immediately. She was the kinda girl that would love your personality but wouldn’t want to show it out till you work hard for it. We had lots of chats online, and it was so intense that I was beginning to hide from my duty post while at work. My boss was beginning to suspect that I was into internet fraud with the way I was always skipping jobs and hiding round the control room with my phone as my only focus. This can’t explain all my activities back then, but believe me I was behaving like a kid that was just gifted a new phone for the first time.


You still couldn’t believe that despite the way we typed and chat on 2go, I haven’t seen her face in reality.


“When will you post your picture online” I asked Emmy on 2go


“Do you want to masturbate with my picture”? She asked back. I was confused as to why a girl would ask that kinda question but maybe few months from now, I will actually get the reason she was behaving that way.


“I won’t post my picture till we see face to face” She replied after much interrogation. I was being a cool boy online, and I didn’t want to offend my next target to come. Back at home, I wasn’t really involved in much things because I spent virtually all my days at work and I always came back home at night. We were already thinking and preparing for the day we would get to see each other.


“Where can we meet and discuss” She asked me


“You have to come down to my company” I told her plainly


“Is that where other guys take a girl they are meeting for the first time too”? She queried on phone “Don’t you have a house, don’t you know about eateries”? She kept on bombarding


“Alright you win” I replied, “But you have to come down there first before we now head over to those other places” I said. It was a war of words and every of our discussion would always end up with a mild quarrel but few minutes we would be dishing out sweet things to one another again.


“Is this your own way of getting endeared to someone”? This was one question I always asked but she never answered, instead it would switch over to another war of words.


On the D-day, I arrived work and jumped about happily doing things I hated so much in the workshop. Everyone was surprised including my direct supervisor, but I didn’t just care. I was happy and I will remain happy.


“Believe me, all these he is doing is just a plot to commit one offence today” I heard my supervisor telling my fellow workers in the workshop. YES he was right because by 1:00pm after break; instead of resuming back at the workshop with my overall, I was outside the company with Emmy. I finally saw her! She looked cute with a kinda face that would keep making every potential toaster afraid of coming loser in other not to be embarrassed by her. She had this wicked/cute face all in one. With her nose ring, she was looking like someone who would slap a guy at any given opportunity!


“Is this where we are going to stand” She asked rudely


“Don’t think that here is 2go, I can easily push you towards the direction of a coming car and that ends your case if you ever try talking to me that way again” I replied with a mean face but with some funny actions


“Big head” She shouted


“Big breast” I replied. She busted into laughter but I tried keeping a mean face.


“Ashawo, that is the only thing you could see in my body right”? She asked. We quickly went into an abandoned shop and sat while we discussed randomly. After a while, I decided to go get my belongings from the locker room while we made way for the Mr Biggs eatery in the neighborhood.  I wasn’t looking too good due to the oil stains and patches on my body but I tried so hard to make it a little bit manageable. We arrived the eatery and ordered something according to my pocket size and she ended up being a nice girl in that area.


“I know you don’t have money, so don’t be afraid I will order for something bigger than your bank account” She said while laughing.


“If you order something bigger than the amount I have, all I need do is bring it here and leave you while you are enjoying the meal” I replied with humor.  I have always noticed something about girls and humor, that is why I tend to employ it in any possible situation. Emmy is a kind of girl that has a high affinity for sarcasm and it seems that the both of us was going on well. While she was eating, I was staring at her face… no, her cleavage…


“Keep looking till you get blind” That was her statement that brought me back to reality


“This small thing… mtcheeww” I responded almost immediately. She laughed so hard that other couples started staring at us.


“I wish you can be my girlfriend…apart from being alive, successful and rich, you are the next thing in my wishlist” I dropped these statements in between her laughter. There was a sudden pause from her, as if she saw a ghost or I made some grammatical blunders that deserved some jail term. I was staring at her, she was also staring at me in a weird manner…


“Are you through”? She asked


“Didn’t I make sense”? I queried with a little anger


“Of all the guys that has ever asked me out, you have the worst toasting line” She said. That her statement was like the atomic bomb U.S dropped at Hiroshima during the WW2. I was confused whether I should be sad or happy at the statement, and I decided to make good use of it.


