Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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Days rolled by, and she became our personal whore. We had a time table for sex and it was adhered strictly too. I guess she enjoyed it and also, we were making her rich and giving her things I know she couldn’t afford.  She was always at our service and gave us the best she could. Lectures has stilled not commenced effectively because we had not even gotten accustomed to the school environment. During our free hours, we would collect contracts from the General hall-rep and partake in the plastering or painting of the part of the hostel that had been plastered.


This period in school was mixed with pain and pleasure. We were always on heavy jackets despite the heat because the sandflies were terrible. Most of our backs had been decorated with terrible marks and it was like hell, but nevertheless, we all found ways to make our stay during this period memorable.

Lectures began at a point, and trust me the lectures halls were always filled up. People were already tired of staying in the hostel and were eager to meet up with the opposite gender so as to mingle. The security situation as at this point was still not top notch so a lot of excesses were condoned. I reasoned I had to make use of every single opportunity that presented itself. Days rolled by, and no opportunity was coming forth because it was like a dog race. The population of boys to girls was extremely much thereby leading to showbiz from the ladies. The competition to get a girlfriend in school was much and guys were ready to do anything to get a lady as his girlfriend. The expensive shirts, gadgets, shoes and spending were things I couldn’t keep up with so I had to respect myself and observe from the background. It was a lonely one, I decided to form partnerships with some other great guys in my department and get along.


“You don get babe”? That was the question that kept filling my ears anytime I came back from lectures to the hostel


“I no need to chyke babe in order to fvck babe” I always responded. Apart from Oti, nobody else knew about the school worker that always kept me satisfied whenever I needed it. Somedays, she would do the calling when she wants it and I will give it to her like it’s hot.


“So how you wan use fvck girl for this school”? Tobi would always ask. I always smiled and told him that when the time comes, he would be notified properly. Lectures continued and at a point, it was becoming intense so I had to readjust my focus so as to finish up 300level with a superb grade. I studied hard and paid rapt attention in class but one thing always shifted my attention, and that was Queen’s breasts and ass. Those assets were a joy to behold and I knew that her boyfriend was lucky to be feasting on such assests. I tried as much as possible to come close to her, but whenever I got to the point of wanting to have anything with her, she always reminded me of “I have a boyfriend” Those words were always a pain in my ears and I just couldn’t come to terms with it.


“But I don’t have to be your boyfriend before you know… em” I spoke verbally and added some little sign language to it


“I don’t understand you” She replied.


“You have a great body; and even if I can’t be your boyfriend, can’t we just…. You know what I am talking about” I asked with curiosity.


“Really” She asked “Now what if your girlfriend does the same to you,, will you like it if you find out”? She asked angrily


“I don’t have a girlfriend” I replied sharply


“Imagine you have” She said “But I don’t have” I replied. She wanted to smile but held it deep down. We kept talking till her boyfriend came around.


“Hey bro” He greeted. I responded with a fake smile and we parted ways. Her picture was revolving round my head virtually all the time. All I ever dreamt of was having sex with queen. At a point, it became a nightmare and I had to deal with it.


“I can’t fvck you” she said plainly. It was like a bombshell in a market place and I couldn’t just believe it.


“No matter what you do, I won’t fvck you” She dropped another. I didn’t know if she finally told her boyfriend, but he was always looking at me like someone who stole his boxers and I couldn’t just phantom the reason behind such look.


“Did you tell your boyfriend about what I always discuss with you” I asked her.


“I don’t know, stop asking me” She replied harshly and was about to walk away, when I dragged her back.


“I am sorry for dragging you back, but you wouldn’t like how this whole thing might play out” I told her plainly.


“Are you done talking” She asked and I stood there looking like someone that saw a ghost before she quickly cat-walked out of my sight. It was a horrible day, and despite my travails with Queen, it didn’t still stop me from reading very hard at night. I had a plan of graduating with a 2nd class upper, since 1st class was practically out of my reach. I read so hard at nights that some guys were thinking if I was a final year student.


Few days later, Queen’s boyfriend was caught in a deep scandal and after many protocols with the security department; he was finally expelled out of the school. When I heard the news, it came with a larger percentage of happiness.


“Why you dey happy say dey expel person”? Oti asked.


“I no happy, the thing dey pain me pass even the person wey dey expel” I replied with a mean face. I quickly went back to my Drawing board to re-strategize about how to get down with Queen. I waited for some few days, and before that, they had released our 1st semester examination results. It was a joy to behold with 5B’s, 2A’s and 1 F. Nevertheless, it was a great platform to forge ahead.


