Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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I saw a goddess; the person standing at the door would be considered an obanje, if we were still living in the medieval age.


“I wish I can remember your face” I said to her with a smile. She smiled so hard that I was blushing instead of her.
“Try and guess” She replied with a smile that could melt a stony heart. I acted like I was trying to remember something so hard, but I spent most of those seconds gazing at her boobs and the jeans that clearly exposed her pussy.


“Are you trying to remember or you are enjoying your view” She asked me


“Emmm…. I was doing both at the same time” I replied with laughter.


“Can’t you usher me in” She replied. That was the moment I realized that we have been standing at the door for a long while. I quickly ushered her in and made her feel comfortable. We started to talk and gist and laugh and touch ourselves simultaneously and I knew the direction we were heading to. When I was ready to fully focus on the job at hand, the phone rang


“Hello Sir, please be reminded that your stay will expire few minutes from now” The lady said with a cute voice over the phone. I didn’t hesitate to rush downstairs and renew my stay and with speed of light, I was upstairs already and set for the day’s business. You may be wondering who she is right? Likewise me, but when I asked her she clearly revealed herself to me. You remember the two girls Toulalan brought to the hotel room that night? While I slept with one, he slept with the other. Now, the one Toulalan slept with is the one I am about to sleep/fvck with soon.


“How did you know I was here”? I asked her curiously


“I work here” She replied “I knew you were around with your girlfriend, so I didn’t want to disturb you yesterday” She said


“She wasn’t my girlfriend, she is my emmm… si…” I was about saying


“I understand, your sister”? She asked with a huge laugh


“Not blood sister, but a closer relative” I said with a huge smile. She laughed so hard and fell on the bed and that got me wondering.


“Wasn’t she supposed to be jealous or angry”? I said to myself. But either ways, that is her business and my own business is to stick up my penis up her pvssy! After we chatted and joked for a while, I became more curious as why she came to meet me here.


“My girlfriend talked about the way you made love to her, and I wish you could do the same to me” She said seductively. She didn’t actually finish it before I noticed that my dicck was already nodding in agreement with what she was saying already. I quickly went straight for her lips and kissed her like she was hiding gold between her lips. It lasted a long while before she started drawing off my trouser and was fondling with my already erected rod. I knew I was in for something good and she was going to reap the reward of her labor. I focused clearly on her and what I was doing and didn’t even pay attention to the surrounding.


“What just flashed the light”? I asked curiously “What did you bring out now”? I asked again


“Aww.. sorry baby, it was the reflection of my watch and I had to pull it off” She said. I just nodded in agreement and went straight to my business of the day again. Few minutes later, my face was stuck in between those huge round melons around her chest region and I sucked it like I was having deficiency in milk. She moaned while I moved down slowly towards her waist level. The excitement was getting much that I could see her trouser already wet around her pvssy region. I wasted no time to pull it off and tickled her so bad while inserting my finger into it and making all kinds of sign connection inside of the pvssy. I spent much time there that she was already bringing out those watery substances that were quite irritating but also a joy to behold as they trickled out of her hole. I was about to insert my dicck into her pvssy when I realized I wore no condom.


“Baby please don’t use condom” She begged


“Wow… really? Tell me why” I asked her


“I won’t enjoy it much” She said with a sad face. My facial expression quickly changed and I already smelled fish and rat at the same time.


“Aiight no problems” I said to her. I raised her legs up my shoulders and sucked them, while I stretched my hands under my pillow and brought out my condom at the same time. I have learnt to wear tear and wear condoms with seconds after much rehearsals that I didn’t mess up this time around. I quickly inserted the dickk inside of her and didn’t give room for much talk before banging her so hard that she resorted to shouting and moaning and crying, all at the same time. It wasn’t long before the she started cuming and splashing her liquid all over the place. I continued so hard and hard that even when she asked me to stop, all I did was apply saliva to her ass and continued from there. She was already weeping and tried stopping me, but a good slap from me changed the course of her struggles. I quickly overpowered her and beat the hell out of her while still fvcking her so bad. I laid ontop of her with my dicck firmly inside her anus and stretched my hand towards my phone and brought it out before filming her with it.


“Why doing this to me” She said while crying


“The same reason you are here with me” I replied back. I wasn’t done with her, I continued harder into her anus that she was almost weak and was kinda bleeding before I stopped. I gave her a last dirty slap before mounting out of her. She was already sobbing real bad but I wasn’t true.


“You want to kill me” She said while crying


“Exactly, that’s what I want to do” I replied. I quickly removed the condom and the little semen in it, and forced it inside her mouth. I quickly rubbed my dicck and before few minutes, I released lots of sperm and splashed it on her face while filming her with my camera.


“Why doing all this to me” She said with real tears.