“At least I will be remembered for something” I said while trying to pick up confidence back.


“Remembered for what”? She asked with a mean face.


“Tell me the guy that has the 2nd best line while he was toasting you” I asked. I could see that she was trying to think out a lie or something like that


“Don’t bother answering, you can’t remember him” I said “But tell me the guy with the worst line” I asked


“You… nobody else” She almost shouted


“”You remember me because you like me and maybe you have even raped me in your mind” I said with a new found confidence. It was a moment of bliss, while I enjoyed tackling her and gently I was leading the conversation and becoming the boss of the date.


“You know I am young” she added


“I am young too” I said “And I believe we will make the cutest youngest couple in the world” I said with my unique smile

“Errmmm… but wait, how old are you” I asked while laughing


“I am 18” She replied” she replied. I almost jumped out of my seat due to excitement but maintained my cool so as not to sell myself out. I gently held her hands and whispered some sweet words into her ears and she kept smiling all the way. Bigger couples and the single ones among those seated around us already had to watch a free romantic movie live. I saw it but well, I never gave a damn about it. I waited till the time was right and I had to take the bull by the horn


“Can you be my girlfriend”? I asked with a smile “Heaven knows I love you and I am willing to compromise my values and things that give me joy just to be with you. I love you and I promise never to hurt you or make you cry” I said those words with real conviction and sincerity. She was as quiet as a grave yard and her eyes closed like she was meditating.


“Baby please say something” I urged with a semi-sad face


“My mother asked me not to date till I was 20” She finally replied. I couldn’t believe what I heard and to be frank, I was almost tempted to give her a hot slap. I tried to cover up anger with a cute smile but the smile kept fading away within seconds.


“You serious about this” I asked her


“Yea” She said with a sad face. I didn’t know who to channel the anger to, either she or her mum that told her not to date. I only accepted and was already calculating how to leave the place.


“Are you angry”? She asked


“No I am not” I replied almost immediately.


“Baby, it is late and we have to start going” I said to her


“Is it because of what happened that you are going now”? She asked sadly


“No, not at all. I only want to make sure you get home on time, incase we want to hang out again” I replied. I said those words just to fulfill all righteousness, but deep within I knew that this would be the last time I would get to see her. I escorted her down to the bus-stop and she entered a bus. She tried waving goodnight but I pretended like I didn’t see it and went my way down to my house.


I really love Emmy but the issue was whether it was because of sex that I wished to have with her or just her personality. That night was one of the longest nights ever and I walked home like someone that was just robbed at gun point. I reached home and took my bath after which I found solace in my bed, which was my last resort.


I was about to fall asleep when I saw a message on my phone.


“I only wanted to know your personality and that was why I told you what I told you. I am happy with the way you reacted and to let you know that I also have feelings for you too. If you see this message, please call me because I cant sleep and I am thinking about you so much”. I looked well to confirm that my eyes were not deceiving me. It was a reality, and Emmy was the sender of that message. I wanted to call almost immediately but at a second thought, I wanted her to feel how I felt before the message came in. After few hours, I called her and we discussed and told her I accept her proposal…


“I didn’t propose, I only accepted your lame proposal” She shouted


“Read the message again and know that you just proposed to me and I was merciful enough to accept” I replied too. We all smiled and wished ourselves goodnight bfore terminating the call. We lover birds officially, and it was now a relationship game. Days passed and we were doing what we knew best, chatting and talking on phone. I tried as much as possible to meet with Emmy, and we succeeded in setting another day for our date. After work, I arranged for a cab that took the both of us to an eatery very close to my area. We entered and booked a seat, after which we settled down and started discussing. Emmy wore a very seductive top with a pendant that housed a man on a cross suffocating between her boobs.


“Don’t you think that the man hanging on that cross would suffocate first before actually dying from pains” I asked with a mean face


“Did he complain”? That was the reply she gave to me. I held back my laughter before trying to deep my hand into her top.