“Sorry about what happened, I heard about it” I told queen


“Are you happy now”? She asked me


“Why asking me, was I the person that expelled him” I asked with anger


“You think I don’t know” She asked


“What are you talking about” I asked. I was becoming visibly angry but I had to calm myself down. “Alright queen, let me tell you. Yea, I made sure he was expelled because he was looking forward to getting me expelled because of you” I said plainly but in a mocking way.


“I can’t sit down and watch an asshole expel me because I just wanted to fvck his girlfriend. And moreover, I didn’t ask him to steal what he stole, just to impress you”!!! I added. Queen was staring at me like a girl who was about to be disvirgined but I didn’t care.


“And let me add also; if you think you are going to do bullshit, I also have a lot to say that will make you join your BF outside the gate of this school” I said while packing my trousers and bouncing out of her sight. I knew the ball was in my court and I was going to hit it hard real bad.


“What are you going to do”?? She yelled. I heard it and looked back, and a wink from me was all I gave to her. I was lusting real bad after Queen, not really because she is beautiful but because of the kind of aura she possessed about her. I saw her as a prize that I was willing to covert, and I promised myself to get down with her. Months passed by and I surprised her with a message I had to give


“I want you to watch this video with me” I told her in the lab one day


“What video” She asked inquisitively. You could guess the rest, I quickly brought out my phone and entertained her with a video she couldn’t believe and she had to cut her viewing along the way.


“Do you recognize the guy that was fvcking you” I asked her jokingly


“Who gave this to you” She asked almost with tears.


“You don’t need to cry okay, just do what will favor both of us” I said with a smile

“Fvcking me? And what if I don’t”? She asked angrily but with tears in her eyes also.


“You may end up joining your lover outside the school gates as a dropout” I said plainly without remorse.


“You are a devil” she whispered sadly. I only smiled and asked for her opinion about my proposal


“So this is how you want it” She asked “We shall see” She said. She tried leaving and I dragged her back.

“All I want is your pvssy…Don’t take it personal” I said with a smile “Either you comply or you know the rest” I stated


She was highly saddened when I left the scene, but that wasn’t much of a headache to me. I continued with my studies and the rate at which I fvcked the local worker in school decreased that she was now complaining about it. I had to clear things up with her and reminded her of the fact that I am the one that makes the decisions when it comes to fvcking. She was albeit angry but who cares about her anger? I have a mission, and that is going down with Queen.


“I am running out of time, and sooner or later I will be submitting the video to the security operatives” I said to her


“Jesus Christ!! Why are you so devilish” She asked bitterly.


“Did I do something bad”? I asked back. She hissed and bent down her face and was sobbing quietly. I held her hand calmly and discovered she didn’t put up any resistance. I tried to key into the moment and drop my pitch.


“Queen I love. I know I am not supposed to be doing this to you, but you have left me with no other way to express my love for you” I said with a lovely voice coupled with some British accent.


“I know it is gonna sound weird, but the guy you loved deeply was the one that gave me this and begged me to submit it to the school authorities, so that they can also expel you” I said calmly.


“You are not serious” She yelled


“You can call him and verify; because I told him I will leak the secret, he has thrown away his former sim line” I added.


“Is that why is number hasn’t been connecting”? Queen asked bitterly


“I think so” I said. The whole discussion was moving back and front without any conclusion and I decided to take a stand.


“I will be signing an exeat for you on Friday, and if you are gonna come along I will appreciate it so much” I added “I need your confirmation by Thursday night latest. After that, I will take laws into my hands” I said before swiping her hair and leaving the lecture room. All these while, my hommie Oti was aware of all the proceedings and he was giving me moral support as to which directions and tactics I could apply to make it work. Infact, he was the man behind the wheels.


“I don tell am thurday night” I informed Oti. He smiled hard and nodded in affirmation about the decision. I waited for Friday night like I a worker waiting for his paycheck. I dreamt about it like joseph and I couldn’t just wait for it to come. Every call I got on that day, I was thinking it was the good news from Queen but hell-no, they were all calls that didn’t matter on that day. I didn’t personally attend lectures so as to sow a seed of uncertainty into her heart to enable her make the decision on time. 12:30pm Thursday night, she called! We exchanged pleasantries and even went ahead to talk and chat like we’ve been dating for years. At a point, we started sex-chatting and it was getting really intense, before she dropped the bombshell