“Let me see your trouser” I said to her. She tried hesitating and I went for it myself. I dipped my hands into her trouser and brought out her phone that she used all the while…


“So you snapped me and wanted to go show our school secret police so that I could get expelled from the school right” I asked her with much anger that she was already crying in shame


“How much did they pay you idiot” I asked again “So you think you can fvck with me right”?


She was crying real bad and was blaming the devil and every other agent of darkness for her greed but I wasn’t ready to listen. I brought out my belt and flogged her real bad and she didn’t shout much so as not to attract attention to her fellow workers.


But How did I know?


***** You remember that there was a flash of light, but I didn’t see what brought out the light. Maybe it was an error on her own part that she forgot to disable the camera flash. I acted like I was so interested in the kissing and sex but she never knew I was observing her with other eyes. She brought her phone from behind her ass and was snapping several shots. I have this black mark at my back and I knew it would be evidence at the school panel if she eventually succeeds. But I couldn’t just let the pvssy go like that after I had pay the hotel fee. I enjoyed her pvssy and ass and did what I wanted to do****


“I will find you and kill you if you say anything about what happened today to my school secret police” I said to her. She was just nodding with fear and I could read perfectly fine that she has been subdued. I collected and cleared all the pictures in her phone and asked her to wait for me while I bath and prepare. I forced her to go to the bathroom with me, and we both showered and dressed up at the same time. I was about leaving but I wasn’t sure if those spies were at the reception waiting to snap me and catch me red handed. I quickly covered both head and and face with a warmer and big goggle before making way downstairs. I kissed her goodbye and promised to call her if I got to school. I didn’t get scared about my name on the signing in book because as a rule in school says, “Never remember your name outside the school compound”.


I went back to school and told my roommates about my little adventure in the hands of devil and also transferred the videos of the little bitch to my laptop before returning the phone back to the owner.


“Omo you dey lucky ooo” Anselem shouted. We laughed over it, while I focused on academics and how I could get good grades.


“You can’t do this to me, I beg you in the name of God” I pleaded while almost crying”


To Be Continued…


I finally found love on 2go; believe me when I tell you I found love. We spent most idle times chatting, talking, laughing and gisting so hard. Everyday was pretty incomplete without talking or gisting with her. Her name is Nneka, and she is approximately 5 to 6 years older than I am. I know that she knows, because I told her.


“Age is just a number baby” She kept telling me. Her voice were sounding so sincere that I believed that this is my finally bustop when it comes to dating. I promised myself that it was marriage with her or nobody else.


“Are they chasing you from your village shrine”? Chuma asked me. It became a war of words when I announced it in the room that I have finally found someone I wished to spend the rest of my life with.


“See who dey form player before don dey claim lover boy” Williams shouted to the amusement of everybody in the room. They say “nothing is as more powerful than an Idea whose time has come”. The feelings have grown in me, and nobody could stop it.


“Are you sure you love me the way I do” This statement was a sure banker any day we chat on phone or whenever she calls me.


“I wish you know how much I love you” This was the constant answer I always got from her. Nothing gave me extra joy anytime I hear “I love you from her mouth”. I became a laughing stock among friends, but I was in love. This feeling of love made me work extra hard in studies…


“If you hit a 2.1 Gp this semester, I will come visit you when you vacate from school” She said to me one night I was reading in class. Like a mad dog let loose, I realized that you only sleep at night when you have nothing to keep you awake. I became a nerd all of a sudden. I completed all outstanding assignments and prepared for every quiz like it was our final exam.


“Omo the way you dey read these days dey fear me o” Davis said one night we were strolling to fetch water from the St mary’s block.


“You no go understand” I said to him while I stayed glued to my phone and was smiling all through. Love was in the air and I was breathing every bit of it. Our quiz results started coming out, also with our assignment results. I was flying high and sending the feedback down to Nneky. I was achieving the target she set for me, and the chemistry between us was becoming fiercer.


“You don see this girl before” Oti asked me


“No, wetin happen” I asked back almost immediately


“She fit be one blind dwarf wey dey for house dey jonze you up and down” He said with a serious tone. It wasn’t a joke I took lightly and I made it clear to him never to downwash my gf again.


“No ever talk that kain thing for my front again” I replied harshly “No think am again” I added


“You wan fight me because of girl wey you never see” Oti asked with a harsh voice


“Get out my friend” I shouted “If I talk about your babe like that, you go like am”? I asked angrily. The tension was getting out of hand and it took the intervention of neutrals to settle the growing feud between the both of us.


