Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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The buildings were uncompleted; while a portion of the hostels were roofed, some portions were not. Getting down from the luxury bus that transported us all the way from Rivers state to Enugu was difficult as soon as I sighted the buildings and the environment. All I felt like doing was just breakdown in tears. Few seconds later as we were about alighting, there came a heavy downpour of rain. The whole place started getting messed up, and those of us still inside the bus saw as fellow students who came before us were busy running helter skelter. It was a disheartening scene, and I decided to call dad and inform him about the new development. Looking at my phone, all I could see was “NO SERVICE”.


“Abeg, network dey your phone” I asked one of the students inside the bus with us.


“Network no dey this place ooo” He responded jokingly “My guy call me yesterday, tell me say na for one tree him dey stay  make call” He said while laughing.


“You dey hear wetin I dey hear”? I tapped and aski Oti who was already dozing


“Wetin appen” He asked with sleepy voice. I tried explaining to him, and found he was not even interested and was already relishing the prospect of joining the league excited fellows. Few hours later, we had packed our bags and I and Oti found a small room with some occupants we already knew, and we were welcomed to stay.


“Why all of una dey wear socks with boxers, una don turn Homo”? I asked curiously. Oremi tried explaining, but some other guys asked him to allow me experience I firsthand.


“Experience go show you why we dey wear all this for body” He said. I laughed over it and sat down on a block inside the room while I taught what next to do with my life.


“Where I fit charge phone” I asked one of the guys. The question was greeted with much laughter that I was almost embarrassed but decided to keep cool.


“You think say na Elele you dey”? The guy queried “For the past one week, we never smell light for here, apart from night wen dey go on gen we go enter inside school go charge” He explained carefully. I nodded fine and left the room to find some of my other friends to know their various rooms. I searched for the cafeteria and saw where food was being sold, it was dirtier than some prison cafeterias, but nobody cared, so I had no reason to care too. I hurriedly ate and had a quick nap on a block bed before waking up in the evening. I saw people trooping out and I enquired about what was happening,


“We dey enter inside school to use light” One guy said to me. That was when I knew that to access electricity that one had to leave the hostel region and enter into the school premise. I followed suit and carried my charger and phone along and made way for the school compound. When I got there, it was a different world all together. Everybody was busy doing something, and it was a hustle for getting a place to charge. I quickly registered my presence and called my Oti along for a quick tour round the school compound that night.


“Omo this place too dey exposed ooo” Oti querried “If people attack us here, na die we dey ooo” He added


“Na only that one…” I added “person fit they fvck girl anyhow for this place and nobody go know” I said. This statement didn’t go down well with Oti who felt I derailed his lamentations and added my own sexual thinking to it. We didn’t go too far away, before we noticed movements in a little bush behind one of the faculty buildings. I signaled Oti to calm down, while we tip-toed towards the direction. On getting there, we could see two individuals who were serious in active service fvcking themselves. The girl kneeling with her hands on the grounds while the guy was hitting her too well from behind. The sweetness of her moaning was enough to make a pastor erect, and I wish I was the one behind the ass.


“Make we beg the guy make we do small” I asked Oti.


“hahahahahaha” Oti burst in laughter while making sure it wasn’t loud “You dey mad guy” He said to me. We were still there and saw how the guy took his time and was eating her pvssy from behind, while she was hitting and almost scratching the wall with her fingers. I could sense the enjoyment from our spot, and I was battling hard not to be erect. The guy was a master fucker and the energy he was using to deal with the, if transferred to academics could give a dullard first class. I decided to confront the both of them for breaking school rules and having sex in a new campus. We swooped on them; and in surprise, it was a final year student and a girls who was in my department and level.


“Jesus…!!! Queen” I yelled. She was too shy to look at me.


“Nawa you ooo… See as you dey fvck my departmental girl like say she be dog” I queried the guy jokingly


“Baba no vex, you know say na conji hold guys na. and moreover, she be my babe.” He replied jokingly. I simply told him that I videoed the sex scence and I wasn’t gonna use it tho, but they should not fear. I noticed Oti was busy staring at the girl’s massive ass and believed me; she had a big backside that if it were a car, she would be a Honda EOD. She quickly adjusted her clothes and he escorted her towards the girl’s hostel.


“If this guy graduate, na me go dey fvck this girl” I assured Oti


“You go dey give me small toto na” Oti said, “Thunder fire you” I replied him. The argument continued while we made our way down to the classes where others were. It was a tale we kept to ourselves till the right time reached. We stayed up all night alongside doing various activities that kept us all awake. We played games, watched movies, gambled and went back to watching movies till we got tired and was about to sleep. We left the class around 3am and we headed back to the hostel to go have a sweet night rest. Few “minutes” after I closed my eyes on my bed, I started hearing loud shouts. It wasn’t clear the message being passed till I started seeing people running out of the hostel and I quickly and asked what was happening.


“We dey go morning mass for church” Oremi responded.