“I really want you to fvck me pls” She pleaded


“Then you beg properly” I said with a legendary smile on my face. I couldn’t believe my ears, and the erection of my dicck that night, could flog a horse to death. I managed and ended the call, only to start preparing for a great weekend to come. Friday morning, we were on our way out of the school premises into town. The way she acted like we have been dating for long made me to keep my attention top-notch so as to avoid stories that would touch the heart later. We checked into a 3-star hotel that afternoon while I made plans of how to “Thank God it’s Friday”. We visited some places, went to a lively bar known as Cube 10 where we drank and danced real bad. The way she moved her waist was enough to cause trouble even for a reverend father. Few minutes after 2:00am, we were back at the hotel room. I wasted no time trying to bath, so as not to give her chance to sleep. She was already high and I guess, also in the mood. So I didn’t want to waste chances. I laid her on the bed and slowly worked my way into removing her clothes, before going down on her. Her moaning was high star and she equally reciprocated by going down also on me. It was a hard fvck and she was worth all the stress she gave to me. I made sure I banged every single hole in her body that was enough to contain my dicck and the way she opened up for various styles made me wonder if she was a porn star before. After the first round, we rested for a while before we entered into the next round. She twisted my dicck with her ass and rolled it like a roller coaster.


“You the best baby” I shouted in excitement. She was too busy to hear my voice and I was busy hitting her hard from various angles. I believe my neighbor next door would be masturbating if he wasn’t with a girl because of the various sounds that Queen was making. It was a superb night, and one that is supposed to take a larger part of this memo I am writing. Everyday was a fvck day for us and we utilized every opportunity to fvck. We kept on and on till it was Sunday evening and we had to get back to school. This was a new campus and I was not scared of any secret agent from the school and moreover, Enugu was my place of stay so I had an extensive knowledge about the city than virtually everyone in the school. We arrived school and people were surprised to see the closeness between I and Queen but nobody deserved an explanation.


We were approaching examination period and all hands were now on deck to successfully clear the examination. Something was special about my new babe, and that is her intelligence. She was among the top three girls in the department with the best result so I was not worried about looking out for her in the exam hall. Instead, she was the one giving me tips and lecturing me on various courses that I needed to give extra hours. People were surprised about us, and rumors were spreading around to the extent that our relationship was tagged “Uncommon love”.


Exams came and I was already prepared for it, so I smashed home the exams with all confidence. The late nights, everyday reading and cramming were absolutely justified and I was sure that the results were going to be a blast.


We prepared to go on our compulsory 6-months industrial training and I knew that a lot would change but I wanted to make use of the opportunity I had presently to stake my claim. I and Queen both lodged in the same hotel, coupled with some other guys in my department and their girlfriends. We had fun for two days, before everyone went his/her way. If there was something I would miss in Queen that would be her ass. The way she fvcked me with it was capable of giving a man premature ejaculation. For those two days that we spent outside school in a hotel, I was feasting heavily on Queen’s ass! I escorted her to the park and waved her goodbye as she moved down to her parents house.


“Make sure you call, I love you” She yelled and kept waving till she went out of sight. I was about to face the harsh reality of being away from school. I arrived home and noticed that the demographics around our neighborhood have changed. All I kept seeing was new faces and the most of the peeps I grew with had grown so big and everybody right now was minding their own business. It was difficult to fit in because our mentality was absolutely different, and I had a prestige and ego to maintain. I spent the first few weeks which ran into months eating and resting at home, after which I decided to see what company I could attach myself to do my industrial Training. It was a long and boring search before I finally settled with a radio firm to start with. I was deployed to work with the electrical section and it was becoming kinda boring till I came the next morning and saw a cute young girl seating on my favorite position.


“Ermmm… sorry, are you waiting for someone”? I asked her


“No, I work here. I was redeployed to this section just yesterday, so I had to resume today” She responded with a sweet tone.


“It’s nice meeting you, I am on my IT here, and hope we get along fine” I said. It was a nice proposal that she accepted, but the whole thing was squashed by our department head that was also interested in the young lady and kept making me feel like a fool. I quickly abandoned my quest to sleep with Ijeoma because she was already rolling with someone who was bigger and richer.


Few months later, I got another offer of placement from a top manufacturing firm in Enugu, known as Emenite Company limited and I resumed work as a workshop engineer. There was no lady to look out for because most of the ladies we had were looking like men during work periods and it was discouraging. I tried focusing on my duty but I discovered I was becoming gay due to absence of ladies in my life, thereby making me go back to my reliable way of getting the ladies; which is 2go. I quickly resurrected my 2go account and started searching for ladies like I was looking for gold in a gold mine. Few weeks and some days later, I had a big catch by name Emmy. She was a 19yr old Jambite seeking for admission into university. She was an experience that would end up defining some specific moments in my life!!



******* With her legs wide open, “What is this, is it blood” I asked

“I don’t know, you answer” She replied*****************8


******** “Put it up” she said, “What??” I shouted


“That’s where I love it from” She replied with a mean face********


******* “You take this”? I asked surprised


“Yes, and you are going to join me or else…..” She said!!!


To Be Continued

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