“No vex, but you suppose know how much I love that girl” I said with a gentle voice


“Enjoy you babe, but when e go set make you no call me” He replied. Exams were getting closer and this time around, I became a regular customer at the Engineering block and CS building. People who knew me before would always ask if I am writing my final exams to leave the school or was it the same exam we all wanted to write. Well; I left them to their own imagination and thinking, while I focused on the task at hand.


Few weeks to our 1st semester exam I noticed that her attitude has changed and I always complained about it. She always got angry over little things and she always had a way on getting on my nerves but I remained calm. The one day at the night class, my phone rang and I picked it up swiftly knowing fully well that it was Nneky that was the caller


“Hi swity” I said with a nice voice


“Don’t call me that again, I just called to tell you that I am no longer interested in this relationship” She said “And please don’t bother calling me if I terminate this call” She added


“Baby please don’t do this to me, I swear to God I love you” I replied with tears almost in my eyes. Before I knew what was happening, she had already terminated the call. I didn’t know how I felt, I was between two worlds because I was thinking if I should just cry or smile. I was still holding the phone on my ear with my gaze fixed steadily to no specific object. It took the intervention of a friend to bring my memories back to the current situation of things


“Guy, you dey okay”? A friend asked me. I didn’t even know what to say, because I knew any statement that comes out from my mouth will be accompanied with tears. I only nodded and tried standing up, but it became another difficult task. I just found a way to lie on the floor of the building and it was the best option I had.


I think my room mates noticed that my mood and physical appearance last night was questionable.


“Wetin do you last night” Williams asked


“Omo that girl don leave me ooo” I said in a low voice. I actually expected a kind of consolation talk from him but before I realized the situation, he was laughing so hard and rolling on the floor with laughter. As if that wasn’t enough, he rushed out of the room and called other guys and it became a general laughter. I was so weak and lost appetite for days but a few guys tried consoling me. I didn’t bother reading again because I felt there wasn’t any need for that! I only slept in the hostel and all efforts to reach her back proved abortive and even when I logged in on 2go, I discovered she had blocked me already. It was really a difficult period for me, and it affected me so bad. The exams came, I wrote it and I was hopeful of a miracle. Few days to vacation, I woke up one morning and saw a text message on my phone, and it was from Nneky.


“I am sorry for the pains I put you through. I never knew you were an angel till I met another guy that just used and dumped me. I love you to come back and I miss you. Please call me when you see this”


I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was about jumping from my bonk, when I knew I had to keep my cool. I quickly went to Williams and asked him for his opinion, we brainstormed about it and we reached a reasonable agreement. I quickly called Nneky and we got back to our love zone and almost the way we were before just that something has changed and you are about to find out. She asked me to branch Awka if I was coming back from school, so that we could spend few days together. I quickly found a lie to tell daddy, and he helped me with extra money and I was good to go.


I arrived Awka in the evening and quickly enquired for a cheap good hotel around the axis. I was directed by some locals on the average hotel that would be nice for my budget. I lodged in before making a call along to Nneky and few hours later, she was standing in front of the door. I saw her for the first time and she was looking good even though a bit matured, but she was cool. We quickly got familiar physically and ruminated over past experiences and just talked at length. While we were bathing, I was looking at the physical endowments she possessed and I was just getting erect all through. I quickly showered fast and headed straight to the bed to wait for her. It was a wonderful night and believe me, she knew how to fvck. She had all the styles and the flexibility,, coupled with a matured pvssy she had. She took me to  wonderland and came back, and I took her to neverland ranch and came back. It was a combination of experience meets with experience. She had this ringtone that could make a porn star ejaculate so fast within seconds.

Rounds after rounds, Style after Style, Cum after Cum was all that happened at night. I woke up the next morning, packed my bag, left a note while she was still wondering what was happening, I left the room.


“I love your sex, but I can’t date an Old woman” That was the content of the letter. I hadn’t gone so far before I kept getting calls upon call, messages upon message. One of the messages that caught my attention was…


“After fucking me, you now say you hate Old women! May God never forgive you”. I laughed so hard when I read that. I was too eager to send mine back, but I had to trend with wisdom. Messages upon messages kept flooding my phone and I didn’t bother deleting but left it for future reference. I got friend request few days later on facebook and few minutes after accepting, my facebook wall was designed with insults and curses. I couldn’t help but keep laughing and laughing. Even when we resumed at school, I turned from a cry boy to the Next Big Thing!!


The Easter break was so short and we resumed back at school for the second semester. We were told that the Engineering students would be transferred to the new Enugu campus called the Engineering campus. It was a news that came with mixed reactions from various quarters. We resisted for some days, and few days later we found ourselves travelling to the land of the Eagle, AKPUGO!!


“I wan carry this block wey you dey use bath” She said. I knew I heard a feminine voice, but didn’t want to believe it was actually one. I quickly used water to clean my face and behold, it was…


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