“Na compulsory” I asked in agony, “Yes ooo, and na everyday” He responded


“Chineke ooo… we don die” I yelled. I think my shout almost woke Oti, and I added some kicking to it before he could wake properly.


“wetin happen na” He said with sleepy eyes


“We dey go morning mass” I said while I grabbed my trousers and ran out of the room before the running around the hostel became intense. I ran to a safe distance before waiting for Oti and Oremi to surface. The church was being held in an open field and it was really a funny sight. Some people were tying just their wrapper around their waist, while some wore shorts alone. The amount of people sleeping in church was greater than the amount that was even following proceedings. The priest continued with all his lines and before he could even conclude the mass, guys were already moving towards the hostel to continue with their sleeping competition.


“Where person go bath”? I asked around


“That outside” The guy replied


“Outside” I asked confused


“Yes na, you no see other guys for there already”? He asked back. I peeped and I saw niggas naked all bathing outside.


“This thing no make sense na” I said to Oti who was standing close by. “All this female workers for boys hostel here go dey see person thing oo” I said angrily


“Na him sweet pass na” Oti responded “I wish say I go see the girl I go fvck sef” He said with a wink. We summoned courage and picked our bucket and went straight to the tap to fetch water. The tap was very close to the area where we took our bath so it wasn’t much of a distance. I started bathing and unfortunately that was when the female builders and mason kicked off their work. I tried as much as possible to be fast before the came towards my direction.


“I wan carry this block wey you dey use bath” She said. I knew I heard a feminine voice, but didn’t want to believe it was actually one. I quickly used water to clean my face and behold, it was one of the female workers that I always stared at, and she loves staring back too. I was shocked and it really showed on my face.


“Good morning” She said. It was really an embarrassing moment because I didn’t know whether to hide my dicck that she had aleardy seen. I quickly came down the block and smiled just a bit


“Na only this block you see for here”? I asked her jokingly


“No, but na this one I wan carry” She replied. I knew she was up to something, and I promised to play along.


“Hope we fit see after” I asked her while she was about carrying the block


“Yes, if nobody dey there” She replied back. I nodded in agreement and was about saying the next thing before I heard…


“Ashawo… you no know say you naked”?? Someone echoed and saw that all attention has been shifted to me. I laughed about it and quickly rinsed my body and ran into my room.


“You go follow fvck babe” I asked Oti


“Omo, I need toto like badly now… help me na” He said while I burst into laughter. I explained to him the plan and he accepted perfectly fine. I approached her 6.00pm towards a lonely road in the school premises and she gave me her number. I waited till it was 8.00pm before calling her to come out to a location I told her. We smiled and talked for some seconds before I started fondling her breasts. I didn’t want to get so intimate because I knew she wasn’t the classy type, so I didn’t bother kissing her and other stuff. I just handled her breast and fingered her lightly before wearing my condom.


“This your prick big when I see am for morning ooo, and the thing sweet me” She said with smiles. I wasn’t there for familiarity so I just smiled a little bit before facing her front and started hitting her couuchy from behind. She was a beautiful local girl, and it didn’t even matter to me. Her moanings were top notch and I could notice that either she was a secondary virgin or she had a natural tight pvssy. Her smashed her like a sex-starved horse, and she was beginning to confess


“Guy sharp sharp na” Oti queried from a distance


“Will another person do”? She asked surprised


“Yes na, so that he will not expose us” I explained to her while still fvcking her harder. I quickly cum and made way for Oti to enter. She was already complaining that her pvssy was paining her, and I knew it would be a different tale from Oti who was already sex-starved for real. From my distance, all I could hear was slight cries and no pleasure at all. Her cries were getting louder and I advised Oti to calm down on his speed. It took him 45minutes to cum, and I knew he really missed a pvssy. After the sex with Oti, I hugged her and cuddled her before giving her 500naira and escorting her down the road.


“This your friend dey fvck like mechanic” She replied sadly “Him wan tear my toto”? She queried. I laughed over it and promised her that he won’t partake in the next one.


“Buy gift come for me next time ooo” She said before running down towards where she stayed. I and Oti started strolling back to the classrooms to meet up with fellow guys.


“Wait ooo… you use condom fvck that girl” I asked Oti…

“Jesus!! I forget condom” Oti shouted


“You pour put inside the girl”? I asked again


“Oh my God” Oti shouted again. I couldn’t help but burst into laughter even though it was a serious situation. “If that girl get belle,, na your pikin ooo” I reminded him as we entered the class. I could see that Oti was very uncomfortable and it really showed on him.


“But she fit get belle” He asked me


“Yes na” I replied “Or she no be girl again”? I asked. It was really a tough night for him and all I did was laugh.


“So this is how you want it” She asked “We shall see” She said. She tried leaving and I dragged her back.


“All I want is just your pvssy… Don’t take it personal” I said with a smile “Either you comply or you know the rest” I stated.


“I really want you to fvck me pls” She pleaded


“Then you beg properly” I said with a legendary smile”

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