“I have a mission, and that is to set him free from suffocation” I said as I gently slid my finger two fingers between her cleavages and attempted to bring out the cross. Immediately my hands were inside, she used her hand to hold down my hand right were it was while she closed her eyes and licked her lips. I looked around to see if anybody was actually watching and behold we were all alone to our self. From her chair, she stretched forth her legs and it started making contacts with my already erected dicck. I knew this was a game I loved to play, and I relaxed and enjoyed the fun


“Baby I am wet” she moaned gently


“There is nothing I can do here” I said gently.


“Can you just put your hand into my pvssy”? She said while holding my hand tightly. I quickly bent under the table, and slid my finger through her pant and she was already wet big time. I tried fingering her, but I noticed movements up the step that leads to our side and I quickly adjusted and went straight to my position. She later stood up and went into the convenience and beckoned on me to follow her. I didn’t hesitate before heading straight to the Male unit. We both entered the male unit and immediately she raised her gown and pulled her pants down


“Baby you must fvck me please” She pleaded. I tried entering her through her back, but the space was too small for such an act. I quickly dragged her close and used my finger to rub round her clitoris and squeezed her breast while she moaned softly. Anytime we heard movements outside the toilet, we paused for some seconds before continuing with our act. She was already moving her waist while I rubbed her clitoris, kissed her and sucked the tip of her nipple. Her pvssy juice was flowing right through her legs and it was a sight to behold. I couldn’t do much so we had  adjust ourselves and go back to our seat. The other guys around were sure something happened and really, something happened.


December was fast approaching and the next thing I heard was that she travelled to the village. We only communicated on phone and texting without seeing each other for week.


Just one evening, I got a call from Emmy… we exchanged pleasantries and the next thing I heard was…


“Baby I want to fvck you ooo”


“I didn’t hear what you said” I replied while pretending not to hear. I was too shocked to hear that and truly I was shocked. I was guessing that like other virgin girls, It would be a serious plan to get into her panties!!


“I just want to have sex with you. I am thinking of leaving the village and coming down to see you” She said


“But it is too early to have sex in our relationship” I responded like a real Christian who swore to keep his chastity till marriage


“Are you impotent”? She asked me. It was a question that shocked and amused me at the same time.


“I just don’t want sex to spoil our relationship” I responded.


“If you don’t promise me sex, I will sleep with 5 guys in our village. By the time I come back, you will see my pvssy well expanded” She said with anger. I couldn’t believe all what heard but it was also fun hearing it from her because it was putting me in the mood real bad.


“When you come back, we will have sex” I said to her with a smile and an erect dicck!


February of the new year on a certain Tuesday morning was all going on well and I was all focused on my till I got a text from Emmy.


“My Dad will soon be out, start coming”


I knew what the message was all about and I quickly went into the locker room changed to my normal cloth and made way for Emmy’s house! I waited at the bustop waiting for a signal before I proceed into estate where they lived.


“Did you see any car pass you while you were coming”? Emmy asked me


“Yes, what happened”? I asked back.


“That’s my Dad” She replied. I was just too shocked to utter a word


“Won’t he come back” I queried when I finally had something to say


“He won’t” Emmy replied confidently. I believed her confidence and followed her into the house through the backyard. We didn’t talk much before she hurriedly dived straight to my jeans, unzipped it and started fondling with my dicck.


“I like the size, but it is bigger than my pvssy. Remember I am a virgin” She said while still licking my dicck with her tongue. I was too engrossed with the sensation and I didn’t bother to reply. She was practically leading the way and I wondered why it was supposed to be so for a first time fvcker!


Lets go to the other chair” She said as she quickly removed her cloth and behold I saw one of the most marvelous body in the universe. She was already fondling with her clitoris and was signaling at me to come over and I quickly pulled and went forward to do what I loved doing the most! After much kissing and fondling, I finally inserted my dicck into her already wet pvssy. Emmy had this kinda pvssy that when aroused, would be almost 3x bigger than it’s normal size. When I inserted my dick, I noticed that there wasn’t much of cries and shouts like an average virgin girl would do. I only saw some red patches on my dick after I pulled out to know if I would see blood.With her legs still wide open,


“What is this, is it blood” I asked


“I don’t know, you answer” She replied. I didn’t just want to spoil my own fun, so I quickly re-inserted and continued pounding her. She was crying and shouting at the same time, and we went from chair to chair in their palour. Some strange happened and I looked up only to see her younger sister staring at us while she was ontop of me


“Get outside joor” She yelled at her “Make sure you lock the door” She said while still whining her waist round my dick


“Won’t she report”? I asked confused


“No, if she tries it I will tell my father about the guy that fvcks her too” Emmy replied


“Wow” I said quietly before we resumed fvcking again. We did it for two rounds before she complained of being tired and we had to stop.


That was the beginning of my sexual relationship with Emmy and over time, she became my closet …. I don’t know the right word to put there.


Days passed and I and Emmy were having sex at least thrice in a week. We utilized every single opportunity to have sex. We no longer had dates in an eatery or a public place; it was mostly in guest houses. The receptionist in one of the guest houses had already attached me to a specific room and all I did was call in advance that I will be coming soon. Emmy was picking up sexually and she was now matching up to my sexual powers!


We decided on a day to hang out in a place other than a guest house, and we didn’t even spend more than 1hour before we went back to our old sins!


I quickly grabbed her big boobs and sucked the hell out of it. She reversed me almost immediately and was about swallowing up my dick inside her throat. She sucked me like the dicck contained honey and I moaned in ecstasy. We quickly switched over to the 69 position and while she sucked my dicck, I made sure I was licking her pvssy dry.


I turned her as she lay on the bed and used my finger to tear her pussy hole apart before inserting my dick inside… I kept banging her, while she kept twisting round and round


“Baby pease, put it up a little bit” Emmy pleaded


“What”?  I yelled gently

“That is where I love it from” She said with a mean face


“You mean I should fvck you from your ass”? I asked again


“Yes baby, please don’t kill the fun. Well, I ain’t no newcomer to the ass fvcking and I showed her why she chose me above other guys. I used the oil from a condom yet un-used and applied it to her ass-hole before quietly trying to fit in my dicckk. It was still very tight, and I tried using some saliva to make it more efficient for the passage of the dickk. After much trials, I finally gained entrance even though she was moaning in pain. I fvcked her from her ass-hole gently and steady and before I could say JACK, I already released all over the whole place!


“Why did you cum”? She asked angrily


“Because it was too sweet and tight” I replied with a smile while trying to catch some breath.


“You think its funny”? She asked angrily


“Just rest and come back oo” She said while facing the other side of the wall… few minutes later I was up and running again. I needed no permission to show her that I wasn’t such a gentleman in the game of sex. I twisted and fvcked the living hell out of her and before I even started, she was already crying and complaining of fatigue. I wasn’t listening to all her pleas, and I kept on firing


“Baby please, you will kill me” She kept repeating, I wasn’t in the mood for mercy again. I held her by the waist and was giving her from behind while she tried escaping. I dragged her back and continued, till I finally decided to stop. She quickly disengaged and ran towards the end of the bed, hugging the pillow closely. I went to her and cuddled her, while she fell asleep on my chest.


“Life is good” I whispered to myself…


Few days later I was about going back to school, after a successful fvck… sorry, Industrial Trainig, and I and my school friends decided to hang out in town before we entered into the prison yard the next day for the next 5 months. We assembled at the shoprite before we made way for the hotel we already booked.


“I no go share my babe ooo” Kossy yelled “Make all man carry him babe show” He kept repeating. I quickly called Emmy that evening and asked her if she was going to come round.


“Can you, my friends wants to see you” I said to her


“Is it your friends that wants to see me or you want to fvck me, which of them” She asked on phone


“Both” I replied with laughter.


“I will come, but let me send you a picture” She said…


My phone buzzed while it was with kossy…


“Jesus… wetin be this”?? “Make una come see….” Kossy shouted


Everyone quickly ran staright to my phone and the chorus response was “Jesus”


“Whats that”?? I asked…

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